Color Gemstones: Clarity and Color RATING

Color Gemstones: Clarity and Color RATING

The diamond is the only gem of a detailed description has.
The provisions of IF, VVS, VS, SI, I, I, 1-3, P. If Only for diamonds.

For colored stones, there is no scientifically based classification.
Is a common classification:

Color Rating 1-2 Exellent, 3-4 Very Good, 5-6 Good-7-8 Fair, 9-10 Poor.

Tone Rating 0-20 Very Light, 25-35 Light, 40-50 Light-Medium, 55-65 medium, 70-85 Medium-Dark, 90-100 Dark-Very Dark.

Claryti Scala: FI Free of Inclusions, LI1-LI2 Lightly Included, MI1-MI2 Moderately Included, HI1-HI2 Heavily Included, E1-E2-E3 Excessively Included.

Cutting / Finish Scale: 1 Exellent, 2-3 Very Good, 4-6 good, 7-8 fair, 9-10 Poor.

If we use this classification, it comes also from the different laboratories assessed differently to the same gem stone.

Has started since 10 years ago, the Internet sale of precious stones, were the rules, IF, VVS, VS, SI, I, 1-3, used for gemstones.


Hardly anyone knows the exact classification of gemstones.
If we use now Colorgem classification, as an example: Ruby: Color 3, Heavily 25, Claryti LI2, Included E1, Cutting 2-3.

Yes, what does that tell us?

The seller must answer on the day 20-30 E-Mail, which is like VVS or VS?

The sellers know exactly Colorgemstone classification, but use just the diamond destination because it is common knowledge.

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Last Update: 20 Mar 2010