Shiva Lingam Gemstone: Properties, Meanings, Value & More

shiva lingam gemstoneShiva lingam (pronounced shee-vuh leen-guhm) is a rare and powerful gemstone sacred to Hindu religion. It comes in varied sizes and colors, but the most common is brown or tan with tiger-like stripes of red, brown, and gray.  

What stone is shiva lingam? It’s a type of cryptocrystalline quartz (chalcedony) containing iron oxide deposits and inclusions of minerals like agate, basalt, feldspar, and jasper

Named after the “God of Gods” in Hinduism, shiva lingam is a highly sacred stone to devotees. Like the deity, this gem’s meanings tie to divinity, unity, protection, and transformation. 

The stone’s name is also an indicator of where it originates — any guesses?

You'll find the answer and much more in this guide! Join us in uncovering all there is to know about the transformative shiva lingam gemstone’s meanings, uses, value, and more! 

shiva lingam gemstone

About Shiva Lingam Stones

Shiva lingam is a semi-precious gemstone also known as ling, linga, lingam, or narmadeshvara lingham. It was named after the Lord Shiva in Hinduism, a deity said to have “danced the universe into existence”. 

If you guessed India as its place of origin, you’d be correct! Shiva lingam mainly hails from one of the seven holy sites (or Sapta Gangas) of India — the Narmada River. According to Hindu beliefs, this river was formed from Lord Shiva’s sweat after his cosmic dance.

While it’s not a Western zodiac stone, it does have special significance to Vedic (or Hindu) astrology. In this context, it’s associated with various planetary energies, representing the power of light behind the sun, moon, planets, and stars.

How about we take a closer look at shiva lingam properties next?

Shiva Lingam Characteristics

Shiva lingam usually appears in brown, light brown, or beige. Along its surface, you can find marbled stripes and patches of varied browns, reds, tans, and grays. These color patterns depend on the presence of iron oxide and other mineral inclusions.

While it can occur naturally, shiva lingam stones are usually polished into an egg-like shape. This shape has symbolic meaning in Indian culture (but more on that later).

Here’s an overview of shiva lingam’s mineral traits:

  • Mineral family: Sedimentary; Complex Silicate

  • Chemical Formula: Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) with inclusions of Iron (Fe) and Magnesium (Mg)

  • Composition: Cryptocrystalline Quartz 

  • Mohs hardness: 7

  • Color: Brown, gray, red, beige, creamy white

  • Crystal structure: Hexagonal

  • Luster: Earthy; Vitreous

  • Transparency: Opaque

  • Refractive index: 1.54 - 1.55

  • Density: 2.63 - 2.65

  • Cleavage: Indiscernible (Indistinct)

  • Luminescence: None

Moving on, let’s see how shiva lingam crystals have made their way through history!

shiva lingam gemstone ancient silver stone holderImage: Historical shiva lingam stone holder

Shiva Lingam Meaning & History

The word “lingam” comes from the Sanskrit word for sign or symbol. What does shiva lingam symbolize? It symbolizes Lord Shiva, one of the prominent deities in Hinduism whom Shaivites worship as the supreme god. 

How old is shiva lingam stone? Very old! Devotees have worshiped this crystal for many centuries. The oldest specimen dates back to the second century B.C. and is still used for worship in Gudimallam, an ancient Shiva temple in India. 

Hindu tradition tells the story of Goddess Parvati (Shiva’s consort) having a special affinity for Shiva all her life. As a young girl, she would sit in the meadow batting her eyes at him, setting flowers at his feet, whispering his name lovingly, and daydreaming about him taking her into his arms in a loving embrace. 

One tale talks of Parvati shaping a shiva lingam out of sand as a gesture of worship for Lord Shiva. 

Speaking of, why the egg-like shape? It represents the Brahmanda (cosmic egg). The smooth, phallic, and slender form signifies the divine male and female powers of nature. 

Shiva lingam has also made some notable appearances on the big screen! In the classic Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, the mystical stone they were trying to recover happens to be a shiva lingam! 

