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Fossils (from Latin “fossus,” literally “having been dug up”) are the mineralized or otherwise preserved remains or traces (such as footprints) of animals, plants, and other organisms

The study of fossil wood is sometimes called palaeoxylology, with a “palaeoxylologist” somebody who studies fossil wood. Fossil wood stones may or may not be petrified.

Fossils include Petrified Palm root and Coral Fossil from Indonesia to Othoceras and Tirbolite fossils from Morocco and crinoids from USA, Shark tooth fossil Otodus and Turritella fossil stones and famous mineral fossil specimen trilobite from Morocco, Wood fossil from Madagascar. Petrified wood form USA and around the world to agatized Dinosaur fossils poo!Australian fossils as Australia is an old continent ,it has immense mineral and fossils spread over the whole country-From fossil opals from Coober Pedy to Lightning Ridge in the Cretaceous period to Deserts Western Australia.Fossils include turtle bones,reptile bones ,Plants,Yabbi Buttons,,Belemites, Dinosaur bones including recent finds in Winton Queensland where remains of herd of dinosaurs have just been found.

Australian fossils to buy include Fossil Fish ,Plants,Invertebrates,gastropods,pine cones,lungfish teeth,Trilobites,Echinoids,megasuana,

stromatalities,Roots and seeds .

Australian plant fossils are popular as many usa collectors of plant fossils enjoy Australian fossils

Australian animal fossils have been under rated as it is only recently that large areas of dinosaur fossils and bones have been found and some up to 650 millions years old making them some of the oldest fossils in the world.even sponge fossil found in Flinders ranges have been also dated 650 millions years old.

Crustacean fossils from Queensland Australia, Fossil of Walrus teeth that are pre 1972 worked on by Eskimos.

Trilobites are second only to dinosaurs in well know fossil around 250 million years old from the Palaeozoic period.

Even mammoth bones have been fossilised and made by Eskimos into carved drawing fossil gemstone

Fossil crinoids are also an ancient fossil group around 300 million years old and some even exist today .fossil shells are also prized for collectors including opal fosiled shells

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