Dumortierite Gemstone: Properties, Meanings, Value & More

dumortierite gemstoneDumortierite is a blue borosilicate best known for being in a rare and sought-after variety of quartz called "dumortierite quartz." Its colors range from pale to deep violet-blue. Many even recognize it as “blue dumortierite quartz.”

What is dumortierite stone good for? Like most blue gemstones, dumortierite crystals associate with wisdom, virtue, freedom, and good fortune. This “Stone of Support” is believed to enhance your life at all levels.

But luck isn’t the only thing dumortierite is good for…

This mineral has also had some interesting industrial uses throughout history leading to today, but more on that a little later!

Although dumortierite is a lesser-known gemstone, there’s much to admire about this rare and illustrious crystal. 

Curious about getting to know dumortierite on a deeper level? Read about this captivating mineral’s meanings, uses, properties, value, and more in our Dumortierite Gemstone Guide.

dumortierite gemstone

About Dumortierite Stone

Dumortierite (pronounced doo-moar-teer-uh-rite) is a semi-precious gemstone named after French paleontologist Eugene Dumortier. 

The type of quartz containing dumortierite is sometimes called “Bahia Blue Quartz” or “Blue Moon Quartz.”

In addition to some pretty cool industrial uses, dumortierite is used for jewelry, decorative carvings, mineral collecting, and crystal healing practices. 

Some gems are used as zodiac stones to support one or more astrological signs. The zodiacs dumortierite associates with are, well… all of them

Unlike most traditional birthstones, this particular crystal is said to bring harmony to every sign of the zodiac — but it’s thought to be especially attuned to the Leo, Libra, and Taurus signs. 

As obscure as dumortierite is, it hasn’t missed out on making some appearances on the small animated screen. 

Joining the ranks with other gems like bornite, goshenite, and phosphophyllite, dumortierite appears as a character in the cult-favorite Japanese anime series Land of the Lustrous. On the show, Dumortierite Quartz is the fusion gem character between Amethyst and Aventurine with a multidimensional personality. 

Off-screen, how do you identify dumortierite? Its mineral traits will help you distinguish it from other gems!

Dumortierite Specifications & Characteristics

Dumortierite is more accurately a gemstone-quality combination of quartz aggregate, intergrown with traces of the mineral known as dumortierite. 

That’s right! Dumortierite quartz is considered a distinct mineral on its own. You can easily identify it by composition — as an aluminum borosilicate mineral with a Mohs hardness of 7 to 8.5. In aggregate form, mainly when cut, its hardness is a strong 7.0 (just like quartz).

We know dumortierite is the same as blue quartz but is that dumortierite’s only color?

Although blue is dumortierite’s most common hue, the mineral also occurs in purple, pink, or brown. Sometimes, it even appears as pink inclusions within rose quartz. These inclusions are usually abundant enough, making the rose quartz translucent instead of transparent.

Here’s an overview of dumortierite’s mineral data:

  • Chemical formula: AlAl6O3BSi3O18

  • Mineral family: Silicates

  • Mohs hardness: 7-8.5

  • Color: Blue, greenish-blue, violet-blue, pale blue, pink, red

  • Crystal structure: Orthorhombic

  • Luster: Vitreous, silky, or dull

  • Transparency: Transparent to opaque

  • Refractive index: 1.67 to 1.72

  • Tenacity: Brittle

  • Density: 3.3 to 3.4

  • Cleavage: Distinct/Good; {100} Distinct, {110} poor on {110}

  • Fracture: Uneven, splintery

  • Streak: White

  • Luminescence: Fluorescent (LW-UV: Yellowish-white or red; SW-UV: Bluish-white)

  • Pleochroism: Present, strong (colorless to light pink and pale blue to violet)

  • Treatments: No known treatments or artificial enhancements

Dumortierite’s blue to lilac colors makes it easy to mistake for other minerals like lapis lazuli or sodalite.  

So how do you tell these minerals apart?

sodalite gemstonePictured above: Sodalite

lapis lazuli facetedPictured above: Lapis lazuli

Dumortierite vs. Sodalite vs. Lapis Lazuli

For starters, dumortierite is a much harder mineral than sodalite and lapis lazuli (both 5 to 5.5 on the Mohs). They also have entirely different crystal structures. Dumortierite is orthorhombic, sodalite is cubic, and lapis lazuli technically has no classification.

