Gemstones n Minerals mined in China

Gemstones Mined in China

Gemstones mined in China include Peridot,Agate,Blood stone,Amber,Cinnabar,Corundum,Sapphire,Zircon,Diamond,Garnet,Nephrite,Jade,Turquoise,

Opal(Local Quartz Agate )

Mineral Treasures Of China

stephen Hui Geological Museum

Over the past decades, booming demand for gemstones in China has skyrocketed. This demand is well-spoken in the market for these gems and other attractive accessories. As an outcome, various Chinese jewelries with a range of price and sorts of products, from necklaces, bracelets, and earrings came into marketplace.

China has been traditionally been a territory of great vagueness, with natural resources as well as, with their cultural treasures, which were almost completely concealed from the outside world. From my point of view, most of the gemologist and geologist could only seem with their recognized physical maps of this vast country and think on the possible impact.

China could have some of the world’s gemstone markets as they were a truly resources that ever grown with their own full potential. During the several decades, the government of China has opened its doors for the outside world in a pursuit for information and an aspiration for precise and civilized culture.

It was in this courage of collaboration that a week-long cycle of lectures on stones and their birth was obtained by more than 100 geologists from Beijing, China. A significant result of unofficial discussions with geologists was an allocation of some recognized gemstones exists in China.

This was the earliest time in the history of China that held a series of lecture, which was completely dedicated to gemstones and until the last decade that China has placed a prominence on gem stones. Ornaments and their control in these stone has not become part of their culture.

In order to enjoy and make a success in that jewelry, most of the businesses form and execute a detailed plan based on your objectives and the market role they aim to achieve. In fact, as we considering a business profit we sell Chinese- jade, peridot quartz, epidote, agate, topaz, pietersite, garnets turquoise cats’ eye, fossils, and fluorite.

We always think about the value and we can secure for every shipment and we guarantee to fulfill your satisfaction. We are also competent of supplying these attractive pieces of stones in all colors, dimensions, forms including some several shapes. Furthermore, Chinese Astrological gemstones are also quite popular now and then.

When the Chinese divine god as well as, the Chinese earth god determined to generate Chinese Astrology and with their associated Chinesehoroscopesigns with corresponding animals in the planet, they also completed that each Chinese horoscope symbol would even require a kind of a dominant material that could not only characterize the sign itself.

It could also increase a strong tie, a sacred relationship with people that fit in to that sign. So, the great Chinese gods formed and composed most important and dominant gem stones on the earth. Some of them are: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Diamond, Emerald, Garnet, Opal, Pearl, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz.

Then by evaluating the basic attributes of the gemstones as they assigned, these gems has also a specific Chinese Horoscope sign. These gemstones could also defend and carry luck to the owner. Let’s discuss about the characteristic of some gemstone mined in China and their connection with culture and Chinese Astrology, as well


Chicken Blood Stone


This stone is one of the most extraordinary and most sought-after carving stones found in China. Well, it also known as “Changhua Stone” or “Balinyouqi Stone” after the exclusive significant Chinese sources in Balinyouqi, Changhua, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Zhejiang Province.

Chicken blood stone is really a fine-grained combination of diclzite/lzaolinite and quartz that consists of unreliable quantities of cinnabar. However, Balinyouqi and Changhua are the only well-known sources of such ornamental material, though it has been dispersed all over the Asia, most especially in Southeast Asia.

Pre-historic writings disclose that chicken-blood stone has been popular in China for more than 500 years. Based on the Ming Dynasty from (1368-1644), there is a seal imprinted from such material. Chicken-blood stone is measured as a better-quality jewel material and considered to be one of the noblest Chinese gemstone among all native patterned stones.

In fact, chicken-blood stone is usually composed of cinnabar, diclzite, lzaolinite, and quartz. It is also rich in cinnabar in semi-translucent to lucid form. Their body color can be in yellow, white, and grey with the combination of lzaolinite and diclzite with secluded dots, large streaks, or clouds of shady to intense red cinnabar.

In addition to, most of their specimens enclose with great amount of cinnabar as they are totally in red. In China, the transparent base rock is considered as dong, and specimens are classified as yellow, grey and white dong.