Now that we know a bit about its past, what are the healing properties of shiva lingam?

shiva lingam gemstones for healing

Shiva Lingam Healing Properties

Perhaps one of the reasons why this gem is worthy of such devotion is because it’s said to contain the energy of all the centuries in which its worships lasts. This powerful energy is what many crystal healers maintain makes it one of the most transformative healing stones in the world. 

In terms of healing, shiva lingam benefits the physical, emotional, and spiritual body in a multitude of ways. Its shape represents the masculine while its appearance represents the feminine — a yin and yang energy that can bring balance and protection.

Interested in leveling-up your mind, body, and soul? Keep reading to see how this sacred stone may have the potential to transform your physical and nonphysical being!

Physical Healing

Like many brown gems, shiva lingam is considered an elite fertility stone aiding in both the male and female reproductive organs. If your vitality is ever lacking, shiva lingam is ideal for stimulation. It may also help combat fatigue, renew energy, inspire confidence, and balance stabilization. 

With respect to women, shiva lingam can help to reduce menstrual pain and tension. It can also help women who struggle with male energies difficult to handle.

Need an electromagnetic reset? This stone might also be beneficial for clearing pollutants and electromagnetic smog, as well as eliminating radiation.

Emotional Healing

What does shiva lingam crystal do for your emotional self? 

If you struggle with breaking old patterns, shiva lingam’s energies may help you look introspectively and find the root of your suffering. It enhances transformation, personal growth, and helps you find a new way. 

In terms of relationships, shiva lingam’s yin and yang energies bring balance and harmony — Not just sexually, but emotionally as well! It’s said to inspire unity, even during times apart. 

Shiva lingam’s shape embodies masculine energy, dynamic expression, and knowledge. Its beautiful markings symbolize feminine energy, wisdom, and intuition. Together, the female energy is believed to arouse a masculine urge to create — making this stone an ideal tool for creative success!

Chakra Healing

Many crystals can be used as chakra stones to balance the seven energy points (or chakras) along the center of your spine. When activated, energy is said to flow freely throughout the chakras keeping you in balance. However, when closed (or blocked), symptoms can manifest in a number of physical and metaphysical ways. 

Which is the shiva lingam stone chakra? All of them!

Unlike most gems linked to a single point, shiva lingam’s metaphysical magic is said to tie to the entire chakra system. It’s believed to activate Kundalini energy (or “inner fire”) from the base of the spine up through every chakra — fostering a powerful awakening as the energy travels along each of the body’s meridians. 

Now that’s transformative!

Balancing Energy 

In Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese practice of arranging a space to balance energy, shiva lingam is believed to direct energy flow throughout your entire home. Like its chakral effects, this stone can heighten the effects of whatever Bagua (or energy area) it’s placed in.

Overall, shiva lingam’s nature ties to positive vibrations, harmony, and protection. Its supportive energy of sexuality and fertility also makes it an ideal bedside totem for improving your sexual and emotional relationships. 

Now that we know all about shiva lingam stone meanings, let’s take a peek into how it’s valued!

green and brown shiva lingam gemstone parcel

Shiva Lingam Gemstone Properties

Like most gems, there are a few different factors that impact shiva lingam’s authentication and value such as color, but more importantly, cut and size.


Shiva lingam usually appears in brown or tan colors with striped patterns, spots, or patches of different browns, reds, and grays. Its color, which varies depending on the mineral inclusions, has symbolic meaning.

Sometimes, shiva lingam gems can appear chatoyant (with a cat’s eye effect), but not in the traditional sense. This illusion is sometimes created as a result of the stone’s marbled patterns and stripes. can give the illusion of chatoyancy (the cat’s eye effect). Nonetheless, color does not seem to have a significant impact on shiva lingam’s overall value.


Like its color, shiva lingam’s slender, egg-like shape is an integral part of its religious symbolism. Are shiva lingam naturally shaped? While it can happen as a result of natural river-tumbling, it’s usually polished and shaped this way on purpose by gem cutters. 

