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Australian Minerals for sale at wholesale prices. Australia isa very old continent and has so many unique mineras for mineral collectors. We have direct access to so many mines around the country that produce some of the rarest and most beautiful minerals on earth. Check out the famous Crocoite Specimens from Tasmania or the Zircon from Jacks Hill in the Northern Territory. There is a lot of opalised and fossilized wood around Australia and we have some fantastic specimens available for sale. If you want to own something really old, check out the Stromatolites, one of the world’s oldest fossils.

Australia is well known for opals as w e have so many opal fields but also have Sapphire gem fields and also have some of worlds tiger eye iron from western Australia

Many people retire and travel with campervan around austral a s it takes months to complete such a journey and fossick all way along when they camp at river beds.Australian sapphire fields are on eof the most popular fossicking grounds as there still is good chance of finding a good sapphire specimen and lapidary clubs can help in faceting these rough finds

Australia does have amethyst but its not bright purple colour a s most is weathered and dull brownish purple colour.

Even our opal is formed in ironstone and that is why this country exports so much iron ore a sits in most of our minerals brown earthy colour

We have Chrysoprase in queensland and western Australia and this does get confused with jade but it ia hard to find that deep green colour that everyone wants.

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