How To Care For Your Crystals and Gemstones

CLEANSING, CHARGING AND TURNING YOUR CRYSTALS AND GEMS Gemstones and crystals are capable of absorbing and conveying energy, that’s why it’s important to cleanse, re-charge and program your stones so that they may achieve their best potential. Purification and charging: The purification process will bring your crystal to a neutral state so that the negativity accumulated will be cleared. Use your intuition and let it guide you. The intention in your mind is very important and keep it strong in the thought that you are cleansing the crystal or gem from all inappropriate energies. The purification of a crystal or gemstone is a spiritual ritual. Follow the steps below in order to keep your crystals at their best capacity and vibrations: 1. Cleanse your crystal holding them under running water for a few minutes ( tap or stream ). While you visualize a beautiful waterfall or imagine the sea waves breaking upon your crystal on a beach. Scrub a little sea salt on the stone and let the running water run on top of it for a few seconds. 2. Re-energize your crystal in the sun light and moon light ( preferably the full moon )for one of the following periods of time: 24 hours, 3 days or 7 days; 3. Repeat the process when you feel the stone needs re-charging ( a few months later maybe ). Do not use this process on any metal jewelry . The salt will corrode the metal. For metal jewelry you can use one of the following cleansing processes: 1. Burn some sage and make the smoke go through the pieces. 2. Leave the piece on a big piece of amethyst for 24 hours. To program the crystal: Programming your crystal is a ritual that will help your mind be in tune with the crystal’s vibrations and vice-versa. - Decide what purpose your crystal should have : meditation, intellectual focus and development, healing, etc… - Hold your crystal with your right hand and imagine a bright white light coming through the top of your head , down your body and through your arm until it reaches the crystal and fills it with it shiny aura. - Say to yourself: “I have this crystal empower me for .....( describe the purpose you chose for the crystal)”. It’s recommended that you program different crystals for distinct purposes. ******************************************************************************** Crystal quartz Quartz Crystals are now used in many electronic devices. They are the central components in many clocks, watches, computers , etc. The reason why they are so useful for these purposes is that when they are stimulated with electricity, their oscillations are regular and precise . Conversely when quartz crystals are subjected to mechanical pressure they produce a measurable electrical voltage. All crystalline structures are formed of mathematically precise and orderly lattice arrays of atoms. In addition to the variety of grid-like lattice structures some researchers feel that there are also spiral arrangements interwoven into the crystal structure. The crystal represents the lowest state os entropy possible because they have the most orderly structure in nature. According to crystal research, the crystal is a neutral object whose inner structure exhibits a state of perfection and balance. When it’s cut to the proper form and when the human mind enters into relationship with its structural perfection , the crystal emits a vibration which extends and amplifies the powers of the user’s mind. Like a laser, it radiates energy in a coherent , highly concentrated form, and this energy may be transmitted into objects or people at will. ****************************************************************** Healing with gemstones and crystals Crystals and Gemstones have been used for thousands of years by several cultures and many people for healing or for energy work. The quartz crystal is well known for its strong aura and magnetic field that seems to align with the magnetic fields of the Earth.If you hold a crystal in your hand you will feel a certain vibration that comes from the electricity produced by this stone . It vibrates in a certain frequency and the precision of this oscillating energy has made possible the advent of telecommunications, sate-lite, radio and television. Each crystal has its own energy and it energizes its surrondings and the people around it. Crystals also release negative ions which may bring harmonious and peaceful feelings. As personal tools, crystals are used for to transform energy, it absorbs negative vibrations and can be used to amplify, store and transmit your thoughts. Quartz crystals are very powerful and help us focus our positive energy, the best in us. It also contributes for a balanced expression of our emotions,thoughts, and desires. ****************************************************************** CLEANSING YOUR GEMSTONE Gemstones easily attract all kinds of ‘vibrations’; negative as well as positive. The stones are always ‘open’ to receiving impressions from everyone and everything around them Your stone, which you have just selected, may well have traveled many thousands of miles before coming to you - and may well have acquired many negative energies and ’ vibrations’ on its journey to find you. Ways to Cleanse your Gem 1) Hold your stone in either your left or right hand (according to personal preference) and say these words, “I will and command that this stone be self-cleansing”. As you repeat these few words (whether mentally or orally) you should visualize the negative energies falling away from your stone and only the natural, and pure, energies remaining. 