Sagittarius Birthstone Guide: Lucky Crystals & Their Meanings

sagittarius birthstonesWhen wondering about which stone is lucky for Sagittarius, most people under this zodiac sign immediately think of turquoise — but that’s only partially true!

The truth is that as a Sag, you’ve got various Sagittarius birthstones supporting your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Choosing the gemstone that best corresponds comes down to your birth month and personal preference.

So how many birthstones does Sagittarius have? You’ll have to take a break from inspiring the world and keep reading to find out!

In this guide, we’re breaking down what it means to be a Sagittarian, the history behind the sign, and sifting through all the Sagittarius birthstones.


sagittarius birthstones

About the Sagittarius Sign

If you were born between November 22 and December 21, you fall under the Sagittarius sign in astrology. This fire sign, which is ninth in the zodiac, is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance, growth, and expansion.

The word “Sagittarius” is a Latin term, literally translating to "archer.” Sagittarians are represented by a centaur archer yielding a bow and arrow. 

According to Greek mythology, the creature is aiming an arrow toward its neighbor Scorpio the Scorpion. Legend has it that Scorpio had been sent to kill Orion the Hunter (Sagittarius’s buddy), which led to the centaur targeting Scorpio with his bow and arrow.

Before deep diving into Sagittarius birthstones, let’s see what these folks are like. 

The Sagittarius Personality

If there’s one thing Sagittarians are known for, it’s their big hearts and optimistic nature. These natural do-gooders are often generous, loving, and passionate. They embrace life and all of its adventures, have an impeccable sense of humor, and aren’t afraid to march to the beats of their own drums.

Sagittarians have a mutable modality — meaning signs that land at the shift from one season to the next — so they adapt quickly and easily. This flexibility allows them to use their passion and smarts to connect with people and ideas that wouldn’t usually mesh.

You cosmic networker, you.

Although their affinity for spontaneity and warm, positive energy makes them wonderful people to be around, Sagittarius’s strengths don't come without some downsides. These individuals tend to overpromise, rarely saying no but often not following through. At times, their kindness and friendly nature can leave them open to being taken advantage of.

birthstones for sagittarius personality

What are the 3 types of Sagittarius?

There are three distinct types of each zodiac sign divided by ten-day periods of the year, known as decans. These decans have been used in astrological work since the 3rd millennium BCE.

The three types of Sagittariuses are:

1. The Straight-Shooters (November 23 to December 2)

These Sagittarians are the kings and queens of telling it like it is. They’re also hilarious, courageous, and always up for an adventure. Their candid honesty makes others laugh but can sometimes get them in trouble. 

Famous examples: Tina Turner (November 26) and Jon Stewart (November 28)

2. The Lovers of Life (December 3 to December 12)

Sagittarians in this decan are bursting with enthusiasm for life. They’re impulsive, restless, and shy away from monotony. But don’t let their outgoing nature fool you — they work as hard as they celebrate.

Famous examples: Ozzy Osbourne (December 3) and Margaret Cho (December 5)

3. The Cautious Leaders (December 13 to December 21)

Unlike the other decans, these individuals are a little less impulsive. They aren’t afraid of a little risk but are known to think before they act. They’re endearing, attractive, and make great leaders.

What Are Sagittarius’s Lucky Colors and Numbers?

First, what is Sagittarius’s power color? Those born under Sagittarius vibe to lush purples. Sagittarius can also wear gold, which is considered very auspicious for the fire sign.

Some colors that Sagittarians should avoid are black, orange, and yellow.

Sagittarius’s lucky numbers are 6, 5, 3, and 8. But what is Sagittarius' unlucky number? Many astrologists believe that Sagittarius doesn’t favor the number 14.

Going back to gems, what color is the birthstone for Sagittarius? That depends!

tanzanite gemstone sagittarius birthstone

Monthly Sagittarius Birthstones

Traditionally, each month of the calendar year coincides with one or more gemstones. Although these designations have biblical origins, the standardized list of monthly birthstones we know today wasn’t established until 1912 by the National Association of Jewelers. The Jewelry Industry Council of America then modified the list in 1952.

Since Sagittarius applies to those born in November and December, does Sagittarius have two birthstones? Nope — those born under Sagittarius actually have quite a few birthstones to choose from! 

By month, the Sagittarius birthstones are:

citrine gemstone sagittarius birthstone

November: Citrine

It’s only fitting that a sign so full of warm, positive energy as Sagittarius would connect to a semi-precious gemstone known to embody sunshine. 

Citrine is a yellow to orange quartz variety occurring in geodes. It’s the rarest type of macrocrystalline quartz

This gem’s ties to solar energy provide restorative powers to Sagittarius. It’s said to be imbued with warmth, vitality, and illumination, amplifying the positive nature of those born under Sagittarius. The gem’s golden hues inspire the belief that citrine also brings prosperity and abundance.

Citrine is also the traditional gem given to celebrate the 13th wedding anniversary.

pink pearl gemstone sagittarius birthstone

November: Pearl

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but the Sagittarius woman’s pearl birthstone comes in at a close second. 

Unlike most gems that form in Earth’s crust, pearls are a product of living creatures. 

That’s right — these calcium carbonate organic gems form inside the delicate tissue of mollusks. In fact, they’re the only gemstones created by living animal.

Pearls are known to bring peace to the restless spirit of Sagittarius. This gem also enhances the celestial powers and intuition of Sagittarians, allowing them to hit pause and practice a little introspection when needed most.

blue topaz gemstone sagittarius birthstone

November and December: Topaz

Topaz occurs in various colors, but its icy-blue occurrences are especially supportive for those born in November and December.

