$75.00 USD

3.4 ct Amethyst

Dimensioni (mm)
10.300 x 10.300 x 6.600mm
Peso (cts)
No Treatment

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- The honestly description as possible.
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3.4 ct

10.3 x 10.3 x 6.6 (mm)

purplish-Violet Open color Medium tone


Full reflected

Not certified

Top Gems, no default. Classic Amethyt Color. Clean, top cut, full reflected.

Media by :

Youtube : Jipacko

Instagram : Jipacko

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    I am not a professional but a passionate

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PCG - Passionate about Color Gems I am a passionate since always ! I have learned all myself since I was a child, time after time, step after step. I was already searching for small White transparent Quarz into the forest at this time ' Do you want an example ? What make a stone a GEMS grade quality ? A Pure hue or pure mixed hues of a not too dark and not too light tone with a very strong color saturation a cut that reflected all the light of your Gems and an eyes-clean clarity. This is what I have learned since I started. Quality -> High Price High Price -> Not always Quality ! I will help you to make the good choice - all the time you need to be sure. More pictures / More videos / More explainations -> I am here for you ! Take contact with me - at anytime you want. Again, I am a Passionate, about Color Gems - PCG - yougems
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    It is just beautiful ! Perfect color and cut . Very happy with it , thank you

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  • robwest

    Good seller. Package received promptly and exactly as advertised. Would certainly recommend buying from yougems.


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