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Loose Yellow Sapphire Gemstones For Sale

While we often imagine sapphires as blue in nature, the truth is that sapphires come in all sorts of colors. While blue is one of the most popular, they also come in very unique colors, such as yellow. Obviously there is something different about these sapphires, but are these differences positive or negative? Here are some things you should know about yellow sapphires before you buy them.

The first thing to understand is that yellow sapphire is one of the best alternatives to yellow diamonds. That’s because sapphires aren’t nearly as expensive as diamonds, but they can still be just as beautiful. That said, like all colors, yellow covers a very large range, and there are many shades of yellow sapphire to choose from. From pastel yellow to deep lemon and even gold, there are many to choose from. Of course color has nothing to do with quality, and it’s all a matter of personal preference, but the fact remain that you have options, so you don’t have to worry about not finding your favorite shade of yellow if you have one.

Yellow sapphires often have a higher level of clarity than their counterparts in most cases. All gems are formed by crystallization, which is a natural process that is of course not perfect. While these crystals are growing, they often gain inclusions, which are blemishes and faults created internally during crystallization. Even the highest quality gemstones are rarely inclusion free, and there’s nothing you can do about them. That said, yellow sapphires often develop with less inclusions than other sapphire types, which is great considering their color makes it easier to see through them.

While cuts are not specific to yellow sapphires in particular, it’s important to understand that the cut of a gem is the largest influence on its brightness and reflective properties. The cut of a gem refers not to its shape, but to its facets, which are the many faces of the gem. These facets capture and reflect light, creating the luminous effects that make gems so valuable and desired. That said, a poor cut will make your gem dull and lifeless. The good part about yellow sapphires is that they are traditionally cheaper than blue and pink sapphires, meaning cutters don’t often compromise the brilliance of their cuts for weight retention, and specialty cut yellow sapphires are easier to find than their blue and pink counterparts.

This is important because yellow is such a light color. Darker gems can still look good even with a rough cut thanks to the nature of their color, but bright colors can’t look their best unless they really shine, which is why a high quality cut is important for yellow sapphires. Thankfully, like we stated previously, specialty cut and well-cut yellow sapphires are very common and easy to find thanks to their traditionally cheaper nature in comparison to other sapphires. In this way you can have a gem that is both beautiful and affordable.

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