Clear Quartz: Meaning, Uses, and Properties

Clear quartz stoneCan a single jewel capture all the colors of the rainbow? If you’re a clear quartz stone, you certainly can!

Clear quartz is a gorgeous gemstone that’s as crystal clear as a beautiful lake. This breathtaking jewel can catch the shining beauty of any nearby light — it’s that versatile!

Speaking of versatile, clear quartz is nicknamed the “Universal Crystal” and “Master Healer.” That’s because this amazing stone radiates pure healing energy that can be channeled physically, emotionally, and spiritually. At the same time, clear quartz is used in everything from luxury home décor to beaded and raw jewelry.

As translucent as it is, clear quartz can be an intriguing mystery. In this extensive guide, we’ll explore clear quartz’s many specifications and properties. Once you look past the surface of this striking jewel, you won’t be able to go back!

crystal quartz gemstone

What is a Clear Quartz Stone?

Clear quartz is a pure and colorless variety of silicate mineral. It comes from the same gemstone family as amethyst, chalcedony, onyx, jasper, citrine, and rose quartz. Other common names for clear quartz stones are “rock crystals” and “crystal quartz.”

As one of the most abundant minerals on earth, clear quartz exhibits an impressive range of benefits and uses. 

Clear quartz is perfect for jewelry, particularly faceted gems, beads, and luxurious Swiss watches. This sparkling stone makes an affordable yet equally stunning diamond alternative!

Aside from gorgeous jewelry, clear quartz is often used for beautiful hardstone carvings. If you’re looking to spruce up your home, clear quartz gems make dazzling decorative objects like chandeliers and lamps.

Other fascinating clear quartz uses include radios, microphones, computer memory chips, and other electronics. This gemstone is both beautiful and practical!

But what about the stone’s unique properties?

Clear Quartz Specifications and Characteristics

Let’s get a little scientific for a moment!

Clear quartz stones are made up of silicon dioxide, one of the most common chemical compounds on Earth. Luckily for us, that makes clear quartz-rich and plentiful.

When it comes to gemstone durability, clear quartz is a strong 7 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Steel nails and knives have nothing on this tough and tenacious jewel!

  • Color: clear, colorless

  • Crystal structure: trigonal

  • Luster: vitreous – waxy to dull when massive

  • Transparency: transparent to nearly opaque

  • Refractive index: 1.544-1.553

  • Density: 2.65

  • Cleavage: indistinct

So, what gemstone properties should you keep in mind when shopping for clear quartz jewelry?


Clear Quartz Gemstone Properties

Clarity, color, cut, and carat weight: together, these make up the golden standards of gemstone grading. After all, it’s important to know which factors impact a jewel’s value and price.


Clarity and inclusions go hand in hand. Inclusions are gas, dust, and liquid particles formed from mineral impurities during crystallization. Gemstones that lack visible inclusions are classified as “eye-clean” and generally have a higher value.

Although they’re abundant, most clear quartz stones have visible inclusions. Finding completely eye-clean clear quartz is quite difficult. If you do come across one, you’ll likely be shelling out good money for it! 

Thankfully, all clear quartz is gorgeous and highly sought after. Don’t get discouraged by a few inclusions – they only add to this glimmering jewel’s enchanting beauty!

Speaking of beauty, let’s chat about clear quartz and color.


Clear quartz isn’t simply “colorless.” Its luminous glow can capture light like a glassy, placid pond. With pure and radiant grace, clear quartz stones make the world that much brighter and more colorful.

When influenced by mineral impurities during formation, quartz’s naturally clear and glossy coat becomes infused with a range of colors. This transforms clear quartz into amethyst, chalcedony, onyx, jasper, etc.

Aside from clarity and color, what other gemstone properties should you consider?


Cutting is the process of shaping freshly mined crystals into polished and market-ready gemstones. 

Thanks to its strong shell, clear quartz can be fashioned into a variety of shapes. You’ll often find clear quartz stones in round, oval, marquise, square, pear, and princess cuts. When it comes to beads, popular clear quartz shapes include round, oval, and baroque.

Clear Quartz Cabochons

Carat Weight

For many folks, bigger is often better. Fortunately, clear quartz stones come in large sizes!

According to a quick online search, clear quartz jewelry typically weighs three to six carats. For clear quartz beads, sizes span from two to eight millimeters. Meanwhile, most gemstones can’t even exceed two carats. 

Looking for even bigger gemstones? Consider shopping for clear quartz ornamental stones – these usually weigh 12-14 carats!

That’s not even the largest clear quartz gems can get. In fact, the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is home to a 7k carat clear quartz stone! 

Now that we’ve covered these four gemstone properties, you’ll be able to pick out your perfect jewelry! But wait –  is clear quartz natural?  

The answer: sometimes. 


Synthetic clear quartz is hydrothermally lab-grown. Basically, scientists replicate the conditions that occur during natural crystal formation to produce flawless, strong jewels. 

Synthetic clear quartz shares the same chemical properties as its natural counterpart. So, how can you tell if clear quartz is real? Easy – most synthetic gems will be completely inclusion-free. 

Clear quartz was one of the first gemstones to be artificially mass-produced. During World War II, synthetic clear quartz was used to supply crystals for radios. Since then, synthetic clear quartz has flooded the market. But in the words of Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell: Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, baby!

It may be unsurprising to learn that clear quartz’s impact on human history reaches far past the 20th century. 

Clear Quartz History

Ancient people believed clear quartz was imbued with powers. Clear quartz stones were used to ward off black magic, perform healing, and connect with spirits. During the Middle Ages, clear quartz was chiseled into crystal balls for divination.