These minerals also differ in luster. Dumortierite has a vitreous, glass-like luster, while sodalite and lapis lazuli are more dull and greasy. Dumortierite also lacks the calcite inclusions often present in these other minerals.

Moving on, let’s take a peek at dumortierite’s history! 

Dumortierite Meaning & History

We know who dumortierite is dubbed after, but who named it? 

The mineral was first identified in 1881 by French mineralogist M. F. Gonnard after discovering a deposit in Chaponost, in the Rhône-Alps of France.

Today, dumortierite is mainly ornamental. However, it’s had some interesting uses throughout the years. 

The mineral has been used to fabricate spark plugs, ceramics, and porcelains. For the latter, this is primarily because dumortierite’s color can shift to a remarkable, pure white when heated to a certain degree.

Some cultures, like the Seri from Tiburon Island (Sonoro), even used dumortierite to make blue face paint for ceremonial events.

History of dumortierite? Check! Next up, metaphysical properties. 

dumortierite healing crystal

Dumortierite Healing Properties

You can use almost any crystal as a healing stone to aid your physical, emotional, or spiritual well-being. 

In terms of healing, dumortierite crystal benefits your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies in several ways. This crystal’s metaphysical properties are believed to help you take control of your life — enhancing your self-discipline and resilience in every aspect of your being.

Physically, how does dumortierite improve your wellness?

Physical Healing

Dumortierite is thought to alleviate a wide range of physical illnesses and complaints. 

Some of its most notable physical benefits include:

  • Reducing inflammation in the body

  • Providing relief for pregnancy symptoms

  • Easing digestive issues (like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and gallbladder issues)

  • Mitigating skin disorders and migraines

  • Lessening the symptoms of carpal tunnel and epilepsy

Emotional Healing

Dumortierite is considered a powerful stone for emotional fortitude. Its energy can strengthen your self-belief and focus. It’s thought to sharpen your mental clarity, promote intellect, and inspire courage — freeing you from self-destructive behaviors or thoughts.

Try wearing a dumortierite ring the next time you’ve got a big exam to cram for to add some extra firepower to your study session.

Chakra Healing

Some crystals make potent chakra stones for balancing one or more of your seven chakras (energy centers). So what chakra is dumortierite good for? 

Dumortierite is especially attuned to the throat (vishuddha) chakra. This energy point is your hub of communication and expression. When blocked, you experience difficulty expressing your thoughts and making decisions. 

Dumortierite aligns your throat chakra, restoring your ability to express yourself freely and overcome shyness.

As powerful as dumortierite’s metaphysical properties are, they have little impact on gemstone value. So next, let’s see how this mineral’s appraised! 

dumortierite quartz gemstone tumbledPictured above: Dumortierite quartz

Dumortierite Gemstone Properties

Every gem has characteristics that help experts determine what they’re worth. Like many minerals, dumortierite is graded based on color, cut, clarity, and carat weight.


Dumortierite occurs in a range of colors. Its most notable (and valuable) colors are deep blue to lilac, often with clear or white quartz crystals strewn about the matrix. 

However, as mentioned earlier, dumortierite can occur in other colors, too. Sometimes, it presents in earthy hues of brownish-pinks. Other times it can have a more greenish-tinge, making dumortierite appear closer to teal or turquoise than blue.

Dumortierite can sometimes exhibit pleochroism (or different colors when observed via different angles or light). When polished, it can also display a chatoyant (or cat’s eye) effect in certain gemstones. These gems tend to fetch higher prices.


Dumortierite is a beautiful and sturdy material. While it’s usually sold in its rough, uncut form, it’s not difficult to facet dumortierite into popular gemstone shapes either.

That said, facet-quality gems are scarce and highly valued, with only a few existing. 

Instead, you’ll usually find dumortierite carved into beads, cabochons, spheres, eggs, and other sculptures.


As discussed before, dumortierite is more quartz aggregate intergrown with inclusions of dumortierite. Stones are almost always opaque in clarity. 

However, some very rare and fine specimens appear slightly translucent. 