Shiva lingam is a fairly durable stone making it quite popular for exquisite carvings. While its egg-like shape is most common, shiva lingam stones are carved in more intricate, decorative sculptures as well — mainly for religious worship or decorative use. Larger, more intricate carvings may fetch higher prices.

This gemstone can also be faceted into pendulums or cabochons for jewelry.

Carat Weight & Size

Size seems to be shiva lingam’s biggest contributor to its value — the larger the specimen, the pricier. Shiva lingam specimens widely vary in size, with some reaching 10-feet tall! 

Like most gemstones, its weight is usually measured in carats (cts). However, some retailers may use size (cm, in) as well. 


Shiva lingam stones don’t commonly undergo treatments, though they’re usually polished with a waxy butter-like substance to enhance their intricate markings and shine.

So how are lingam stones formed anyway? 

shiva lingam gemstone

Shiva Lingam Stone Origin & Sources

Shiva lingam is a combination stone (aggregate) containing cryptocrystalline quartz (chalcedony) and other mineral deposits like agate, jasper, and other impurities. There’s still some uncertainty over how they came to be, though.

Some researchers believe their composition results from the impregnation of debris from a meteorite that crashed into the Narmada River of central-west India (where they’re usually sourced) 14 million years ago! Over time, the river currents fused pieces of meteorite with the minerals in the river.

This fusion is believed to have given birth to a new, unique crystalline stone with remarkable energetic abilities — the shiva lingam.

So, where can I get shiva lingam stone today? 

Mining Locations

Most shiva lingam for sale today is collected once a year during a Hindu ceremony. Villagers and families with ancestral rights” gather to harvest shiva lingam stones in the Narmada River in Onkar, Mandhata (India). 

Some say this gem comes exclusively from India, but some mysterious appearances have also occurred in:

  • Ireland

  • Vietnam

  • Africa

  • Indonesia

  • and Tibet!

Interested in snagging your very own shiva lingam crystal? Let’s see how it fares in price! 

shiva lingam gemstone parcel

Shiva Lingam Stone Price & Value

While rare, shiva lingam gems are relatively accessible for every budget!

In terms of their signature egg-shape, smaller pieces can go for about $5 to $7 per carat while some specimens upward of 28 lbs. can fetch prices as high as $800 or more.

More intricate carvings or ancient specimens are usually pricier for the craftsmanship required. Small sculptures (3-4 in.) can start at approximately $10. Slightly bigger, yet more intricate pieces (10 in.) can go for upwards of $900. The larger and more complex the carving, the more expensive.

Shiva lingam jewelry is also quite reasonable, with some pendant necklaces starting at about $16 and beaded bracelets at about $18. 

Lastly, let’s learn how to clean shiva lingam stone so it lasts you a lifetime! 

Shiva Lingam Care and Maintenance

Fortunately, caring for a gemstone like shiva lingam is fairly straightforward! 

Rinse it gently with lukewarm water, mild soap, and a non-abrasive cloth. After drying them gently, store in a fabric-lined box or soft pouch in a cool, dry place.

While shiva lingam is pretty durable, it isn’t unbreakable! To prevent any damage to your gems, keep them away from:

  • Harsh chemicals or acids

  • Ultrasonic and steam cleaners

  • Harder minerals/gemstones

  • Avoid wearing during intense physical activity

To clear the stone of its absorbed energies and maintain its optimal metaphysical effects, you should also practice shiva lingam cleansing every so often. To cleanse your crystal, you can move it through sage or incense smoke, place it in rice, or bury it in the Earth overnight.

shiva lingam gemstones parcel

Find Your Peace with Shiva Lingam! 

Wrapping up, what is the purpose of a lingam? Apart from its captivating appearance, this crystal’s otherworldly vibrations can help you find the courage to step off the beaten path and forge a new one — leading you to your higher spiritual self.

Many devotees of Lord Shiva believe that when the world brings you trouble, Shiva is the ultimate rescuer. With a shiva lingam in your possession, this divine crystal can shower you with the same blessings and peace of mind!

Buy a shiva lingam gemstone today!

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