The specimens of these chicken-blood stones are evaluated with a detailed gravity of 2.6 to 3.0, and with a Moh’s hardness of 3.0. Since the material is composed of a rock, the refractive index ranges significantly, with a 1.55-1.56 for the dong. Moreover, it is also a compact, massive as it appears as a micro-granular once observed in a microscope.

Considerable numbers of chicken-blood stone are mined from the locality at Balinyouqi, Changhua along Zhejiang Province. The existence of cinnabar in such rock gives displays of a rich-red tone. Since it is so elastic, it is usually used for carvings, for huge pieces as well as, for beads and seals.

Astrological Sign: Aries, Libra, and Pisces,

Main Chakra: Heart

Vibrates: 4 and 6

Metaphysical Properties:

Bloodstone is considered as a hero’s gemstone. It can encourage audacity, most especially in risky situations for everyday living. This stones protects us from any perilous desires. In addition to, aside from instilling valor, bloodstone is a strong healing gemstone, harmonizing the base, heart, navel, and sacral chakras, as well.

In addition to, it also helps the individuals from perceiving the advantages and patterns of change, and to distinguish the profit ofcommotion prior to precision. The individual must necessary to break down a pattern of actions before it can be reproduced in a healthy manner.



Massive quantities of amazing plant-bearing and fossil-insect amber have been discovered from the Fushun Coalfield, along the northeastern part of China. Based on Hong (1981), the amber exists in the Eocene-age and forty-four of these species have been portrayed from the Fushun amber.

From forty-four species, 41 were formerly un-described. The Fushun amber is described as clear to lucid, uneven masses, which measures up to 10 centimeter thick. The material usually varies in color from light-yellow and brown to yellow-brown, and irregularly appears in a deep red and pink.

Astrological Sign: Leo

Main Chakra: Solar PlexusChakra

Vibrates: 3

Metaphysical Properties:

The amber is usually utilized for jewelry and huge pieces are well- engraved. The Chinese also crush up amber for its therapeutic value in alleviating stomach diseases. Recently, Amber was also discovered in coal-beds along the city of Fuzhou located in Fujian Province, southeastern China. As of now, no further information on the value and amount of the Fujian amber is obtainable at this time.



During 19th century, gemstone collectors have measured China, which is quite synonymous with Cinnabar. The world’s optimum cinnabar minerals, some of them measures as huge as 6.5 centimeters are originated from Wanshanchang mines along the boundary of Kweichow and Hunan localities.

These mines were considered active, especially during Ming Dynasty in 14th century, and have engaged with 5,000 workers at a time. The cinnabar ore also appears in two individual horizons, which measures from 5-6m thick, and this horizon can be found along the vertical sides of Wanshanchang Canyon.

Also, it is also based on Tengengren in 1920 as one of the few Westerners to visit those mines. The canyon is fulfilled with waste-rock from the mining operation and this has been comprehensively sought out ore. The deep-red cinnabars minerals are almost always arise as prickly rhombohedra1, saturated twins.

Single, untwined crystals are considered quite rare. Typically, the cinnabar crystals are found on a limestone matrix with transparent to translucent crystals of dolomite and quartz. Cinnabar is the principal ore of mercury. In addition to, its trade value, and most the Chinese utilize it for curative purposes.

Cinnabar is also utilized as a coloring agent in gloss, which is mostly used to wood carvings. In fact, massive cinnabar in limestone is considered an enviable carving stuff for Chinese.

Astrological Sign: Leo

Main Chakra: Base or RootChakra

Vibrates: 8

Metaphysical Properties:

For the Chinese culture, Cinnabar attracts wealth, increases articulacy, and hostility in selling, and provides confidence to the individual’s mind and speech. It can facilitate also the individual to connect and accept everything to being ideal accurately as it is. Cinnabar can also assist release power blockages as well as, to support energy centres.



Corundum is principally in the variety of gem sapphire, appears in some local regions of China. The most significant areas are Wenchang, and Penglai found in the Southern part of China Sea. A more comprehensive account of the Mingxi sapphire mineral is presented by Keller during 1986. Sapphire has also been described from the southeastern part of Jiangsu Province, but quite brief information is obtainable on this mineral.

Gem corundum that displaysnaturalcolor and lucidity commands a considerable price premium over similar synthetically and enhanced corundum. Identifying whether usual jewel corundum has been unnaturally enhanced can be quite complicated and it is quite often unattainable through the naked eye alone. Particular methods and tools are typically necessary, and still some uncertainty remains.