Carat Weight

Blue to violet dumortierite typically occurs in pieces weighing several pounds. However, only small amounts of facetable material have ever been found. These gems are very small, rarely exceeding one to two carats. 

…but before dumortierite ever makes it to grading, it has to form.


Dumortierite Origins & Sources

It takes the perfect combination of materials and high temperatures for dumortierite to form. 

Typically, it occurs in scorching aluminum-rich regional metamorphic rocks, resulting from contact metamorphism, and in boron-rich pegmatites.

Geographically, where is dumortierite found?

Mining Locations

Despite its rarity, dumortierite occurs all over the world. 

Today, the largest supplier of dumortierite is India. Brazil and Sri Lanka also have produced a small amount of facetable material.

Nevada, Arizona is considered a major source of dumortierite in the United States, where the mineral is usually found intergrown with quartz.

Other notable localities include:

  • Austria

  • Canada

  • France

  • Madagascar

  • Norway

  • Peru

  • Poland

  • Russia

  • United Kingdom

…to name a few.

Ready to shop for dumortierite? You’ll want to prep your budget first!

dumortierite gemstone tumbled stones

Dumortierite Price & Value

Although quartz is common, there are very few blue variations making dumortierite quartz rare and highly desired. As a result, it garners higher-than-average prices in the realm of quartz. However, it’s still a reasonably accessible mineral compared to other, pricier gems. 

Rough dumortierite typically averages between $8 to $11 per carat. Some higher-quality specimens can cost as much as $26 per carat. 

Faceted dumortierite costs around $26 to $90 per carat. You can find lower-quality gems for $10 to $12 per carat.

Dumortierite carvings are also quite popular. Depending on size and intricacy, they can run you anywhere between $5 to $500.

Although it’s not similar, the cost of dumortierite jewelry varies depending on what gems and alloys designs contain. Major retailers and big-name stores don’t usually carry dumortierite jewelry, but it’s a popular option for small indie designers. 

General prices for dumortierite jewelry are as follows:

  • Rings: Between $60 and $1000 / Higher-end pieces can fetch prices as high as $4700 / Lower-end pieces can cost as little as $12.

  • Earrings: Between $50 and $900 / Higher-end pairs can go for as much as $8000 / Lower-end sets can be found for as low as $10.

  • Bracelets: Between $80 and $400 / Higher-end pieces can cost as much as $600 / Lower-end pieces can cost as little as $15.

  • Pendants:  Between $40 and $1400 / Higher-end pieces can run you as much as $4000 / Lower-end pieces can go for as little as $5.

You know how much you need to budget for dumortierite, but proper gemstone care will ensure you get the most life out of your new crystal. 

Dumortierite Care and Maintenance

Thanks to its durability, dumortierite is a gemstone that doesn’t require too much special care. 

You can use an ultrasonic cleaner or warm, soapy water for cleaning dumortierite. Just be sure to store it away from harder gems that might damage its surface. 

For safekeeping, it’s best to avoid:

  • Wearing dumortierite while doing anything rigorous

  • Sudden temperature changes and extreme heat

  • Harsh, abrasive chemicals or cleaning products

What about dumortierite cleansing

Think of “cleansing” as a hard reset for your dumortierite. Doing this regularly rids your crystal of the negative energy absorbed, restoring it to its natural state. 

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can do this:

  • Light sage and run your dumortierite through the smoke

  • Bathe your dumortierite in moonlight overnight 

  • Rest your dumortierite in a bowl with clear quartz and hematite for a day

Whatever option you choose, make sure you think of your intention during the process – keeping in mind the energy you wish your dumortierite to manifest. 

Make Confidence Your Superpower with Dumortierite!

“Bring the mind to a sharp focus and make it alert so that it can immediately intuit truth, which is everywhere.” ~Bruce Lee

Even the sharpest mind falters without a solid foundation of self-belief. Dumortierite might just give you the nudge toward the life and freedom you’ve long dreamed of. 

If dumortierite’s spiritual meaning isn’t reason enough, the obscurity of the dazzling, blue dumortierite quartz variety earns it a worthy spot in any crystal collector’s display. 

Ready to experience the magical support of dumortierite?

Buy dumortierite gemstones today!

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