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Diamond Enhancements

There are many varieties of diamond enhancements or treatments a diamond can undergo that can significantly alter the price of the diamond when compared to a natural diamond.

Bleaching: The use of chemicals or other agents to lighten or remove a gemstone's color to achieve a brighter diamond.

Heating: The use of heat in a high temperature sintering furnace to effect desired alteration of color, clarity, and/or phenomena.

Infilling/Fracture Filling: The intentional filling of surface breaking cavities or fractures usually with glass, plastic, Opticon with hardeners and/or other hardened foreign substances to improve durability, appearance and/or add weight. The foreign material will have a different index of refraction than diamond, and a trained gemmologist can see the light bending within the stone.

Lasering: A laser is used to penetrate a diamond and remove certain black inclusions. Chemicals are then used to further reach and alter inclusions in diamonds.

Oiling/Resin Infusion: The intentional filling of surface cavities of a colourless oil, wax, natural resin, or unhardened man-made material into fissured transparent/translucent gemstones to improve appearance. (i.e., oil, man-made resin, paraffin, etc.)

Gamma/Electron Irradiation: The use of gamma and/or electron bombardment to alter a gemstone's color; may be followed by a heating process.

Irradiation: The use of neutron bombardment, with the combination of any other bombardment and/or heat treatment to alter a gemstone's color

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