Celestite: History, Meanings, Properties & More

Celestite gemstoneIs it possible to scoop up a handful of the sky and transform it into a gorgeous gemstone? The answer is yes, and it’s called the celestite stone!

Celestite is a dreamy sky-colored jewel that’s said to have fallen from the heavens. This shimmering blue stone can invite peace, purity, and beauty into your life.

Celestites aren’t just dazzling pendants, rings, and necklaces. They’re soothing meditative aids and healing crystals that can help you banish pain and manifest dreams. With this gemstone, the sky is literally the limit!

But what is celestite, anyway? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be flying through celestite’s fantastic properties and exploring exactly why this jewel is so heavenly.

celestite gemstone

What is a Celestite Stone?

Celestite is a variety of sulfate mineral that mainly comes in sky blue shades. However, celestite stones are found in other colors, including pink, green, brown, red, and orange.

Now, you may have heard of a similar-sounding stone called “celestine.” What’s the difference between celestine and celestite? Absolutely nothing at all! Celestine is simply an older name for celestite. As such, the two names are often used interchangeably for the same mineral.

Is celestite rare? While celestite clusters are abundant, individual celestite gemstones can be a little tougher to source. 

Thankfully, celestite jewelry is easy to shop for! With so many diverse options, including celestite bracelets, pendants, and rings, you’ll find the perfect jewelry to rock (pun intended!).

Speaking of perfect, celestite stones are a splendid match for Libras and Geminis. For the peace-loving yet often insecure Libra, celestites can encourage emotional clarity. For the ever-sociable Gemini, celestites can strengthen communication skills and self-acceptance.

Now that we’ve hit the basics, let’s dig into the earth to uncover celestite’s geological properties.

celestite gemstone
Celestite Specifications and Characteristics

Celestite is a chemical compound called strontium sulfate. Strontium is an incredibly versatile element. For example, strontium is used in fireworks to produce a rich red color. When mixed with chloride, it transforms into a powerful ingredient used in strong toothpaste.

As a softer stone, celestite is a mere 3-3.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This just means that you’ll have to take extra precautions with your celestite jewelry. Luckily, its radiance isn’t diminished in the slightest bit!

  • Color: blue, orange, pink, pale green, yellow, brown, red, colorless, white

  • Crystal structure: orthorhombic

  • Luster: vitreous, particularly on cleavages

  • Transparency: transparent

  • Refractive index: 1.622-1.635

  • Density: 3.95-4

  • Cleavage: perfect 1 direction, good 1 direction

We briefly mentioned that celestite stones are rare, but why? The answer lies in the past!

Celestite History

Celestite’s legacy as a heavenly jewel hails from ancient times. According to Sicilian legends, celestites fell from the stars and onto Earth. It’s no wonder that this mineral is named after the Latin word Caelestis, or “celestial.” 

Indeed, ancient civilizations revered celestites as symbols of heavenly wisdom, peace, harmony, and truth. The Greeks and Romans, in particular, wore celestite amulets as spiritual protection from evil.

Although celestite has been around for millennia, it wasn’t formally named until the late 18th century by German geologist Abraham Werner. Just several years prior, the element strontium had been properly named and described.

Great, but how is celestite formed? Excellent question!

rough celestite specimen

Celestite Gemstone Origins and Sources

These azure stones form in geodes, sedimentary rocks, river streams, and ocean beds. Celestites will often crystallize as small and fragile shards that can easily break off.

So, where do you find celestites? Pale blue celestite geodes and crystals are primarily mined from the northwest regions of Madagascar and Sicily, Italy. Madagascar celestite stones are highly prized and sought after.

Poland and Spain supply celestite gemstones as well. Orange celestite mines are located in Ontario, Canada. 

Down south in the US, the Lake Erie region is home to the famous Crystal Caves. Discovered in 1887 by a German winemaker, the Crystal Caves produce a rare and valuable bluish-white variety of celestite. You can tour the Crystal Caves on your next trip to Ohio!

Now that we’ve toured celestite mines around the world, let’s turn to the heavens and divine celestite meanings and uses.

Celestite Gemstone Meanings and Uses

True to its name, celestite can serve as a powerful gateway to the universe and beyond. The sky blue jewel can guide you to spiritual enlightenment and inner peace.

With all that said, it’s no surprise that celestite stones are excellent crystals to have on hand while meditating. Next time you meditate, try holding a celestite stone to enhance mindfulness and manifest your intentions.

As a symbol of the air element, a celestite gemstone can stimulate knowledge and intuition. You’ll be filled with pure imagination and become inspired to pursue creativity and joy.

What are some other celestite benefits? For those burdened with negative emotions like anger and resentment, celestite gems can help you release these forces. Free from these shackles, you’ll gain mental clarity, wisdom, and serenity. You’ll also be able to see and process the world much more calmly and clearly.

Celestite uses extend to the spiritual and healing branches, too. 

Celestite Healing Properties

So, what are the healing properties of celestites? In terms of physical benefits, celestite gemstones can:

  • Flush out bodily toxins

  • Alleviate stress-related disorders

  • Target digestion issues

  • Heal acne 

When it comes to spiritual healing, celestite chakras can ground your body’s sacred energy. 

For example, celestite is a healing stone that can open the throat, third eye, and crown chakras. With the throat chakra, you’ll authentically express your thoughts and emotions. With the third eye chakra, you can tap into an infinite well of intuition and wisdom. Finally, the crown chakra helps us access the spiritual realm and find our purpose in life.celestite crystal

As you can see, celestites are a rare but fascinating gemstone. So, what should you keep in mind when buying celestite stones? 

