Apatite Gemstone: Meaning, Properties, Uses & More

apatite gemstoneAre you after some clarity in your life? Are you experiencing an abundance of fog, which is causing internal blockages across your chakras? If so, then you might be interested in the apatite gemstone. This healing crystal will get rid of all the fog and clear your vision. Keep reading to find out the true power of the apatite gemstone! 

apatite gemstone

What is Apatite?

Apatite is composed of calcium phosphate, one of the most commonly found varieties of phosphate in the world. The stone scores 5 on the MOHS hardness scale. It is also one of the world’s most common sources of phosphorus, which is widely used in products such as fertilizer. In fact, our bodies are in large part, made of phosphorus. Namely, a large part of our bones and teeth contain phosphorus.

Apatite Properties

If you’re interested in the technical specifications of Apatite then they are as follows:

Chemical Formula: Ca5(PO4)3(F,Cl,OH) 

Crystal System: Hexagonal 

Crystal Habit: Tabular, prismatic crystals, massive, compact or granular

Refractive Index: 1.634–1.638 (+0.012, −0.006) 

Birefringence: 0.002–0.008

Luster: Vitreous to subresinous 

Transparency: Transparent to translucent 

Hardness: 5

Specific Gravity: 3.1 – 3.2

apatite rough

History & Mining Locations

As Apatite is a recently discovered mineral, there are no legends associated with its history. German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner gave Apatite its name in 1786. 

The gemstone can be found all over the globe. Some noteworthy locations include Brazil, Burma, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Russia and the United States. The blue-green variety of Apatite is most commonly found in Madagascar. 

Apatite Color

Often confused with other minerals, Apatite comes in many forms and colors -- from white to brown to violet. In addition, the crystal can be opaque, translucent, or transparent. Nevertheless, the most popular color among Apatite buyers is teal, as the color resembles the color of the ocean.

apatite cabochons

Meanings and Uses

The word apatite derives from the Greek word ‘apatao’, which means to deceive. As we mentioned, German geologist Abraham Gottlob Werner gave Apatite its name in 1786. He did so, as the chemical composition of this stone imitates that of many other stones, and has caused no shortage of confusion.

Apatite is a manifestation stone and is commonly used as jewelry, though owners do also simply carry it around in their pocket or purse. Reasons you may want to use an Apatite gemstone, include:

  • For lucid dreaming and astral travels

  • To restore the balance in all your chakras

  • To increase your motivation, so that you can successfully achieve your goals

  • To remove self-negativity and boost self-confidence

  • To boost your creativity, imagination, and intellect.

  • To awaken your inner self and clear your confusions and frustrations. 

  • To reduce your irritability and ease your feelings of anger, apathy and sorrow.

apatite carving of skull

Healing Properties

Physical Healing

From a physical standpoint, the Apatite gemstone will help repair cartilage in your body, and it will also help heal bones in your body, including your teeth. This is a great stone to use if you have joint problems, arthritis or if you need to relearn motor skills. Finally, this crystal can also help relieve toothaches, and can also help with dizziness and vertigo.

Emotional Healing

You may have caught onto this already when reading about meanings and uses of this gem, but we’ll mention it again. The Apatite gem will help you overcome any negative thoughts you have towards yourself and will replace them with confidence and positivity! 

Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

As far as the Chakras are concerned, Apatite helps bring balance in all of them! It does so by eliminating over-activity, under-activity, blockages and congestion across all areas. 

apatite cabochon

Other Benefits of the Apatite Gemstone


When it comes to wealth-generation, this stone will keep you motivated, so that you’re able to work hard at your goals for longer. It will help keep your concentration levels high and will also inspire the inner creativity that you need in order to come up with ideas that will bring you wealth. 

Love and Relationships

Apatite is a great stone to have as part of your collection if you’re looking to improve your love life and your relationships. The stone will help you bridge the gap between yourself and your significant other, helping you both develop a bond of unconditional love! 

Here’s how:

The stone will comfort you when you’re feeling stressed and lonely while at the same time remind you that people do give, so don’t be quick to shut them out. This stone naturally dissolves the state of aloofness that you may feel, and it will help you to produce feelings full of love, harmony, and warmth. During emotionally charged moments, Apatite will serve to calm you and will help you to keep a lid on your emotions.

apatite faceted gemstones parcel

Shop for Apatite Gemstones

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