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Agate Stones for Sale

Agate is a gemstone found in many continents from Brazil to Afghanistan to Australia.

Agate is popular for necklacesas the stone has many natural patterns and comes in a variety of natural colours. It can also be dyed to obtain interesting colours. Tribal civilizations have used agate as necklaces for thousands of years.

Agate is one of the oldest gemstone on record, from biblical days as agate jewelry and as decorative agate bowls. Agate stone is a form of quartz specifically Cryptocrystalline quartz. Agate rocks is found all over the world and forms in rings that display magical patterns and can be found with all colours of the spectrum.

One of the most popular types is called Chalcedony offering a spectacular variety of solid color gems or cabochons seen in jewelry from around the world. Agate is also distinguished by its bands of colors “Onyx- black and white usually can be dyed to appear totally black. Carnelianis a yellow - orange to reddish orange color and Chrysocolla is a bright blue green color.

The patterns of agate rock are so Unique and the appearance of the pattern defines and identifies that piece of agate in trade. For example Eye agate, which forms ring shapes with a point in the centre; Dentritic agate which is identified by a moss-like patterns; and Fire agate which offers a beautiful iridescence.

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