Black Friday Gemstone Sale

Black Friday GemsReady to buy Gemstones at up to 50% off? Then there’s no better time than now because our sellers are ready to mark down their items! That’s right, with this Black Friday jewelry and gemstone sale, YOU get to browse thousands of gemstones with discounted prices.

  • Coupon Code: BLACKFRIDAY

  • The coupon should automatically apply when you get to the checkout screen. However if it doesn't we have included instructions below on how to use the coupon.

What Items Are Included in the Sale?

Almost all items will be on sale during the Black Friday sales.

Black Friday deals are only applicable to fixed priced items and do not include auctions or items that have been won using the "Make An Offer" button

Look for the banner at the bottom of the item page that will show the discount that the seller is giving



Gem Rock Auctions Sellers Offer Special Discounts

60% Off

50% Off

45% Off

40% Off

35% Off

30% Off

25% Off

20% Off

15% Off

10% Off

How To Use The Coupon Code

1 - All sellers who participate in the sale will be using the same coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY

2 - When you find the item you love, check the banner at the bottom of the page to see what discount the seller is offering. If you do not see a banner, then the seller is not participating in the sale

zspkawzps96kfblx.jpg3 - Add the item to your cart, select shipping and payment options, then click Proceed to Checkout

v9mg2bowyn32cqxj.jpg4 - On the checkout screen, click Apply Coupon

7ops2sfyaiodz1wq.jpg5 - A box will appear where you can enter the code BLACKFRIDAY

invjmgbvi1k6zjz2.jpg6 - The discount will be applied as shown below

yl5skwtzoseuvr0v.jpgNote, On mobile, click the up arrow to show the pricing details and to show that the discount has been applied

gq0vawl3zy4jc7rq.jpgWith our Black Friday sale, you can browse hundreds of precious gemstones! Here’s a look at some of the exciting items on sale.


Most of our gemstones are included in the sale, which means you can enjoy savings on THOUSANDS of gems! If you’ve been shopping for gemstones, this is your chance to get your hands on the highest-quality gems at a discount rate. Gemstones included in this Black Friday sale include Sapphires, Diamonds, Garnet, Spinel, Rubies, Aquamarines, Zircon, Tourmaline, Tanzanite, Amethyst and more!



Opals are one of the most desired gems in the world. Right now you can get them for up to half off! Choose from opals such as Black Opals, Boulder Opals, Crystal Opals and Ethiopian Opals. Don't forget about all of the incredible Opal Jewelry too!



What better way to show your love than with a beautiful piece of jewelry? Right now, you can get huge discounts on hundreds of unique and beautiful jewelry items! Looking for earrings? We’ve got those! Necklaces? You can make an offer on those, too. The possibilities are endless! Ready to start shopping?


Black Friday Terms & Conditions

Black Friday deals are only applicable to fixed priced items and do not include auctions or items that have been won using the "Make An Offer" button. Black friday coupons cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount 

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