Andalusite Gemstone: Properties, Meanings, Value & More

andalusite gemstoneAndalusite crystal is an aluminum nesosilicate mineral that comes in rich shades of orangish-brown, green, and reddish, among other colors. Its popular orangish-brown colors are reminiscent of sweet sap oozing through tree bark or of the burning embers of a bonfire.

Its rare red pleochroism is a wicked site. These tones might remind you of garnet, but is andalusite a garnet variety? Andalusite isn’t from any of the garnet mineral families.

Rough andalusite specimens are big and brown, with an earthy appearance that reflects their practical uses. You can find andalusite as a core ingredient in heat-resistant bricks. Those bricks then act as a refractory for kilns and commercial furnaces that heat the steel used for many cars. 

Andalusite crystal is sometimes mistaken for alexandrite, earning it the nickname “poor man’s alexandrite.” However, andalusite is anything but poor. It comes in rich, lavish shades that make for elegant andalusite jewelry and boasts spectacular healing properties.

Here at Gem Rock Auctions, we pride ourselves on garnering high-quality gemstones straight from the source. Our vast collection features gemstones like andalusite for every buyer!

Craving a solar-plexus-chakra refresh, or a distinguished pear-shaped pendant to wear to your next event? We’ll cover the andalusite uses, meanings, properties, and everything else you need to know before buying some lovely andalusite for yourself! 

andalusite gemstone

About Andalusite Stone

First thing’s first: What is andalusite stone and what’s it known for?

Andalusite is a semi-precious gemstone known for its earthy brownish colors, with more value emphasized in specimens that show reddish, orange, and pink reflections. The stone also has an impressive ability to change colors depending on the angle you view it. Simply turning the stone from side to side sparks a sense of wonder and awe. 

The andalusite formula is Al2(SiO4)O, indicating aluminum, silicon, and oxygen.

The andalusite spiritual meaning is linked to grounding, independence, and self-realization — all classic values of Virgo, who gets to relish in andalusite as their zodiac stone

Andalusite Specifications & Characteristics

Andalusite is found in metamorphic rocks, rocks that have been significantly shaped or altered with intense heat or pressure. With a 6.5-7.5 ranking on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, andalusite isn’t exactly soft, but you should still take care to separate it from other stones. That’s because the andalusite tenacity is brittle, meaning it’s easily prone to breakage should it fall or hit something. 

However, andalusite displays strength in another area — its ability to handle extremely high temperatures. What is andalusite used for if it can withstand such heat? You’ll find rough andalusite made into bricks in the steel-making industry, as well as in the creation of white porcelain and other high-heat ceramics. 

Here are some more specific andalusite properties: 

  • Mineral family: Nesosilicate

  • Composition: Aluminum, silicon, oxygen

  • Color: Brown, reddish-brown, yellow-brown, orange-brown, greenish, whitish, violet, colorless, blue 

  • Crystal structure: Orthorhombic, with prismatic crystals

  • Luster: Vitreous to subvitreous

  • Transparency: Transparent to opaque

  • Refractive index: 1.63-1.69

  • Cleavage: Perfect, distinct on one side

  • Fracture: Even, subconchoidal

  • Streak: White

  • Luminescence: Brown, dark green, yellow-green

  • Pleochroism: Yellow, green, red, or colorless for blue Belgian andalusite

Types of Andalusite 

There are two other andalusite varieties:


chiastolite andalusite gemstone bead

These andalusite crystals have black and gray carbon or graphite inclusions that draw a striking, thick cross along the stone’s body. Chiastolite is commonly found in metamorphic rocks, and was named after the Greek word chiastos, meaning “arranged diagonally.”


viridine andalusite gemstone rough

Viridine is the green variety of andalusite crystal, commonly mined in Brazil. You’ll find viridine in shades of rich olive green that sometimes lightens to the shade of bright green moss. Rough viridine often has a curious shape, with crystals shaped like thick, tubular noodles. Viridine contains high levels of manganese, an essential nutrient also found in leafy greens and pecans. 