2) Water is a wonderful universal cleanser. Hold your stone under cold flowing water from the tap (cold or luke-warm water only.Never use hot water!) and,again, visualize all the negative energies and ‘vibrations’ being washed away and only the natural, and pure, energies remaining. When drying your stone after cleansing in water never attempt to dry your stone with a towel or cloth. Always allow your stone to dry naturally - preferably from the rays of the sun! The sun, of course, is also a very powerful energizer and should be used whenever possible. If, however, there is little or no sun around, then you should allow your stone to dry as naturally as possible in the warmth within your home. 3) Immerse your stone in salt water for several hours. Dry as in (2) above. 4) Bury the stone under the earth in your garden. Our planet Earth consists of at least one third quartz and the very strong and powerful magnetic energy field in the actual earth will ‘cleanse’ your stone of all its negativity very effectively. 5) Place your stone on a large quartz crystal cluster for a few hours. The very strong crystalline energies present within the cluster will soon neutralize any negative energies to be found within your stone. Taking Care of Gemstones A stone is considered as petrified material, especially when it is faceted and polished which make them quite collectible or can be utilized in jewelries. Others are untreated like amber, which is jet, coal, and fossilized tree resin. In fact, most of the stones may be usually measured as valuable or attractive gemstones. They are also too elastic or delicate to be utilized in jewelry for an instance, single-crystal rhodochrosite, but are displayed in museums and are hunted after by collectors. The suitable care of stones is considered significant. Because of the structure of several stones each one of them is totally different in solidity, stiffness, reaction to light, acid, and heat. Gemstones can take in chemicals, which can transform their color, a solid brush utilized for cleaning the scratch along its surface, and some stones are even flat to drop their radiant color, especially when uncovered to direct sunlight for a long period of time. Proper care of your gemstone and home preservation is quite easy once you recognize your stone. Buying a marketable jewelry cleaner is one of the safest ways. Some stones need cautious care such as amber, emerald, and pearl. The chemicals or ammonia from the business cleaners can harm perceptive stones. Gemstones are tough substances; yet, they do require some care. Track a few wide-ranging rule and they’ll end up for generation, yet still looking new one. You must keep your jewelry dirt free! Rings in particular are liable to gather dirt behind the gemstone, particularly if you dress in them on a usual basis. You can sanitize translucent stones by merely saturating them in water through the use of soap. You may use an elastic toothbrush to wash simply the stone. Even the hardest stone diversity can be susceptible to break if it has inclusions that deteriorate the crystal composition. If you own a ring set with a soft jewel variety or an integrated stone, take it off before backbreaking activity. Even the hardest stones like sapphires, diamonds, and rubies can break with a particular well-placed propel especially if they consists enclosures, which decline the crystal formation. Just reflect twice before setting stones in an ultrasonic cleaner. Sapphires, rubies, and diamonds will be excellent, when you are in hesitate, just run off. Other single-crystal stones can be washed with a tap of ammonia with water to eliminate all films and attach additional shine. Avoid using any ultrasonic ammonia or cleaner for cleaning-up such solid stones such as onyx, lapis, and turquoise. They must be clean softly with a wet cloth. These stones can be permeable and may soak up chemicals, even soap, which may assemble up within the stone and may even fade it. The cause why these substances require proper care than visible tones is that these substances are effectively rocks, not gems of a single mineral. You must think about it: when you set a rock in water, it soaks up the water and is damp all the way through. A particular gem such as sapphire will not soak up water, in fact, all the molecules are aligned up so firmly in the gem that there is no room for water to come in. Opals also need an exceptional care. Avoid using any ultrasonic ammonia or cleaner, and keep away from high-temperature and tough light which can dried out the water in opals. Organic stones such as corals, pearls, and amber must be wiped out with a wet cloth. Due to their organic structure, these stones are both supple and permeable. Be cautious about chemicals coming from perfumes, hairsprays, and cosmetics, which truly harm the pearls in particular.

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