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AFRICAN JASPER comes from several areas in Africa and comes from greek word iaspis

There is confusion within the term “African Jasper”, which is quite unbridled. African Jasper is the real name. This jasper is found mostly found in Africa. In fact, it has a dark mould and has a fascinating combination of colour of a green, like turquoise. It can be coloured to reach out the most turquoise-like colour. Furthermore, it is an attractive stone to make costume jewellery with it.

Jasper is a fine graine dor dense silica mineral and has been used for centuries as it has fine polish similar to quartz.

Jasper is a combination of chalcedony, microcrystalline quartz and other minerals, resulting in colourful bands and patterns.

Jasper was a favourite gem in the ancient world and is used for ornamentation. Its name can be traced back in Hebrew, Assyrian, Persian, Greek, and Latin.

Jasper is said to still a troubled mind. It is also thought to aid with digestive problems and other physical ills.

The natural banded or pattern makes these jasper gemstones a most popular stone as nearly every jasper stone is so unique and different from other jasper gemstones