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If you are mineral or gemstone collector or even just a hobbyist who wants to appreciate these creations of mother natures.

There are many classification of ammonites and start from the Devonian period, some 415 million years ago to 240 million years ago.

Ammonite is an iridescent gem quality like material from fossilized shells of extinct ancient sea marine creatures that were active all over the world.

Ammonites, named after Egyptian God Ammon, the Egyptian God of life and reproduction, As like a ram’s head.

The thin iridescent aragonite shell material does vary in thickness and colour in different parts of the world

African ammonites from Morocco were formed in black to grey basalt matrix and were over 350 million years old

Madagascar ammonites have bright iridescent red colours from 120 to 163 million years old and can also display beautiful leaf style patterns. Good specimens also have fern pattern which are popular with collectors

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