Some corundum appears with rutile inclusions tilting with at least an angle of 120 degrees towards each other based on the hexagonal regularity of the corundum. If the application of rutile fibers is suitably opaque, then this material is formed into a cabochon jewel into the c axis meanwhile the corundum is facing vertically to the bottom of the stone.

Once it was reflected light from the rutile inclusions, it can deliberate on the face of the cut stone, which forms white lines that traverse for every 60 degrees and producing a six ray star. This substance is well-known asstar ruby, especiallyif it is totally pink-red to red, or asstar sapphirewith a tone prefix among all other colors other than blue. Most unnaturally, formed star corundum has perfect stars with an excellent straight ray.

Astrological Sign: Scorpio, Cancer and Sagittarius

Main Chakra: Heart Chakra

Vibrates: 9

Metaphysical Properties:

Part of the Chinese culture, they believe that corundum gives an incredible control and protects the individual from any destructive intentions. If you are trap up from a tacky, tolerable argument or personal conflict of some type, this stone can help you in getting the actual result. This stone can also protect you against intuitive or physical assault.



The sapphire deposits, which can be found on Mingxi and Hainan Island, are still comparatively undeveloped, though they prove a great potential. For both cases, the minerals are considered to be the alluvial deposit of alkali basalt minerals compared with those found in Cambodia and Thailand and Cambodia.

Neutral to light-yellow zircon and dark-red pyrope are general accessory deposits. The sapphires are quite similar with those found in at Anakie, New England, Queensland, and New South Wales, Australia. They have a tendency to be measure less than 1 cm in extent and with blue-green tone.

Though the lucidity is generally good and some dynamic physical searching of both areas is in progress, the testing with heat treatment is getting better, especially with the colors of the sapphire. Moreover, China has the prospective to become a main supplier of sapphire of the world’s gemstone markets.

The sapphire crystal, which can be found at Haina, is probably the biggest in China. Also, gem-quality sapphires with at least 35.5 ct were been established mostly in alluvial vex, which is roughly measures 2 km southeast from Penglai. The standard dimension of the sapphires is approximately measure 2-5 millimeters.

Still, the mineral from Penglai in Guangdong Province occurs to be the most capable one. Though the Penglai sapphire crystal is still in the exploration period, the local government and their officials consider that it will increase into a foremost gem field. By now, gem merchants from abroad are approaching all their way to Penglai to acquire sapphires.

The mine field usually encloses with 25 km with an area near the villages of Xinan and Gaojin, as well. The weather in this area is steamy, with significant precipitation, and rice paddies symbolize the foremost agriculture. Penglai is well-known for pineapples and generates natural pepper and rubber.

Complete geologic learning of this mine field is still being completed by a geologic team. The regional, humid climate has been led to a deep chemical weathering and immense erosion. By evaluating the structure of the alluvium for which the sapphires have been established, geologists have identified that alkali basalt has more than 10 alluvial strata with various thicknesses.

In addition to, Penglai sapphires exist also as a small- to medium sized, in hexagonal prisms, and unevenly shaped pieces. The standard dimension is usually observed from 2-5 millimeter, though these deposits are gem-quality pieces as huge as (35 x 33 x 32) to 35.5 ct) have been established.

The sapphires vary in color from dark-blue, blue-green; yellow-green with the least amount found in material is obtainable to depict any conclusions about the potential of the mineral for this variety. These features are quite similar to those reported gemstone such as corundum found in Thailand, Kampuchea, and Australia.

It also includes faceting, mining, selling, and treatment in the upcoming future. Most Chinese gemologists are passionate for Mineral Resources located in Guangdong Province, which performing some experiments through heat treatment to improve these sapphires. In fact, both laboratories accessed favorable outcomes.

During October 10, 1986, the newspaper stated that the refined sapphires possessed a high-quality blue-indigo color, good lucidity, and usually were free from color banding. In fact, the physical and chemical features of the well-refined sapphires are similar with as those unrefined ones.

Astrological Sign:Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Taurus

Main Chakra: Heart

Vibrates: 4 and 6

Metaphysical Properties:

Sapphire is related with leadership, and illumination, money, success, inner power and self-possession, and it mostly used to eliminate any negative force and evil thoughts and convey cordiality and realization, as well. Chinese myths state that Sapphire will open your mind and prove you the manner to hook up with god and inner-self.

