1.28 ct GIA Certified Minimally Treated Gorgeous Colombian Emerald Absolut

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Dimensions (mm) 7.58 x 5.99 x 5.13mm
Weight (carats) 1.28 carats
Certified Gemstone
Oiled (Cedar/Joban)

US Seller

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

If you checked our listings within last three months you might notice I (actually one of our customers) mentioned current precious stones prices that are about twice as much for Zambian and many times more for Colombian emeralds and start at $3,000 per ct for even average to good grade unheated sapphires. You may also notice that I promised to keep my prices unchanged until the end of the year and I will keep my promise. Current lowest wholesale (like at dealers only gem shows) price for so-so Zambian stone is $800 per ct; $1,800-$2,200 for top 1+ ct stones; $1,200; $2,500-$3,500 per ct respectively for 2+ ct and the more the weight the more price per ct. For Colombian even low grade (very light; average color heavily included) starts at $4,000 per ct; good but not top stones cost $12,000-$15,000 per ct and as for top... If I would sell all my Colombian stones even for top online stores like James Allen or NY Gems prices and not Tiffany, Cartier and the like ones I would write this from my island in French Polynesia... or probably it would be archipelago. As for Zambian stones I will increase prices but not significantly. Colombian are different: we cannot afford to buy any new stones for current prices; all we have are from our very old inventory. So, I will change prices to lower than wholesale but not much lower ones. But I will do it January 1, 2020. Until then enjoy "Big Holiday Season Sale!"

Note: Unlike pictures that in case of emerald (it doesn't apply to any other stone) with extremely rare exceptions can look like anything and everything but not like the real stone, videos usually at least realistic and upon my return from Mexico in the end of May, 2020 I will add them to all listings. Upon requests my assistant that in US and has all stones took additional pictures and tried to make videos but they were suitable only for producers of horror movies. So, please rely on specifications and descriptions - especially descriptions; I spend a great deal of time writing them - don't pay much if any attention to pictures and don't hesitate to ask questions. Please remember that even if a listing has a video and it is good and realistic one, nothing will replace seeing a stone in person. Many of our stones are top to absolute high-end but if you will not like a stone you purchased - we refund immediately no questions asked.

Please read important notes after description. I add and update them frequently.

About this stone:

Stone: Natural (Green) Beryl

Variety: Emerald

Shape: Oval

Weight: 1.28 ct

Measurements: 7.58 x 5.99 x 5.13 mm

Hue: slightly bluish Green

Tone: Medium-Medium Dark

Saturation: Vivid

Clarity: Type 3 VVS

Cut: Excellent

Polish: Ideal – Excellent

Treatment: Colorless Oil

Origin: Colombia

Clarity. This time I didn’t try to find every microscopic speck of dust. The fact that the stone remained only minimally treated (only one or two surface reached fissures) speaks for itself.

Picture. Objectively it is pretty good even with (usual and virtually inevitable when it is my picture) faded color/discoloration on top and dark spots, but I don’t like it. Two main properties when why usually much lighter than Zambian, Brazilian and now Ethiopian and Afghan (not many on the market so far) Colombian stones are most valuable, are “That Colombian color” and “That incredible Colombian inner glow.” Both are phenomenal in this case, but color is always altered by camera’s filters (as well as many other factors) not to mention that current digital cameras don’t have enough resolution for such luxury Top Grade color as this stone has, and glow is a light that cannot be photographed. Stone is absolutely uniform and when extraordinary brilliant, brilliance is not its main property. Along with magnificent not only Top Grade and Colombian Top Grade color (nothing in common on the picture. Origin of the stone on the picture is unknown and cannot be even guessed), what the stone has is not even glow and very bright, deep and intensive fire. If the stone was not relatively dark (I graded Tone as Medium-Medium Dark but for Colombian stones it is very close To Medium Dark) this glow-fire could be called “dazzling.” So, objectively good picture shows not only different stone but also stone of completely different character.

Stone. Actually all is described. Not as on picture gorgeous Colombian high-end stone of the exceptional Top Grade color!

I often give an information about FAIR and REASONABLE - not astronomical in various industry price lists - prices and post price list of Gem World International - Bible of every jeweler, gem dealer and serious buyer. But we live in ever-changing world. A few days ago (in October 2019) one customer sent me a message:

"Came back from the HK  (Hong Kong - one of the few top dealers only gem shows) gem show last month and the prices were crazy high. No Zambians for less than $800/ct, and couldn't even get a whiff of even low grade Colombians for less than $4,000/ct.

Just ok colour heat only sapphires started at $1,000/ct. Unheated somewhere over $3,000/ct.

Needless to say I came away very unimpressed! These people were supposed to be wholesalers, trying to price like a retail store."

I didn't go to gem shows for about a year and contacted our supplier that attended almost all of them. Yes, it is prices now and he added that prices for such stones as tanzanite and paraiba tourmaline (I don't sell tourmaline) are moving steadily towards astronomical. Still, in the light of upcoming Holiday Season I am not going to increase prices for already listed stones and will continue to sell for "obsolete" prices to the end of the year. What you will read next is "non-updated" information I wrote pretty long time ago.

