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AGATE Pendants

History states that for so many years man has been fascinated by agate for its variegated characteristic of contrasting colours/bands.

Agates are sought after because its beautiful and durable use as pendants.

Popular pendants are Blue Lace Agate, Banded agates ,lace agates or two tone agates as picture stones and even moss inclusion in agates make a unique pendant.

Agates can display all colours of the rainbow and agate stones with good patterns are highly prized.

Agates are found in many places around the world and it is the unique pattern of agate that makes special Jewelery pieces

Agate is said to come from the river Achates in Sicily. It is generally a reddish coloured stone.

Agate is a highly sought-after precious gem, which for centuries has been widely used in the creation and encrustation of jewelry and everyday items. The earliest known date of use of agate is 1570.

Metaphysically speaking, these stones are thought to transmit less-than-positive energies, enabling a person to take an objective look at him or herself. Physically, agates are believed to help with tissue regeneration and rid the body of toxins.

Agate’s chemical composition number is Si02 and its hardness ratio is 6.5-7

Agate pendants have beautiful natural tones and can create a very Earthy look to complement an Earthy person.

Agate is a gemstone known as a symbol for peace and calmness. Agates are most popular with jewellers for carvings, designing fine jeweller as necklaces, pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings. Agates is also a stone that brings its wearer good luck. Agates is also a stone that brings its wearer good luck. Agates can be coloured blue, can be known as crazed, agate eyes, crabs fire agate, lace agate, fire agate, mexican lace agate, moss agate, dendric agate.

Dendric Agate- is a gemstone that will help an individual to self discovery. Dendric Agate is a gemstone known to dispel stress.

Moss Agate- is a gemstone known in the ancient time to boost abundance. Moss agate also is worn as a jewellery becaise it is known to bring confidence to its wearer.

Mexican Lace Agate also give energy, courage and balances ones emotions. It enhances ones relationship therefor it aids in the healing of being bitter and allows harmony.

Flame Agate is widely known to help with one’s spiritual growth and development. Fire agate is a gemstone reputed to increase one’s creativity. Fire agate aids in dispelling fear and anger.

Agate Gemstone is a form of quartz ,specifically Cryptocrystalline quartz and has many of the same properties. In ancient times agate was highly valued as talisman or amulet and the unique patterns appealed to jewellery makers and agate bowl production. Agate gemstones bring positive energy and is good for all money matters and clear thinking, Agate helps stimulate forgiveness. Agate is known in history as the one that gives strength. For centuries Agate is also known as the “goodluck” stone. Agate is know as the “grounding” stone because it gives self confidence, and gives a person a more accepting perception of things and gives balance and energy. Agate is widely used as an amulet for children as protection.

Agate stones when highly polished are great for making jewellery such as pendants,bracelets,

necklaces, earrings, rings and other fashionable decorative materials.

Agates can be mixed with pearls,amethyst, diamonds, and other precious gemstones as highlights

in the jewellery designs.

Also popular are Agates that are wirewrapped to show the size and the beauty of the gemstone.

Agates are also popular when set in leather straps that make them look earthy. The leather

necklaces are also worn around fashionable people. Rockstars and even Surfers can be seen

with leather necklaces made of assorted gemstones.

There are so many types of Agates used in Jewelery making.

*Blue Lace Agate *Crazy Lace Agate *Moss Agate, *Fire Agate

Eagle Eye Agate,Eye Agate, *Tree Agate, *Leaf Agate *Banded Agate.

Advantages of using Agates is that there are so many varieties.

The various patterns of Agates when sliced and polished are

uniquely one of a kind. Some patterns can achieve the look of

different dimensions.

Agates are sometimes known to have “picture” designs.

Jewellers find Agate an easy gemstone to work with,therefore

making Agate a much sought after semi preciousgemstone.

In other Asian countries, polished agates are made into beads

and then looped with embroidered silk threads and make for exciting fashion statement jewellery.

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