Andalusite Meaning & History

Imagine beautiful woodlands spanning miles, with booming oak trees that tower over delicate ferns and flowers. Home to woodlands and wetlands with bustling biodiversity, Andalusia is the southern-tipped region of Spain that gave andalusite gemstone its moniker. Funny enough, the andalusite meaning is inspired by the wrong Spanish region!

Jean-Claude Delamétherie coined the name in 1798 when he took Andalusia as the founding location. However, the andalusite crystal he examined was found in central Spain. Despite his acknowledgment of the geographical mistake, the name andalusite persisted over 200 years later!

andalusite gemstone faceted pear cut

Andalusite Healing Properties

True to its Virgo ties, andalusite is a healing stone that helps ground us in independence, harmony, and practicality. When thinking about andalusite crystal benefits, we must remember that every colored gemstone has its own meaning and healing powers! 

For example, orange gemstones help us feel more grounded, while green gemstones like viridine are great emotional supports for heartbreak and despair. 

Let’s look at the andalusite metaphysical properties and learn how we can use this lovely gemstone to find genuine healing. 

Physical Healing

On a spiritual plane, andalusite helps you find confidence and self-realization. In other words, it helps you see your problems with a calm, objective eye while also giving you the strength to address them. 

Andalusite uses can be quite literal, as that objective eye translates to the physical plane. Crystal healers find andalusite to be a great healing stone for visual impairments, either stemming from stress, blue-light strain, or cataracts. 

This crystal may also soothe intense water retention, which can lead to bloating, discomfort, and insecurity. Finally, andalusite gems may help with common mineral and vitamin deficiencies, like calcium, Vitamin D, and iodine. 

Andalusite crystal healing surpasses our physical health. Let’s explore how it can help support you through emotional strains. 

andalusite gemstone ring with citrine and diamond

Emotional Healing

Modern society riddles us with constant noise from the news, societal expectations, social media, and our own anxieties. For those times when the chatter is so overwhelming that you struggle to hear your inner voice, andalusite offers clarity and self-realization.

Have you struggled with any of the following? 

  • Unhealthy codependency in relationships

  • Overindulgence

  • Anxiety about the future

  • Clouded judgment

Andalusite helps you find yourself, giving you the independence and confidence you need to silence your anxieties and find harmony in the path your heart desires. It also gives you the courage to let go of unhealthy, toxic relationships that are holding you back. 

If you find yourself at a crossroads or feel insecure about a decision, meditate with andalusite and place the stone just below your heart for clarity. Chakra activation, here we come!

Chakra Healing

When aligned, your chakras regulate your emotional well-being and radiate with free-flowing, powerful energy. Each of your major body meridians corresponds to a different chakra.

Do you suffer from gurgling, uncomfortable indigestion? Low self-esteem or self-reliance? Your solar plexus chakra might be blocked! Andalusite is a great solar-plexus-chakra activator that can help you release any insecurities and tension blocking your stifled luminous, yellow chakra. 

Charge your andalusite gemstone under the sun for a few hours to keep it revitalized and ready to heal. Then, place it underneath your heart while taking deep, cleansing belly breaths. It might help to repeat  a mantra, like “Today I’m safe, and tomorrow I’ll find my way.”

Find your “om” and let andalusite open up your solar plexus chakra. After a few meditation sessions, we’re confident that you’ll find the spiritual juice you need to heighten that self-esteem, regulate your digestion, and tackle any goal with gusto and assurance. 

andalusite gemstone faceted cushion cut

Andalusite Gemstone Properties

Not every andalusite gemstone on the market is created equal. Its value depends on certain andalusite crystal properties, in this case: color, clarity, and cut. 


Andalusite graces us with many different hues, often within the same gemstone. Is andalusite a rare stone if it displays multiple colors? Not quite, but the better the cut, the more colors it will show! A favorite range of hues for gem collectors is andalusite’s rich warm palette of brown, red, orange, and yellow - some of which are present in one gemstone if you turn it on its side. 

