Okenite rare mineral specimen

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Okenite rare mineral specimen

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  • Location:Kandivali Bombay India

2.5 inches long 7.9 oz. Okenite rare mineral specimen

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Okenite is an unusual mineral. It frequently forms “cottonball” clusters where the crystals are so thin they look like tiny fibers. The clusters are composed of straight, radiating, thread thin, crystals. These clusters can make for very attractive specimens and often accompany many fine and rare minerals such as apophyllite, gyrolite and many of the zeolites. Some volcanic bubbles called vesicles can be lined with delicate tufts of okenite and these are sometimes called “Okenite Geodes”. They form a mesmerizing crystal wonderland like landscape. One note of caution, the clusters seem to bring out an urge in people to touch the fine fibers and to “test” the minerals softness. Discourage and refrain from this as the crystals are very delicate and once touched, are never the same again.

PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Color is white or colorless. Luster is resinous to pearly. Transparency crystals are transparent to mostly translucent. Crystal System is triclinic; bar 1 Crystal Habits include the popular radiating accicular crystals described above, but is more commonly found as radially fiberous masses and rarely as single bladed crystals. Cleavage is perfect in one direction but rarely seen because of small crystal size. Fracture is splintery. Hardness is approximately 5. Specific Gravity is approximately 2.3+ (below average) Streak is white. Associated Minerals are gyrolite, calcite, apophyllite, quartz, laumontite and other zeolites. Other Characteristics: crystals are bendable and fragile. Notable Occurrences include Poona, India; Greenland, Chile and Ireland. Best Field Indicators are crystal habit, color and associations.

Okenite From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Okenite Okenite General Category     silicate Chemical formula     CaSi2O5·2H2O Crystal symmetry     triclinic Identification Color     white to slightly yellow, blue Cleavage     perfect on {001} Mohs scale hardness     4½-5 Luster     vitreous, pearly Diaphaneity     transparent, translucent Specific gravity     2.28 - 2.33 Okenite (CaSi2O5·2H2O)[1] is a silicate mineral that is usually associated with zeolites. It most commonly is found as small white “cotton ball” formations within basalt geodes. These formations are clusters of straight, radiating, fibrous crystals that are both bendable and fragile.[2] Other minerals associated with okenite include apophyllite, gyrolite, prehnite, chalcedony, goosecreekite and many of the other zeolites. It was first described in 1828 for an occurrence at Disko Island, Greenland and named for German naturalist Lorenz Oken (1779-1851).[3] Occurrence Okenite is largely found in India, mainly within the state of Maharashtra. Other localities include Bulla Island, Azerbaijan; Aranga, New Zealand; Chile; Ireland and Bordo Island in the Faroe Islands.[1] References Okenite Okenite is often called a “warm and fuzzy” stone because it brings feelings of the “warm fuzzies”, feelings of comfort and belonging. Emotionally okenite encourages forgiveness of self and others, and lessening of denial. It can bring truth with self and others and ease the harshness of that truth. It also helps break bad habits of all kinds. In the psychic realm, okenite is an excellent helper stone for channeling angels and other benign beings. Okenite is a purifying stone. Physically okenite is helpful for blood diseases and problems, lowering fever, stomach problems, and slowing aging. Okenite is associated primarily with the crown chakra but can align and purify the energy of all chakras.

  *     USE DISCRIMINATION     * As always we emphasize that the information     * regarding the metaphysical properties     * of stones is intuitive,     * and not scientifically verified.     * This field is one of speculation and exploration,     *  and individuals are encouraged to use discrimination     * to determine what is true for them.     * we cannot guarantee any results     * with any stone or jewelry item.     * We advocate individual responsibility     * for one’s exploration of these ideas,     * and we do not advocate the use of stones     * as a substitute for medical or psychological care.     * Our stones are not intended to treat or cure any disease or ailment.

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