Like many gemstones, topaz forms deep underground, often within silica-rich igneous rocks, such as granite or rhyolite. For some time, the mineral mainly hailed from Russia. However, Brazil is presently the most productive source for facetable topaz today.

While the stone has been admired and used for various reasons throughout history, today, it’s one of the most popular crystals for holistic healing and meditative work. 

Blue topaz brings serenity to those born in November or December, calming their fiery Sagittarian temperaments. It’s a stone powerfully aligning with the throat chakra. As a result, blue topaz facilitates clear communication and self-assertion for Sagittarius. In other words, it helps these often impulsive individuals think before speaking.

Tanzanite gemstone sagittarius birthstone

December: Tanzanite

Tanzanite is a striking bluish-purple gem occurring in just one locality worldwide: a tiny region in Tanzania, Africa. It’s a recent addition to the list of Sagittarius birthstones (along with zircon).

The mineral is believed to have been born over 585 million years ago, during the creation of Mt. Kilimanjaro. As tectonic plates collided, the newly-formed rocks heated to near melting-point temperatures, producing a variety of crystals as a reaction. This phenomenon, known as regional metamorphism, gave birth to tanzanite.

Tanzanite’s scarcity makes it quite special, especially for those born in December. Known as the “Stone of Transformation,” it induces spiritual healing and recovery from negative patterns.

turquoise gemstone sagittarius birthstone

December: Turquoise

Turquoise is a gem aptly connected to Sagittarius. Its marbled colors are reminiscent of the ocean and sky — befitting a sign representing limitless love, openness, and optimism. 

This copper and aluminum-rich phosphate mineral typically forms where mineral-rich water seeps into the veins and cavities within nodule deposits and host rocks. Over time only the minerals remain — creating turquoise. The presence of copper is what gives turquoise its notable shades of blue and green.

Most astrologers agree that turquoise is the dominant Sagittarius stone. Like most of this sign’s gems, it symbolizes harmony — helping to quell the Archer’s fiery nature and foster stability and balance.

blue zircon sagittarius birthstone

December: Zircon

Zircon is a zirconium silicate mineral occurring in an array of beautiful colors. Its colorless variety (white zircon) makes a nice alternative to diamonds, although it’s much more fragile. 

The crystal forms over millions of years. Did you know that zircon is the oldest known mineral on Earth, dating back roughly 4.4 billion years? Talk about an old soul!

Often called the “Stone of Virtue'', many believe zircon is a useful crystal for awakening psychic abilities and fortifying intuition. This is particularly beneficial for Sagittarius, as these individuals tend to make hasty decisions without weighing the consequences. 

This stone also resonates with all the chakras, allowing energy to move freely throughout the body. As such, zircon enhances the youthful, feel-good energy Sagittarians often present to the world. 

Besides birthstones, what jewelry should Sagittarius wear?

amethyst gemstone sagittarius birthstone earrings

Zodiac Stones for Sagittarius

Unlike Sagittarius birthstones, which associate to months of the calendar year, zodiac stones tie to the signs in astrology. These gems aren’t designated by any official authority either. Instead, they’re determined by astrologers or astrological traditions and aren’t set in stone.

The zodiac stones most beneficial to Sagittarius are:

amethyst gemstone sagittarius birthstone


Do you know what Sagittarius’s power color is? This gem gives you a hint.

Amethyst is a dazzling quartz mineral best known for its magical purple hues.

Like citrine, amethyst is born inside geodes, usually in hydrothermal veins or hot springs near volcanic activity. As lava erupts, gas bubbles form, creating space cavities. The magma cools and hardens, filling the crevices with silica-rich liquid containing iron traces. As time goes on, it crystallizes into amethyst.

When Sagittarians need a key to unlock their spiritual space, amethyst leads the way. The stone, generally associated with self-improvement and spirituality, helps Sagittarius unlock higher modes of thinking.

Hello, cosmic consciousness.

beryl gemstone sagittarius birthstone


Beryl is a beautiful crystal with many popular gemstone varieties. Some of beryl’s cousins include aquamarine, emeralds, heliodor, and morganite!

This mineral often forms within igneous rocks with large crystals, known as granite pegmatites. As different minerals find their way in, beryl forms in one of its eye-catching hues. 

Soft-toned beryls, like goshenite and aquamarine, are particularly supportive for Sagittarius. These varieties soothe Sagittarius’s stormy nature, delivering grounding properties. This mineral also opens up all the chakras, restoring a smooth and steady flow of energy.

lapis lazuli gemstone sagittarius birthstone

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis lazuli is truly a show-stopping stone. Its famous blues are reminiscent of the night sky and its contrasting marbling, the cosmos. Perhaps, that’s what makes it the perfect star stone for Saturn.

Interestingly, lapis lazuli is not a mineral but rather a metamorphic rock used as a gem, like tiger’s eye or pietersite.

As with most of Sagittarius’s birthstones and zodiac stones, lapis lazuli hones in on their tendency to act without thinking — reminding them to check themselves before they wreck themselves. See what I did there?

The stone encourages extroverted Sagittarius to look inward and learn to say yes from a place of intention — not habit. 

turquoise gemstone sagittarius birthstone necklace

Follow Your Arrow with Sagittarius Birthstones!

Sagittarians cherish every moment, never seeing obstacles as obstructions but as merely detours. They forge through barriers with their weapons of choice: love, humor, and truth. 

Their great insights and bluntness might not always land the way it’s intended, but Sagittarius’s loyalty and joy-inducing nature make it far too easy to forgive them. 

With that, I leave you with the proverbial words of beloved Sagittarian and prolific poet Emily Dickinson:

“That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.”

Perhaps that’s the Sagittarian motto we could all remember. 

Find Sagittarius birthstones and more from our hundreds of gemstones available!

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