Value-wise, what is the best color of andalusite? The andalusite gemstone price is higher for stones presenting a bright orange, red, or even pinkish hue.


Andalusite is an incredibly dynamic gemstone when it comes to cut. You’ll see faceted briolette teardrops, smooth cabochons, emerald cuts, the list goes on. Oval cuts are especially popular. The goal with andalusite is to showcase its pleochroism (different colors at different angles or lighting). Skilled lapidaries will use faceted cuts to highlight an andalusite gemstone’s pleochroism and different colors. 

It’s common to see chiastolite cut into cabochons, while traditional andalusite is often faceted. The priciest cuts? Emeralds, ovals, and marquise — these cuts display one color in the center and often shift to a darker color along the edges of the stone. 

bi-colored andalusite gemstone faceted


Clear and transparent or translucent andalusite is most desirable. Inclusions make the gemstone’s body look cloudy, although veil and needle inclusions are common. 

Less common are liquid and hematite inclusions, which are characteristic of Brazilian andalusite. Additionally, the andalusite chiastolite variety has thick, cross-shaped carbon and graphite inclusions. 


Some mining locations subject andalusite to intense heat, altering its shine and color. Irradiation treatments combat these effects. On the other hand, andalusite gemstones receive simple heat treatments to encourage the presence and shine of desirable colors like red or orange. 

andalusite gemstone faceted oval cut

Andalusite Formation & Sources

Andalusite is often found in metamorphic rocks like schist and gneiss that form upon the heat and pressurization of shale, a soft, sedimentary rock. 

Among those metamorphic rocks, kyanite and sillimanite also form. This causes people to wrongfully assume that andalusite, kyanite, and sillimanite are the same stone. While similar, the three have different crystal structures and colors.

But are these metamorphic rocks found just anywhere? Where is andalusite found specifically?

Mining Locations

South Africa is the top mining location for andalusite, with the country’s production being largely dominated by one company: Damrec. The producer owns three mines in South Africa and another in north-western France. 

Other worldwide locations for andalusite offer unique colors and varieties of the stone:

  • Brazil: Olive-green and brownish-pink andalusite in Bahia and Grando do Norte regions

  • New Mexico, US: Bright-green viridine in Sierra County, Albuquerque, and Socorro County

  • Austria: Brownish-red and brown andalusite in Tyrol

  • Italy: Lombardy, northern region

  • Australia: Andalusite chiastolite varieties

Now, how much will an andalusite gemstone cost you?

bi-colored andalusite gemstone pair faceted

Andalusite Price & Value

Andalusite’s range of colors, varieties, and gorgeous pleochroism might lead you to ask: is andalusite valuable? Andalusite price per carat varies depending on color and cut. 

So what is andalusite worth if it displays its renowned pleochroism or coveted reddish-pink hues? These special stones will run you between $20-60 for basic faceted cuts, while untreated stones shaped into baguette or emerald cuts with unique hues can cost as much as $100 per carat.

Chiastolite, on the other hand, is much more affordable. Untreated rough or cabochon cuts go for as little as 50 cents per carat! 

Whether you pick an affordable or pricey stone, you can control how long it shines with proper care and maintenance! 

bi-colored andalusite gemstone faceted

Andalusite Care and Maintenance

Andalusite is relatively durable, especially if it’s free of inclusions, but you should still take some precautions to care for your gemstones. If you’re working with chiastolite or any other andalusite with inclusions, they may shatter under extreme heat. Keep your andalusite jewelry in a cool, dark place separate from other gems. 

Cleaning is simple. Just use mild dish soap or detergent, warm water, and a soft brush to gently clean your andalusite. 

Set Your Sights on Andalusite!

Delight in an autumn dream with the warm orange, brown, and red hues that andalusite flaunts with every piece of jewelry. Andalusite gemstones offer a sultry yet cozy addition to your style, and their splendid healing properties make them a top gem choice in our books! 

Ready to channel fiery wisdom and activate your solar plexus chakra with andalusite? 

Buy andalusite gemstones today!

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