Quartz derives its name from the Greek word krystallos, or “ice.” The ancient Greeks venerated clear quartz as perpetually frozen ice created by the gods.

Meanwhile, other ancient civilizations had their own legends about clear quartz. 

Over in Australia, aboriginal societies claimed that clear quartz endowed shamans and elders with mystical abilities. The Japanese believed that clear quartz was created from white dragon’s breath and revered it as a symbol of perfection.

So, what is clear quartz stone good for?

Large Clear Quartz Gemstone

Clear Quartz Stone Meaning

As a “Universal Crystal,” this sparkling gem symbolizes endless possibilities when it comes to meanings and uses. With a clear quartz stone in hand, you’ll be in tune with yourself and the universe.

Overall, clear quartz can purify you physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Whether you’re burdened by any negative emotions, bodily pain, or spiritual anguish, clear quartz can cleanse you inside and out. It’s why so many turn to this jewel for meditation and protection.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, clear quartz was historically associated with prophecies and the future. Even today, this glittering gemstone still symbolizes fortune-telling.

Other clear quartz meanings include attracting love and prosperity. If you’re seeking romance or abundance (or both!), consider leveraging clear quartz to enrich your life.

With so many wonderful meanings, how do you use clear quartz stone? And on that note: is clear quartz a protection stone?

Clear Quartz Spiritual and Healing Properties

As a “Master Healer,” clear quartz can act as a powerful conduit for all of your spiritual and healing needs. 

Clear quartz can strengthen your immune system, balance the body, and restore your energy. 

In terms of spiritual healing, clear quartz has the power to cleanse all seven chakras. Chakras are sacred energy centers that promote physical and spiritual health. 

Looking to manifest your deepest desires and dreams? With its shimmering, crystal-clear depths, clear quartz can transmit and receive energy to and from the universe. 

In other words, this gleaming gemstone can amplify your intentions and transform them into reality!

So, how to use clear quartz? One option is to charge an individual crystal with your intentions. All it takes is cradling your gemstone in your palms and dwelling upon your desires. You can even say them out loud to gather extra energy.

Another method is to use clear quartz as a center stone for a crystal grid. Crystal grids are powerful energy tools that manifest your goals, desires, and intentions. Because crystal grids utilize several healing stones of your choice, they’re much more powerful than individual crystals.

We now know that clear quartz stones have the power to transform your body, soul, and life. With all that said, how is clear quartz formed? 

Clear Quartz Healing Properties

Clear Quartz Stone Origins and Sources

Clear quartz grows deep inside the Earth’s crust when traces of silicon and oxygen are present. About 12 percent of the Earth’s crust is made up of quartz. As boiling magma cools and hardens into rock, clear quartz begins to crystallize. 

What types of rock can we find clear quartz in? 

These icy white gemstones usually grow in pegmatites – extreme igneous rocks that contain large crystals. Other minerals that sometimes grow in pegmatites include beryl, topaz, and aquamarine. Clear quartz also forms in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. 

Where does quartz come from? Clear quartz is mined from the UK, Spain, Brazil, Switzerland, and Madagascar. Over in the US, the North Carolinian deposits produce fine quality quartz.

Regardless of where it’s mined from, does clear quartz need to be cleansed? How do we take care of these dazzling jewels? 

Let’s find out!

Clear Quartz Care and Maintenance

Thanks to its tough exterior, clear quartz requires little special care and maintenance. Just be sure not to wear out your jewelry through extreme daily use!

Of course, it’s important to make sure your jewelry is sparkling clean as well. How to cleanse clear quartz? As is the case with many high-quality gems, gently wash clear quartz with soap, water, and a soft brush. To restore the stone’s vibrating energy, leave it outside overnight on a full moon for a rejuvenating moon bath. You can also soak your healing stones in a salt bath!

Thankfully, there’s no need to do this daily – just clean and cleanse your gems about once a month, and you’re all set! In fact, clear quartz itself is actually a cleansing crystal with the power to charge and purify other gemstones. It’s no wonder that clear quartz is the “Universal Crystal!”

So, how much does clear quartz cost? You might be wondering: is clear quartz cheap?

Clear Quartz Stone Prices and Value

If you’re looking for a beautiful yet budget-friendly gemstone, look no further! Clear quartz is an amazingly abundant and affordable jewel.

According to a quick online search, quartz crystal prices range from a whopping $1-7 per carat. With such incredible prices, you can have the freedom to build a diverse clear quartz collection. 

Clear quartz stones are sometimes sold by the pound rather than in carats. In such cases, both wholesale and retail prices can vary from $4-10 per pound – again, an impressive bargain. 

So, what makes some clear quartz gemstones more expensive than others? 

Clear quartz prices are most often determined by clarity and carat weight. As we’ve mentioned earlier, stones with higher clarity – transparent gems with minimal inclusions and fractures – command higher prices. Larger clear quartz jewels with heavier carat weight will be more expensive as well.

Even so, clear quartz jewelry is unlikely to break the bank. As we pointed out earlier, clear quartz makes a wonderful diamond alternative. You can look spectacular and save money. It’s a win-win!

Clear quartz crystals

In the Market for Clear Quartz Stones?

As you can see, clear quartz is so much more than a gorgeous, glassy gem. It brings healing, power, and of course, that sparkle we all love into our lives. 

Clear quartz is just as multifaceted and diverse as our world. With this versatile jewel, you’re sure to find peace, happiness, and a bit of extra glamor. After all, one can never be too fabulous!

Looking to buy clear quartz? Shop our quality clear quartz collection today!

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