Sapphire is generally used in China for meditation and hallucination exercises because of its splendid capability to motivate, and become established your mind. Sapphire is a jewel stone connected with oracles, visions, and the art of perceiving into the past and of course, in the future. Chinese used to call it as “The Third Eye Gemstone” and utilize it to treat physical eye-diseases or get better their vision.



Zircon is another significant mineral. It is quite similar with sapphire, though most of these pieces are quite smaller than the standard pieces of sapphires. The biggest zircon is described as a brown-red tetragonal mineral that measures (42 x 20 x 12 mm) can be found at Beijing’s Geological Museum in China.

The zircons appear mostly in Bureau of Geology’s Laboratory where the heat treatment that has been discovered to date. Recent operations in Penglai mine are generally for study as well as, with research. On the other hand, the Bureau of Geology and government authorities hope to set up an economic procedure.

No specific details of the lilac, brown-red, purple-red, and red. The marketable latent of the zircons is restricted, but, because most of these gemstones are small and even the biggest ones are usually profoundly included. Shi Guihua, a government geologist reported that small quantities of these stones have also been located at Penglai.

Astrological Sign: Virgo, Leo and Sagittarius

Main Chakra: Root/BaseChakra

Vibrates: 4

Metaphysical Properties:

Zircon represents therapeutic, and has an extensive healing purposes most especially for the Chinese. It has also an anti-spasmodic capability on the gall bladder and liver. It has also a soothing effect on allergies and asthma. In fact, it has a useful effect on bronchial, lunch, cold, and general respiratory issues. It helps it’s users to conquer loses, cures psychological disturbances, and upholds common sense.



Perhaps no gemstone species suggest more enthusiasm compare with the diamonds when one talks about the future gem stone potential of China and for such reason. Well, China has the prospective, from both kimberlites and their connected alluvial minerals in order to take an important role in the production of diamonds.

The significance of this diamond is similar with the case of some China’s other stones resources. In fact, alluvial diamonds have been mostly established in China in the late 1940’s. Still, it was not until 1965 that diamonds were being established in their kimberlite host.

Nowadays, there are two major diamonds from the districts of China. First is the Fuxian district then, the Changma district, which can be found at the central province of Shandong. It has been published also in the western part, though the Seventh Geological Exploration Team in 1984 has been imprinted on China.

Astrological Sign: Aries, Pisces, and Libra

Main Chakra: Heart

Vibrates: 4 and 6

Metaphysical Properties:

Diamond is considered as a precious gemstone and it is connected with control, fortification, power, valor, devotion, friendship, creativity, clarity, loyalty, and virtue. In addition to, Chinese considered that the diamond is associated with transparency, control, and divine.

It is fundamentally shows what makes this gemstone as an extraordinary and smart presence for all occasions. Furthermore, diamonds are dominant shields against any evil based on theChinese culture. A Chinese legend usually believes that the diamond referred as “The Stone of Morality”.

In China nowadays, individuals who can afford to buy diamonds because they think that this supernatural stone improves and increases the features of the users.  A traditional competition of the “Rearmost Diamond” is seized each year as part of their festivity in several parts of China.



Massive numbers of chrome-bearing, pyrope garnets appear in the Quaternary alluvial mineral near eastern China. Garnets were probably originated from the diamond-bearing kimberlites that transpire along Mengyin area in Shandong Province, which approximately measure 130 kilometers in the northwest of Donghai.

Various alluvial diamond crystals have been distinguished between Mengyin and Donghai an. Meanwhile, the pyrope garnets, which are found near Donghai, are usually in dark-red, which measures less than 1 centimeter in width. They are generally translucent and because of their chromium-content, several display a distinctive lilac into a red tone variation.

The comparatively small dimension of the Donghai pyropes restricts their utilization in the jewelry, though the Chinese Gem such as garnets have also been established to transpire with zircon and sapphire near the province of Fujian, but so far, there is no attempt to find out the profitable prospective of this material in China.

Astrological Sign: Libra, Aries, and Pisces,

Main Chakra: Heart

Vibrates: 4 and 6

Metaphysical Properties:

Garnet is mostly associated with affection, reliability, enthusiasm, psychological health as well as, women’s needs. Garnet typically available in deep-red tone that is why Chinese used to referred it as “The Blood Stone”. It is also a mineral that is tough, which makes it appropriate for wearing or for beautification purposes.