A note about value. I don’t pay attention to born in narcotic hallucinations various industry price lists. Not even to price list of International Gem Society even though they are strictly educational institution and I personally know their president and a great gemologist Donald Clark. Well, their prices are real but only if the name of your store is Tiffany. I refer only to prices of Gem World International – Bible of every jeweler, gem dealer and serious buyer. Their values and expertise were used in numerous legal cases around the world. I will post Gem World International price list for Colombian emeralds. The grade of this stone is almost on the very top of Lower Extra Fine - $6,500 per ct (5-6 times more in online stores like James Allen, Gems NY and a few others). For fast sale my regular price of such stones on gem shows and to private clients is $3,500 - 3,800 per ct (still around $6,000/ct if it is top Intergem show) – assuming they are clean, Colombian and have such exceptional Top Grade color. For Gemrock and eBay - $2,500/ct.  

I often receive "Your pictures/descriptions/values, etc. are too good to be true" messages.

As for pictures - they are mostly for reference purposes only. Some (mostly of our photographer) are very good but rather surrealistic/artistic - not realistic. However, I strongly believe that if stone is described as "high-end" or "absolutely high-end" it is better than the picture of it no matter how good it is.

Descriptions are always accurate.

Prices/values are too good to be true indeed but they are "hard to believe but true." 99% of stones I list are top to absolutely high-end. "Just good" my partner sells to jewelers off eBay and Gemrock and sometimes I combine them in lots and list for super bargain prices. I list top stones for ridiculous prices for advertisement, not for profit - to attract real world clients that are willing to pay real world prices. Buy with confidence.
About GIA/AGL (when most people know GIA more than AGL, AGL has a higher status when it comes to colored stones in US and in the world) certified/not certified stones. Obviously I certify top stones but it doesn't mean that described/priced as top non-certified ones are not as good as certified. They are and can be even better. Actually I don't even choose which stones to certify. I contact my assistant: "Sherry, we sold many GIA/AGL certified stones. Send 10-15 more to GIA."New addition:

Question I am constantly asked: Do you have such and such REALLY top stone?

Two answers:

1. Most likely I do. Most likely you already saw it - see answer 2.

2. Judging by your question, you looked at pictures of posted stones and didn't find what you were looking for. You never will this way if a stone is emerald. Pictures of emeralds as realistically represent real stones as if they were pictures of tractors. Any stone in our store priced $1,000 or more per ct is really top and would cost at least 10 times more even at online stores like James Allen, NY Gems and others. Pick any based on description not by picture. Even better - contact me and tell me what you are looking for and in what price range.


Two answers to the question I receive a few times per week:

Question: Can you show me a few more pictures?

Answer one: All listed stones are in hands of my assistant that ships them. Depends on the time of the year I am either 300 miles or 3,000 miles away from her. She takes pictures for certificates using camera in her cell phone under the kitchen light. If you are a producer of horror movies I can ask her to take a few pictures but please don’t show them to your children: poor kids will have a nervous breakdown.

Answer two: In 40+ years I didn’t see a single BOTH good and realistic picture of the stone if it was emerald. For the reason I don’t quite understand emerald is a stone that “doesn’t want to be photographed” (it doesn’t apply to any other stone). I take about 100 pictures of each stone, give them to my assistant to choose (I don’t have enough willpower to look at my results) and I am lucky if she doesn’t say: “I cannot use any picture from your nightmarish set.” Finally we found a photographer who agreed to take pictures for us (two before him tried and run away in horror) but his pictures when good are usually artistic-surrealistic interpretation. Nothing will replace seeing a stone in person and again - we refund immediately no questions asked.


My partner and I have a registered in NY State business (ES Gems) that includes gemological lab and for eBay we certify our stones. I’ll post certificates here too (unless a stone is certified by GIA or AGL).

Please note that emerald is Type 3 stone (most included and is considered to be always included). Its clarity grade tops at VVS, (not FL, IF or even IF-VVS) which according to GIA is barely equal to SI2 of Type 1 stone.  


Clarity    Chart  



Eye Clean VVS

Slightly Included VS

Moderately Included SI

Heavily Included I1

Severely Included I2

Type I

Totally eye clean to the unaided eye

Minute Inclusions difficult to see       with unaided eye

Minor Inclusions somewhat easy to see       with unaided eye

Prominent       Inclusions negative affection appearance and/or durability


Prominent Inclusions severe affect          on appearance and/or durability









Type II

Eye clean to the unaided eye

Minor Inclusions somewhat easy to see       with unaided eye

Noticeable       Inclusions apparent to the unaided eye


Prominent Inclusions negative to          severe effect on appearance and/or durability










Type III

Except on larger stone generally eye       clean but may contain barely visible small inclusions       which are usually obvious when viewed with 10x magnification

Noticeable Inclusions apparent to the       unaided eye. Could be medium size and prominent on larger       stones.

Obvious Inclusions very apparent to       the unaided eye

Prominent Inclusions negative to       severe effect on appearance and/or durability



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