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Wholesale gemstone beads with semi precious gemstones. Perfect for jewellery and necklaces assorted by strands or by colour.

Gemrock auctions has a huge selection of precious and semi-precious gemstone beads from around the world, cut and polished to make a perfect accent to any jewelry piece.

We offer a wide variety to cater to all beader’s, whether beginner or experienced, collector or wholesaler from our approved verified gemstone beads store.

Please visit our Gemstone article titledA List Of Birthstonesto view Gemstone Beads by birth month and zodiac table to help find a gemstone Beads.

Januarybirthstone is theGarnet.

Februarybirthstone is theAmethyst.

birthstones areAquamarine.

birthstone is theDiamond.

Maybirthstone is theEmerald.

Junebirthstone is thePearl.

birthstone is theRuby.

birthstone is thePeridot.

Septemberbirthstones areSapphire.

Octoberbirthstones is theOpal.

birthstone isCitrine.

Decemberbirthstone isTurquoise.

There are plenty of business opportunities with beads. You can make your own jewelry pieces such as necklaces or bracelets and re-sell them online or through other avenues. There is a fine art to making jewelry, combining and matching shapes, sizes, and colours of beads to make different styles, including artistic, modern, hip, or completely unique.

Gemstones with good lustre and aesthetic value are a popular choice. Lapis Luziul, Blue Agate, Crystal agates and Amber beads can be used as a focal stone or mixed with loose gem stones to make gemstone beads.

Gem Beads are available in nearly all varieties of natural gemstone.

Gemstones are available hole drilled to make necklaces. Agate rocks can also be drilled to make large focal beads that match well with beaded pearls.

Gemstone beads are available in different shapes to suit any style, such as oval, briolette, tube, tear drop, faceted, rough, and cabochon. There are a great variety of stones and colour. With a range of colours available, you are bound to find the perfect stone.

Beads are now a very popular pastime as a hobby or business. You can add loose gemstone beads to glass beads to keep prices down or use multi gemstones to make a very colourful necklace.

Buy beads from bead dealers at wholesale prices on GemRockAuctions. Direct from the gemstone factory, you can make up your own bead creation—modern, simplistic or extravagant—to resell.

Many of our customers buy beads from us and make necklaces for resale through planned parties, markets, shops, or internet sites. The most popular items made from beads are gemstone jewelry necklaces or semi precious gemstone pendants to gemstone pendant beads.

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