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Ancient Antiquities for Sale

Artifacts /Artefacts of the past, from ancient Roman ,Greek and Egyptian Empires.

These unearthed treasures include tools, measures, everyday wear including pendants and beads.

Many ancient civilisations were experienced at working with bronze and progressed to making silver which evolved making deep underground silver mines and harder to manufacture with silver.

The Romans actually had deep underground mines with system of water wheels to lift water out from the mines so they would not flood.

Some of these water wheel systems lifted the water up to 30 meters high.

Rome controlled mintage of silver coins in Rome and only allowed the provinces and countries that they took over to make bronze coins and that is also one reason why the provinces produced large quantities of bronze tools.

Ancient rings were very popular during ancient times and many people in power wore elaborate rings and many common people also wore family rings as crest of their family or country or province.

Unfortunately most of these rings found to day do not have a shank.

The shanks were worn thin when owner wore the ring in everyday work and as most people were farmers or workers the bronze rings rubbed away and were thin, so many were lost this way and ones that survived cored away as the shank was too thin.

Romans were also experienced glass manufactures and made glass bottles ,glass beads and glass decorations.

Ancient Roman Glass

Glass vessels were invented around 50 BC from core forming, casting, and cutting.

In 63 BC the Romans conquered Syro-Palestine area and bought glass making to Rome.

The sands used to manufacture ancient glass contained manganese and iron ore impurities which over centuries gives unique colours.

The sands also contained sulphurs and glass blowers added minerals to colour enhance these glass vessels.

They added red by mixing copper, and lead.

Gandhara is an ancient province invaded by Rome in 326 BC,today this area is know as the Kyber pass and has good selection of roman glass but most are broken and rare pieces intact sell for thousands of dollars.

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