Celestite Gemstone Properties and Buying Tips

Earlier, we mentioned that celestite gemstones make dazzling necklaces, pendants, and rings. But how so? Well, there are variables you’ll want to consider when you buy gemstones, especially online.

That’s where the four Cs of gemstone grading come into play: cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. By assessing these properties, we can gauge what kind of celestite jewelry is most desirable and valuable.


Emerald, princess, pear, oval: these are common gemstone cuts that you’ve likely come across while shopping for gems online. But what shapes best suit celestites?

Because celestite stones are so soft and fragile, they’re prone to breakage during the cutting process. To compensate for this, gem cutters will often fashion celestites into step cuts. These gems have rectangular facets with rows of “steps” branching out from the stone’s center. Popular examples of step cuts include emerald and baguette.

The best part about step cuts? They make celestite’s color and clarity stand out with a gorgeous shimmer. If you’re thinking of buying celestite jewelry, be sure to keep an eye out for step cut gems.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is celestite colors. 


Blue celestite stones are most desirable and valuable. But what if blue isn’t your cup of tea? Not to worry because you can find plenty of other celestite colors available. Different shades include golden yellow, fiery orange, delicate blush pink, soothing pale green, and earthly browns and reds. 

Pure celestite is colorless. However, when combined with mineral impurities that form during crystallization, celestite gemstones can take on the colors of the rainbow.

Some celestites share a common gemstone quality called color zoning, which describes the uneven color distribution. This usually occurs during crystal formation due to temperature changes and uneven element absorption. Color zoning generally lowers gemstone value, depending on its severity.

Fortunately, celestites are blessed with high clarity. 


Luckily, celestites are generally eye-clean, meaning they’re free of visible inclusions. If a celestite stone does have inclusions, they’re typically composed of liquids like water or saline. However, some stones will exhibit dust and debris trapped into the gem when it formed in the earth. 

Carat Weight

Since celestites are so tricky to shape and facet, cut stones will rarely exceed 10 carats. If you’re lucky, however, you may occasionally come across a celestite gem in the 30-carat range.

Because gemstones are usually so small, larger weights generally command higher prices – something to keep in mind while shopping. Remember that large gems aren’t always better because the larger the gem, the more room for inclusions in many cases.

A final factor to keep in mind while looking for celestite jewelry is gemstone treatments. 

Celestite Treatments

Most celestite gemstones on the market are natural and treatment-free. Unlike certain jewels like emeralds, synthetic celestites are not very common. What you see is the real deal!

Sometimes, however, celestites can fade in color due to light or heat overexposure. To restore lackluster tones to their vibrant blue glory, these stones may undergo irradiation treatment. This process involves chemically altering a gemstone’s atomic structure, which will then change its optical properties. Thankfully, irradiation treatments are safe, secure, and permanent. 

If you’re ready to buy celestite jewelry, you’ll want to have a strategy for maintaining it so it’ll go the distance.

celestite gemstone specimen

Celestite Care and Maintenance

Taking care of your celestite jewelry is simple, inexpensive, and stress-free. To keep your gemstones shiny and new, just be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Avoid exposing celestite stones under heat and light for prolonged periods. That way, your gems can stay vibrant and fresh!

  • Store celestite away from other gemstones. As a soft mineral, celestite is prone to scratching.

  • To clean your gem, grab a bowl, soft brush, mild detergent, and a microfiber towel. Stay away from harsh cleaning agents like bleach, and stick with the basics like water and soap.

  • Carefully scrub your celestite jewels with a soft brush to remove any dirt or buildup. Make sure to avoid getting scratches.

  • Thoroughly rinse your gemstones before gently dry with a soft microfiber towel. 

And that’s it! This entire process should only take minutes. Be sure to only clean when needed, and your jewelry will be sparkling once again!

Wondering how to cleanse celestite? 

For healing purposes, you can cleanse the celestite of any previously absorbed stagnant or negative energies by submerging the stone in a bath of water, rice, or salt. Another option is to give your healing stone a moon bath. Simply set your celestites outside overnight on a full moon, and let the moon’s healing energies cleanse and charge your stone.

Celestite maintenance costs zero money. But what about when it comes to buying jewelry? How much is celestite worth? 

Celestite Gemstone Prices and Value

Thankfully, one size does not fit all when it comes to celestite stone prices. Whether they’re sold as clusters, geodes, or jewelry, prices can range from $2 to a few thousand dollars per specimen. That’s good news for buyers because it means you can find celestite stones for every budget!

As we’ve mentioned before, factors like carat weight, color, and clarity play a role in determining price. Celestite gemstones from Madagascar and the Lake Erie region will fetch higher prices for their fine quality and rare colors.

With so many diverse options on the market, finding the right celestite jewelry can be a breeze! For a seamless shopping experience, be sure to purchase your gems from a reputable seller.

celestite rough crystal

Celestite Stones: A Celestial Gem To Marvel At

Since the dawn of civilization, celestite stones have enchanted the masses. Who can resist that tranquil blue color?

From gorgeous jewelry to powerful healing crystals, celestites can introduce sparkle and serenity into your daily life. Of course, if you just want a beautiful gemstone to gaze at, celestite is the perfect choice! After all, this sky-colored jewel has the power to touch not only the heavens but our hearts as well. 

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