Most Chinese wear Garnet to treat severe depression. Small pieces of garnet are conventionally provided to Chinese pregnant women to assist them with their pregnancy. It is also well-known to soothe out the woman’s menstrual period. A Chinese myth claims that if you attach a bit of Garnet in the front of your door, it will shield your home against thieves.



The word “jade” in China is often utilized to explain several different materials, which are appropriate for carving. By far, the most significant nephrite minerals in China are often found on the northern hill of the Kunlun Mountains along the southern part of Xinjiang Uygur Au, which is considered as a fragile area.

The primary mining centers are located near the cities of Yutian, Hotan, and Minfeng. Traditionally, the nephrite was established as alluvial crystals near the bottom of the mountain. Lately, a replacement region of nephrite was established near the Kunlun Mountains with a height of 3,000 meters.

Generally, the minerals of nephrite were tiny, composing of rough or with stripes masses of stones. The nephrite, which was originated from the Kunlun Mountains, does not vary extensively from the other regions of the world, such as Soviet Union, New Zealand, and Canada. It composed of fine-grained, solid masses of actinolite and tremolite.

The nephrite that appears in Kunlun Mountains in a great diversity of tones, crossing over the full spectrum, while green is the most ordinary tone as and considered to be the most attractive stones for Chinese. Nephrite from this region may also be referred as the “Khotan”, which is seemingly referring to particular mines in such area.

Astrological Sign: Pieces

Main Chakra: Heart

Vibrates: 5

Metaphysical Properties:

Nephrite owns a high-thermal capability. So, a piece of Nephrite used to the kidney and stomach area, which reduces the pain. In fact, White Nephrite eliminates renal stomach and liver pains. It also improves eye vision and hearing, as well. Red Nephrites mend tremble. For Chinese, using Nephrite stones can assists eyes diseases, migraine, and shields the person from evil acts or thoughts.



Jade is a stone of exceptional emblematic power, and distinctive in the legends that surround it. With its exquisiteness and wide-ranging lucidity, jade holds a particular appeal for mankind for several years. This precious stone, with its greasy patina comes in various fine shades of green, but also available in colors of black, and yellow and in fact, it has also flimsy violet colors that have been known more than 7000 years.

During prehistoric times, still, it was valued r due to its stiffness, which completed them as a perfect material for bludgeons and tools. As early as 3000 B.C, this stone was very well-known in China as ‘Yu’, and referred them as a “royal gem”. In the extensive history of the culture and arts of the Chinese domain, jade has always had an unusual importance, almost similar with diamonds and gold.

Jade was not only useful for the premium objects and sect figures, but also in severe furniture for important associates of the imperial family. Nowadays, this precious stone is highly-regarded as an emblem of the high-quality, attractive, as well. It also represents the Confucian good values of wisdom, honesty, sympathy, humility, and bravery, yet it also represents the female-erotic.

Jadeite is considered as a rare stone compare with the nephrite and is for such reason, it is highly- regarded as more valuable one. Jadeite is commonly found in localities such as Russia, and China, but the finest stones were originated from Myanmar. There are annual Gems tone Emporium’ in all sizes and were auctioned. Localities such as Beijing and Hongkong usually process the raw material with diamond powder and carborundum.

As part of the rule, jade has an excellent luster, the cabochon is the best suited to it. In fact, thin silvers, which can be use as pendants are quite popular too. This is sometimes speciously known as jade carving. However, unnecessary material is being eliminated during the entire cutting method, while the stone is consequently well-polished. For stone collectors, jade is a mesmerizing gemstone.

In Asia, it is collected as a traditional piece of material. Aside from its excellence of this stone and its processing, faith and conviction also acts as an important role. In the West, several individual used to collect jade in the structure of cigarette holders, snuff-boxes, small rings or bowls. Since every collector has his or her desires when it comes with tones, mode and form, it is not simple to give specific advice on buying jade objects.

Still, jade is considered as a magnificent gem, not only in its long-established appearance. In the recent years, jade, encloses a traditional nature for such reason. Generally, the worth of jade is identified based on its shade as well as, their strength, the verve and quality, and its transparency. Meanwhile, in Europe and USA, the green-emerald green, jade are highly-valued one.

