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Rhodonite is a manganese inosilicate, (Mn, Fe, Mg, Ca)SiO3 and member of the pyroxenoid group of minerals, crystallizing in the triclinic system. It commonly occurs as cleavable to compact masses with a rose-red color (the name comes from the Greek ῥόδος rhodos, rosy), often tending to brown because of surface oxidation.

Rhodonite crystals often have a thick tabular habit, but are rare. It has a perfect, prismatic cleavage, almost at right angles. The hardness is 5.5–6.5, and the specific gravity 3.4–3.7; luster is vitreous, being less frequently pearly on cleavage surfaces. The manganese is often partly replaced by iron, magnesium, calcium, and sometimes zinc which may sometimes be present in considerable amounts; a greyish-brown variety containing as much as 20% of calcium oxide is called bustamite; fowlerite is a zinciferous variety containing 7% of zinc oxide.

The inosilicate (chain silicate) structure of rhodonite has a repeat unit of five silica tetrahedra. The rare polymorph pyroxmangite, formed at different conditions of pressure and temperature, has the same chemical composition but a repeat unit of seven tetrahedra.

Rhodonite has also been worked as an ornamental stone. In the iron and manganese mines at Pajsberg near Filipstad and Långban in Värmland, Sweden, small brilliant and translucent crystals (pajsbergite) and cleavage masses occur. Fowlerite occurs as large, rough crystals, somewhat resembling pink feldspar, with franklinite and zinc ores in granular limestone at Franklin Furnace in New Jersey.

Category     Silicate mineral   Chemical formula     (Mn2+,Fe2+,Mg,Ca)SiO3   Strunz classification     09.DK.05   Dana classification   Crystal symmetry     Triclinic 1 pinacoidal   Unit cell     a = 9.758 Å, b = 10.499 Å, c = 12.205 Å; α = 108.58°, β = 102.92°, γ = 82.52°; Z = 20

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Color     Rose-pink to brownish red, gray, or yellow   Crystal habit     Tabular crystals, massive, granular   Crystal system     Triclinic - Pinacoidal H-M Symbol (1) Space Group: P1   Twinning     Lamellar, composition plane {010}   Cleavage     Perfect on {110} and {110}, (110) ^ (110) = 92.5°; good on {001}   Fracture     Conchoidal to uneven   Mohs scale hardness     5.5 - 6.5   Luster     Vitreous to pearly   Streak     White   Diaphaneity     Transparent to translucent   Specific gravity     3.57 - 3.76   Optical properties     Biaxial (+)   Refractive index     nα = 1.711 - 1.738 nβ = 1.714 - 1.741 nγ = 1.724 - 1.751   Birefringence     δ = 0.013   Pleochroism     Weak   2V angle     Measured: 58° to 73°, Calculated: 58°   Alters to     Exterior commonly black from manganese oxides

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