Rubies Mined Ruby

The highest selling are the Rubies among all other Gems in the world, although the sapphires and rubies are from the same family of corundum but the rubies supersede the sales then Sapphires by nearly 45%......the reason is not known, may be due to its mystical powers or the color!!?.

Anyways I wish to comment briefly, regarding three major treatments applied on Ruby rough and faceted Gems or Cabochons.

a) Heat: This treatment is applied nearly 99% on all transparent Gems, the reason is to disperse the color evenly in the Gem, as by nature the color in Gems are in blots and not evenly spread, thus causing lack of luster and color tone. The Ruby is heated to 230cellius and then let it be cooled at room temperature.

b) Color Enhanced: A very old and common practice is to dip the Ruby Gem or rough in red Jo ban oil for couple of weeks, by doing this the Gems luster and color is enhanced but temporally, with the passage of time the Gem will loose its gained luster and color.

the second method is dyeing through modern processing technique and the color will be retained permanently.......but this technique is applied on very poor quality of rubies rough......thus also obtaining a poor quality of gem, just looks bit better in color.

c) Fractured Filled: In recent past this technique is invented, but its only applied to a Finished faceted Gems, the lapidary skilled faceted/cutter just picks up the rough as per his naked eyes experience values but after finishing it to a gem, then only he realizes that the Gem has fine hair line fractures on the surface (table) of the Gem thus depressing the true luster and color, therefore they heat the Gems and polish it with Glass, Polymer or resins, and a thin film fills up the hairline fractures on the surface (table) of the gem, by applying this method the appearance of the gems would be as it would have been originally by nature, in case if there was no hair line fractures. Certainly by doing this the Gem looses its worth a bit but on other hand the natural sells at exorbitant high price.........I sometimes ask a question to myself, is it wise to pay so much, whereas a FF polished is the same at a lower price.....a natural Ruby..

Last Update: 13 Apr 2010