However, fine yellow or pure white jade is also highly-esteemed. In the world of jewelry, the violet or lavender jade are well-known. It really shines along the edges, has far-fetched intensity, which fetches a high price. Unluckily, since a natural and good jade is presented for sale, the existence of such treated stones is always there. So, it is suitable to purchase good jade only from decent dealers and jewelers, as well.

Astrological Sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Pisces and Libra.

Main Chakra: Heart Chakra

Vibrates: 11

Metaphysical Properties:

The calming green color of jade makes this stones a magnificent curative stone. It facilitates the body in self-healing, while functioning through essential, spiritual motives for a precipitation of illness. It is predominantly useful for heart, kidney, and stomach complaints.



Turquoise is presently being found in the province of Hubei in China. The substance varies from light blue to blue-green. It typically occurs as nodules from 1 to 5 cm in span. For the most part of China, the gemological attributes of Chinese turquoise ore is quite similar to those stones came from other localities. In fact, one specimen was originated and considered as end-member turquoise through their chemical structure.

Based on the ancient literature, turquoise is well-known in China for several years. In 1977 there are 1,000 turquoise relics found in the forms of frogs, cicadas, and other mammals were unearthed during the Yin Dynasty in 1300 B.C. More recently, a turquoise choker, which came from during the 100-7 B.C. was discovered at Lijiashan located in Yunnan Province.

Moreover, these Chinese gem-quality turquoises are characterized with light sky-blue, green-blue, and they are usually solid with refractive   indexes of 1.62 to 1.64, a waxy shine. Based on the Moh’s hardness, it has 4.6-5.5, and of course, a specific magnitude of 2.696-2.698. It has also a frail, green-yellow fluorescence both for short and long -wave ultra-violet radiation that makes this stone a sturdy, as well.

This turquoise is comparatively pure and rough, with an excellent and flat appearance like jade. It is also has a stylish color, and sparkling as porcelain once polished. In China, Chinese turquoise with a Moh’s hardness more than 5 is identified as “Porcelain Turquoise,” for which these pieces are quite luminous, has pure sky-blue tone, which is measured to have a high-quality.

Generally, the most excellent Chinese turquoise is quite similar with the quality of stones, which can be found at Soviet Union, Iran, and along the southwestern parts of USA. It is useful for jewelry that can be selling in a reasonable or even high-price, and it is one of the well-established materials utilized mostly for handicrafts like vases, beads, and figurines.

Astrological Sign: Sagittarius, Pisces and Scorpio

Main Chakra: Heart Chakra

Vibrates: 1

Metaphysical Properties:

This is an exceptional healing gemstone that has been occurs for a long time, especially during ancient times. They have been well-known to facilitate the body to make well a variety of different diseases. During ancient period, it was also believed to become useful to relieve an eye issue, specifically cataracts.

Jade or “yu” is severely a generic word for two different stones, jadeite and nephrite, as well. This name was originated from the Spanish term “piedra de ijada”, which has been acknowledged by the Amerindians as a medicine for kidney diseases. Because of its valuable effect on the kidneys, this gemstone was also recognized as “lapis nephriticus”. That is how the term “nephrite” originated from.

Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair- As Worldwide Marketplace

It is a warm greeting for Hong Kong Jewelry and Gem Fair. This event is a peak time of year for the jewelry trade; hence it comes as no revelation that various professional jewelry buyers gather to the said event to do their business.  In fact, they have significant role in serving the world’s jewelry industry on this year.

It is a commendable victory for such event that started meekly in Hong Kong with several exhibitors from different parts of the world. Being the host city and as a being a duty-free port, there are no tasks or limitations imposed on valuable jewelry materials and products. This has established to be beneficial for international jewelers.

It motivates worldwide business to makes their prices of products quite more competitive. Today, they are recognized as the world’s top business-to-business market for the precious jewelries and that can gather buyers as well as, exhibitors all over the world. They show jewelry raw materials, such pearls, diamonds, gemstones, and many more.

Hong Kong is well-known for being finest world marketplace for jewelry. In fact, they use to offer various business opportunities. From here, this event will highly give an emphasis on the market prospective and jewelry product categories that have encloses with high-potential and tactics to adapt with varying market situation.

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