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Agate cut transversely display parallel line, often of high tenuity giving a banded appearance.

These agates are known as banded, stripped or riband pattern

When selecting agate jewelry make sure you know what your looking to buy. Agate comes in many forms, Agate is a form of quartz specificallyCryptocrystalline quartz. One of the most popular types is called Chalcedonyoffering a spectacular variety of solid color gems or cabochons seen in jewelry from around the world. Agate is also distinguished by its bands of colors\” Onyx - black and white usually can be dyed to appear totally black.Carnelian is a yellow - orange to reddish orange color and Chrysocolla is a bright blue green color.

The patterns of agate are so Unique and the appearance of the pattern defines andidentifies that piece of agate in trade. For example Eye agate, which forms ring shapes with a point in the center; Dendritic agate which is identified by amoss-like patterns; and Fire agate which offers a beautiful iridescence.

When buying agate jewelry it is important to select a piece of jewelry that is not only priced right but offers premium quality for the price. Getting a low price is wonderful just make sure your selection is from a seller with good feedback and a good description and photo of the item your looking at. Agate is seen in high quality objects in arts, beads, rings, bracelets, pendants brooches and cameos.

Think about what kind of agate you want and what type of metal you want your agate gemsset in, this will help you determine how much you want to spend on your piece of agate jewelry. Buying or bidding on a wholesale site you will cut out the middle man \‘normally a physical store\’ which may cause you to save hundreds if not thousands or dollars on the Agate jewelry you will choose.