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My name is Carl, I have been in the jewelry business for close to 37 years and gem business for 27 years. I am a Graduate Gemologist GIA), Master Goldsmith with design, old school fabrication and wax carving, lost wax and current CAD design with a passion for opals and colored stones of all kinds. As part of this passion I have a collection of cut and rough stones of many kinds, many from 20 years ago. Tome is catching up and now what I have left I will never be able to cut or create pieces of jewelry for. This is where others come in, I want to share what I have, some at beginning prices of less then what I paid for. Many things that I have collected I have amounts for commercial applications for multi piece designs. Send me a message through the auction message boards and I can tell you what I have. I will not sell outside of the kind people of the treasure auction, they have built this bridge and we need to support them as much as possible. I will post a list of stock and with inquiry will put it up for sale through treasures auction, Carl, carlsgems
Va, United States of America
NOTE DUE TO CHANGES IN USPS SHIPPING I HAVE HAD TO CHANGE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING, IT COST ME 25.00 US. THE USPS HAS MADE IT TO EXPENSIVE TO SHIP INTERNATIONAL , I HAVE TO USE PRIVATE SHIPPING. WHEN USING PAYPAL I CAN SHIP ITEM LISTED AS DOCUMENT. IN THE MEAN TIME I AM LOOKING INTO MORE COST EFFECTIVE WAY TO SHIP INTERNATIONAL. Doing best to get item(s) shipped at listed rate, changes might occur if out of realm of possibly shipping items to some countries. I reserve the right to nullify bids and purchases with immediate refunds when not reasonably possible to ship to some countries or countries where postal theft is high and I have had on occasion not been able to ship to those countries. On items more then $50.00 I would suggest postal insurance and might adjust shipping on a individual item basis for your protection as well as mine. PLEASE NOTE: IT IS THE BUYERS RESPONSIBILITY TO PURCHASE INSURANCE I CAN AND WILL NOT REFUND CLAIMS THAT CAN NOT BE VERIFIED WHERE POST HAS LISTED DELIVERED AND BUYER CHOSE NOT TO INSURE THANKS, carlsgems
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