Ametrine Gemstone: Meaning, Healing Properties, Benefits & More

ametrine gemstoneIf you’re after one gemstone that will give you the power of two? Welcome to the world of the ametrine gemstone! This single gemstone will help bring positivity to your life, and will also allow you to release all negativity. If that sounds like an enticing enough reason to add an ametrine to your collection then keep on reading, as we go through the ins and outs of this energetic gemstone!

What is an Ametrine Gemstone?

Ametrine is a unique gemstone. The stone comes from two minerals being mixed together, being Amethyst and Citrine. As you may have guessed, the name is actually a combination of the two stones that Ametrine derives from. The color of Ametrine is a mixture of yellow Citrine and purple Amethyst blends. Other names for the Ametrine gemstone include Trystine or Bolivianite. The latter name comes from the fact that just about all Ametrine mined today is unearthed in Bolivia. 

Ametrine Properties

If you’re interested in the technical specifications of Ametrine then they are as follows:

Mineral Information: Quartz group

Chemical Composition: SiO2

Color: Purple, Yellow

Hardness: 7

Specific Gravity: 2.65

Refractive Index: 1.54 – 1.55

ametrine faceted emerald cut

Ametrine Color

We mentioned above that Ametrine’s color is a mixture of yellow Citrine and purple Amethyst blends. Let’s get a little more specific, though. 

Ametrine gemstones have a wide-ranged color spectrum. Stones can be 75% yellow and 25% purple or 10% yellow and 90% purple. The most valuable and desirable Ametrine gemstones have a 50-50 color balance. 

Ametrine Value

Ametrine is often found in large and clean pieces just like most other gems from the quartz family. As a result, the stone’s price doesn’t increase with size. Ametrine’s value primarily depends on the depth, vividness and separation of its colors.

The artistry involved in cutting or carving an Ametrine gemstone also adds to its value. When cut from the same material, native cut (hand-cut) stones are far more expensive than commercial grade stones, as you would expect. 

Ametrine Meaning & Uses

There are many meanings that we can associate with the Ametrine gemstones. These include inner strength and harmony; the stone’s ability to help us deal with emotional instability and stress; as well as its Yin and Yang energies, bringing balance to the mind of those who wear this gemstone. It should also go without mentioning that Ametrine inspires creativity and vitality. 

When it comes to the uses of the ametrine gemstone, if you want to get the benefits of two stones in one, then the Ametrine gemstone is for you. As we mentioned, the stone is a mixture of Citrine and Amethyst!

Aside from the economies of scale that this stone offers, there are other reasons you may want to use an Ametrine. Namely, this stone does a better job of providing the wearer with physical and psychic benefits than any other. 

round ametrine floral carving

One half of this stone’s benefits derive from Citrine, which helps its wearers manifest desires. The issue with just wearing a Citrine though is that you have to know what you desire in order to manifest it, and that’s where Amethyst comes in - the second half of Ametrine! The Amethyst gemstone inspires our imagination and expands our minds. 

Therefore, an Ametrine gemstone can help you both think up wonderful ideas, and also manifest them into reality. How’s that for one stone?!

The unique blend of colors that the Ametrine gemstone possesses makes it a great stone for jewelry, which happens to be the primary use for this gem. Some of the most common pieces of jewelry that Ametrine can be found in include beads, earrings, necklaces, pendants, and rings. Alongside jewelry, Ametrine gemstones are commonly included in home decor, such as crystal balls.

It is also fashioned into crystal balls as well as other home decors like crystal trees. Not only that, but this stone is also often cut into cabochons and used for metaphysical healing and purposes.

Ametrine Healing Properties

The ametrine gemstone offers a multitude of benefits to all aspects of the body, including for:

  • Physical Healing

  • Emotional Healing

  • Chakra Healing and Balancing

Below, we dive into detail for each of the specific ametrine healing properties. 

ametrine rough parcel

Physical Healing

Ametrine can easily remove toxins and waste substances from the body, and also helps rid us of long-standing illnesses. Additionally, the gemstone strengthens the immune system and aids us in recovering from infections. The ametrine gemstone also remedies chronic fatigue, as well as skin irritation, allergies, as well as menstrual and menopausal symptoms. The ametrine gemstone is also used to treat arthritis and hearing issues. 

