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Drussy Gemstone Information 


Gemstone Information:

Drussy gemstone has an optimistic impact on the user. It soothes a stressed mind, making it a comfortable one. The gem has the capacity to draw out the pessimism inside thereby satisfying one with constructive energies. The gem is assumed to alleviating the aura. This aids in understandable, sensible and resourceful thinking. These gemstones have physical aspects that aid and help the user to strengthen all the constructive energy.

Moreover, this gemstone has a lot of properties and assists a lot in reflection too. The gem also functions on inequality in the user’s body, keeping you healthy and fine, as well as bolstered every time. Based on the Moh’s scale of solidity, this gemstone is positioned at 7th place, which make it finest matched for jewelries such as pendants, earrings, and other pieces of jewelry items.

Drussy gemstone has an excellent sugar crystal as texture. The surface is striking as it displays a huge amount of tiny crystals. The gemstone is tinted in series of colors, which results in superior exquisiteness and manifestation. These gemstones are mostly covered with titanium, providing it an impressive and dazzling finish. In fact, it also makes more refined to look at. The diverse colors will provide an exclusive style and sense to every particular piece of gem.


Drussy is most usually made up of lucid quartz crystals and is typically found on either grey or blue. It can also be available in brown, red, yellow, and orange. More seldom, it has occurred with sea green garnet crystals or radiant blue azurite. Drussy quartz is subtle and can be effortlessly damaged, so it is commonly used in pendants.

Emotions: Generally speaking, Drussy crystal is considered to endorse strength and is even thought to promote fresh ideas or thought that promotes to grow. Specific structures of this stone, however, are well-known to have their own various benefits. It is also connected with harmony, patience, and unoptimistic love. On the other hand, Drussy has control of protection, achievement in business, and was often used to identify impending harm.

It was considered splitting into smaller pieces when danger was there. For this reason, it was also well-known as “The Gemstone of Heaven.” Its signifying effect on the individual’s body and mind assisted one to get the highest wisdom. Still, most people believe that Drussy helps its user to calm down, thereby eliminating anxiety levels. It can revitalize the body and be expressively inspiring.

Psychics consider that this gem can facilitate to open blocked-up power and help its user find his their own vision. Drusy has several healing properties; most of which are openly related to the attached gem material. Overall, the stone cleanses and increases the body's natural therapeutic properties and reinforces the spirit. It is also believed to offer the stability needed to avoid despair or perverted feelings of panic or fear.

Sources: Drussy stones are mostly discovered in Thailand, China, India, and Brazil.

Chemical Composition:

Holistic Aspect:

The gemstone consists of a lot of healing properties. It fortifies the circulatory and resistance of your body, as well as cleanses the reproductive system. Some people consider that it can also be functional in curing infection. Others people consider that this gemstone has the influence to make the emotional better and intellectual issues, as well.

People recognize Drussy crystal for several and different reasons. For some reasons, it is also recommended for aesthetic beauty. For other individuals, it has an effective healing powers and capable properties. Whatever the reason, it is definitely measured as nothing less than a beautiful and essential gift from nature.



Drussy is a highly sought-after precious substance which is popular for use in jewelry. Until about 10 years ago, however, drussy minerals were little more than a curiosity. While of interest to serious mineralogists, they went unnoticed by jewelry designers, gem collectors, and the general public.

But the appeal of drussy material is easy to understand. With its multitude of tiny crystals, drussy posesses a reflective surface reminiscent of sugar or snow. Most species of drussy gems, even those with vivid colours like hot pink (cobalt-calcite), day-glow green (uvarovite), or multi-colour (rainbow pyrite ), are natural. Quartz drussy is available in mostly muted natural colours. Additionally, many quartz pieces are dyed black or other colours, and some are coated with titanium or other metallic vapour to create various iridescent finishes.

Drussy gets its name from the word "druse," which refers to a rock surface (usually a cavity) covered with tiny crystals, such as are found inside geodes or in larger pockets of mineral deposits.

Drussy's hardness ratio is 6.

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