Amazonite Gemstone: Properties, Meanings, Benefits & More

amazonite gemstoneLooking for a stone that will turn darkness into light? One that will help you go forward when you’re feeling disheartened? If so, then check out the amazonite gemstone! Full of hope and optimism, this stone will help you overcome difficulties in both your personal and professional life. Keep reading to find out all there is to know about amazonite!

What is an Amazonite?

Amazonite is a green gemstone with green-blue varieties from the tectosilicate mineral group. The crystal scores 6 - 6.5 on the MOHS hardness scale. Although of limited occurrence, amazonite can be found across various parts of the world including China, South Africa, and the United States. This gemstone got its name from green stones that were formerly obtained in the Amazon River. It is not known, however, whether or not those stones were amazonite.

amazonite gemstone

Amazonite Properties

If you’re interested in the technical specifications of amazonite then they are as follows:

  • Mineral Information: Tectosilicate

  • Chemical Composition: KAlSi3O8

  • Color: Green, blue-green

  • Hardness: 6 - 6.5

  • Specific Gravity: 2.56 - 2.58

  • Refractive Index: 1.522 - 1.530  

History & Mining Locations

This is a gemstone that has quite a rich history. There is evidence that Amazonite was used to create jewelry back in Ancient Egypt. It was discovered in bead form as well as in jewelry that was found in King Tut’s tomb. It also adorned the gold mask that he wore, among many other stunning gemstones. 

Amazonite also has a rich history in South America. During the pre-Columbian days of South America and in some parts of Central America, Amazonite was used for such purposes as costume jewelry. There is a belief that this was used for creating shields for the Amazonians during the 10th century B.C.

In addition to the cultures that used it for its aesthetic appeal, a lot of these older civilizations believed there was more to this gem than just beauty. Some believed that Amazonite had medicinal purposes, being useful in helping to heal most wounds and to protect and fight against various illnesses. There are even some legends that call Amazonite the “Stone of Hope”, as it was believed to have soothing tones that were capable of attracting hope and faith to the wearer.

amazonite rough

As far as mining locations for commercial use are concerned, Amazonite was once exclusively unearthed in Chelyabinsk, Russia. Today, however, the amazonite gemstone can be found all around the globe, including the following countries:

  • Hami Prefecture, Xinjiang region, China

  • Jabal Eghei, Tibesti Mountains, Libya

  • Avdar Massif, Töv Province, Mongolia

  • Colorado and Virginia in the United States

Amazonite Color

At first, it was widely believed that the unique green color of this gemstone came from copper. In more recent times though, this gemstone is believed to get its green color from some of the trace amounts of water and lead that exist inside of the stone. Multiple studies have been conducted, including in 1985, 1998 and 2010, and scientists have generally been able to generally agree that the color of amazonite is the result of several mutually inclusive and necessary factors. There has been no conclusive study, though.

There are also white streaks of color in this gemstone, which really only adds to just how truly unique it is. This is caused by Albite, something that has grown along with this Amazonite into a crystal variety. The highest quality of this gemstone is defined by how much of this Albite is in the gemstone (or rather, the lack of). The more solid in the green or blue color the specific gemstone has, the higher the quality. When polished, the Amazonite gemstone reveals a spider-webbed type design and displays the Schiller effect throughout the stone. 

amazonite cabochon oval

Meanings and Uses

The amazonite gemstone’s energy is as powerful as the river it’s named after, and it uses this power to bring harmony and balance to its wearers . Furthermore, this crystal empowers us to go on a journey of self discovery to uncover our own truths and identity. As a result, the stone helps develop a sense of self belief, meaning that its wearers can move beyond fear of judgement from others.

Amazonite gemstones have been used as jewelry since the time of early Mesopotamian cultures. It was also used in Ancient Egypt, as well as pre-Columbian South and Central America. For example, Ancient Egypt’s Pharaoh, Tutankhamon had an Amazonite scarab ring among his treasures when his tomb was uncovered. 

The crystal was also used as a decorative element on building facades, particularly in Egypt. In fact, the Egyptians would even use cut and carved amazonite gemstone pieces for funerary text. The crystal was also used as a healing stone to heal wounds and illnesses. 

Today, Amazonite is particularly useful to those who spend lots of time using electronic equipment, including computers, smartphones and microwaves. These devices fill us with an electromagnetic smog, which the amazonite gemstone will cleanse us of. 

Another great use for Amazonite is if you wish to bring clarity to your thoughts. The gemstone will help clear your muddled thoughts,  helping you gain a better understanding of yourself and your surrounding environment, as well as your impact on both.

Also a great manifestation stone, Amazonite inspires the confidence and self belief that is necessary to make your dreams come true -- not only that, but if your ambitions are taking quite a while to realise, then the Amazonite gemstone will give you the bravery necessary to be persistent and not give up.

amazonite carving wolf pendant

Healing Properties

Physical Healing

When it comes to physical healing, the Amazonite gemstone is known for promoting good health and even aiding with recovery. For example, athletes can use the healing stone for cell regeneration, injuries, and relief from muscle spasms. Additionally, Amazonite also tackles issues with the throat and thyroid gland. The stone can also help sooth pain from rashes and blisters and also helps in clearing up acne. Finally, if you’re looking to preserve your youthful look then this stone is for you, as the amazonite gemstone helps prevent hair loss.

Emotional Healing

From an emotional perspective, Amazonite brings emotional balance by calming the mind and regulating any aggressive aspects of our personalities. It does this by improving our self-esteem, particularly that of women. In addition, Amazonite helps us to set appropriate boundaries and also to develop self-discipline, empowering us to develop healthy relationships with others.

Chakra Healing & Balancing

By engaging deeply with both the Heart and Throat Chakras, the Amazonite gemstone helps us control what we embrace and what we block from the external world. This gives us greater self-control and allows us to act individually, despite pressures from our surrounding environment. All of the aforementioned is thanks to the Amazonite gemstone’s ability to stimulate the Heart Chakra. 

When the Amazonite gemstone engages the Throat Chakra -- the voice of our body -- it allows us to express our thoughts and feelings, as well as to communicate our beliefs, emotions, and ideas. The crystal does this by unblocking and bringing balance to the Throat Chakra.

amazonite necklace with shaped beads

Other Benefits of the Amazonite Gemstone

Health & Wellbeing

Amazonite does a great job at promoting health and wellbeing, particularly if you’re seeking to lead a healthy lifestyle. Its healing properties help with a wide range of health-related issues, including:

  • Lung, chest, sinus, and throat problems

  • Calcium deficiencies

  • Osteoporosis

  • Gout, liver, and heart problems

In addition, this crystal promotes good health and wellbeing by helping us get a good night of sleep and also improving our metabolism. 


Amazonite is also known as the Stone of Success and Abundance. Have an Amazonite gemstone in your possession? It’s bound to bring you good luck and good fortune! In fact, many gamblers bring this stone along with them when they’re playing. 

This stone doesn’t stop there, though. It does more than bring wealth through luck. It can help you grow your wealth in a practical manner. The Amazonite crystal can help you make practical decisions related to investments and purchases, the latter of which will help you hold onto your wealth.

amazonite faceted cabochon pair

Combining Your Amazonite with Other Stones

You can pair your Amazonite with a variety of stones, though it’s best paired with other throat chakra stones. You can also pair your Amazonite with other stones based on which benefits you’d like to receive, including:

  • Pink tourmaline, rhodochrosite, opal, or aventurine: To express your emotions with more maturity

  • Aquamarine and blue lace agate: Truth and honesty

  • Blue sapphire: More openness in your relationship

Shop for Amazonite Gemstones

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