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Amber earrings are popular as it is a natural gemstone with beautiful patterns and inclusions and is ideal for large earrings set in sterling silver from traditional to modern earring designs

Amber is in fact a fossilized tree resin (some confuses resin with sap).

Amber is ideal for jewellery making as includes plant and animal material inside the resin.

Amber colours can be yellow, brown,gold,pale yellow and sometimes almost black.

There are also occurrences of red amber, which is known as cherry amber.

Large size gemstones such as Amber are best bezel set instead of claw set and even if they look large they stone is not heavy to wear

Parcels are available from manufactures factory and these are cheap inexpensive way to buy for re sale or even if you wish to buy in lots and give as presents

The floral designs of the Amber support the beautiful natural look this gem articulates.

Other designs have a more basic shape which neatly displays the beautiful detail of the gem. The Amethyst mainly have a rounded or curved design creating a soothing appearance. The silver have an elegant look, and consist of a variety of designs as silver is easy for jewellers to work with. Some have detailed designs, while others are simple yet elegant.