Emotional Healing

The ametrine gemstone helps you maintain emotional self-control, helping you evaluate and work through emotional situations in an optimistic manner. Some key areas where ametrine helps in this regard include overcoming contradictions, as well as staying true to yourself and not being easily swayed by other people. 

Chakra Healing and Balancing

Being a combination of two potent crystals, Ametrine can stimulate several chakras at once. Thanks to its purple amethyst energies, the ametrine gemstone can bring balance to and cleanse your crown chakra. Meanwhile, the yellow citrine energies of the ametrine gemstone help to open, energize and activate your solar plexus chakra.

ametrine flower carving pair

Other Ametrine Gemstone Benefits

Financial Wealth

Sometimes referred to as the merchant’s stone, ametrine helps with improving your financial state. Not only does it help increase both your own wealth, but it helps ensure that you remain generous by inspiring you to help those who are in need. So, if you wish for your financial desires to become a reality, then place an ametrine gemstone in your purse or wallet.

Love & Relationships

One of the greatest benefits of this gemstone is its ability to improve your love life with your partner. This is thanks to both the amethyst and citrine gemstones naturally mingling together in one stone. The ametrine gemstone helps you and your significant other overcome your differences, helping you come together harmoniously in order to keep your wonderful relationship going.


As a highly protective crystal, the ametrine gemstone shields you from negative energies, including ill-wishing, psychic attacks, and paranormal harm - this is thanks to its purple energies. The ametrine’s yellow energies, on the other hand, will protect you against negative emotions, inspiring only positivity. 

ametrine faceted triangle cut

Sleep Insomnia

Another common name for the ametrine gemstone is “nature’s tranquilizer”. This is because it is said that this gemstone aids with sleeping problems by helping soothe your mind and body. To get the full effect of ametrine in this regard, place the crystal under your pillow or mattress. 


Thanks to its strong energies, the ametrine gemstone will help boost your confidence and will keep you positive throughout the day. Not only does this stone give you a positive energy boost, but it can also help you release negative energies that could be affecting your confidence. In the process of releasing any negative energy, the ametrine gemstone will transform any new energies into enthusiasm and strength.

Career Success

We mentioned that ametrine is a gemstone which can bring financial wealth to your life. It doesn’t stop there though. Ametrine can also bring prosperity to your career. As this crystal inspires both creativity and lateral thinking, you will find yourself coming up with innovative ideas to promote career advancement, as well as the creativity needed to get unstuck from difficult situations.

Ametrine Sources

Ametrine was originally discovered in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, today exclusively unearthed -- at least for commercial purposes -- in the Anahi Mine in Bolivia. 

There are also non-commercial deposits of Ametrine all around the globe, including in Canada, Mozambique, India, and the United States.

ametrine rough

Using It With Other Stones

The ametrine gemstone already benefits from the energies of two stones, being amethyst and citrine. For that reason, we don’t recommend that you combine ametrine with any other stone. The reason is that some crystals might work well with amethyst while at the same time clashing against amethyst. 

If you would really like to combine your amethyst gemstone with another crystal though, here are some safe bets:

  • Ametrine + Iolite

  • Ametrine + Clear Quartz

  • Ametrine + Black Tourmaline

How to Care for Ametrines

In terms of physically cleaning your ametrine gemstone, this is a fairly simple process. As this is a fairly tough gemstone you can clean this gemstone using warm, soapy water and a brush. You may even resort to ultrasonic cleaning as well. If you possess a synthetic ametrine though, we recommend you steer clear of steam cleaning as lab-created ametrines are very resistant to high levels of heat. 

As far as energy cleansing is concerned, the ametrine gemstone does not hold or accumulate negative energies and thus there is little to no need to worry about energy cleansing this stone. 

If you’re looking to recharge your ametrine though, you can do this by placing it in a bowl of natural seawater, or alternatively, if you don’t have access to the sea, then placing sea salt in a bowl of water will also do. 

You may also charge your ametrine gemstone using lunar energies. Leave your stone out under a full moon for the best results. 

Shop For Ametrine Gemstones

With the combined powers of the spirituality of amethyst together with the positivity of citrine, the ametrine gemstone is a powerful crystal to add to your collection. In fact, if you wish to do so, then you may shop for ametrine gemstones right on our website!

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