Sodalite Stone: Meanings, Healing Properties & More

Sodalite informationIf you’re obsessed with blue gems, say hello to sodalite stones! Like its namesake, sodalite is a lovely jewel packed with plenty of sodium and beauty. From decorative carvings and sculptures to sparkling pendants and necklaces, sodalites can light up your world. What’s more, you’re sure to discover peace and healing with this amazing gem.

In today’s comprehensive guide, we’ll uncover everything you need to know about the sodalite stone, including its unique specifications and characteristics. After all, sodalite is full of delight!

Let’s dive in.

sodalite gemstone

What is a Sodalite Stone?

Sodalite is a sodium-rich stone belonging to the feldspathoid mineral group. Common varieties of sodalite include lazurite, hauyne, and hackmanite

What is sodalite used for? As a gorgeous mineral, sodalite is often used for ornamental purposes, including jewelry, carvings, figurines, and statuettes. We’ll be discussing sodalite jewelry in more detail later!

When it comes to Zodiac signs, sodalite pairs well with Sagittarians. As a symbol of logic and intuition, sodalite meaning can help the scatter-brained Sagittarius strengthen their decision-making powers. With a sodalite stone in hand, Sagittarians can find themselves, their goals, and their overall direction in life.

While sodalite stones come in many colors, the signature blue shade is most well-known. In fact, sodalite is often confused with lapis lazuli, another rich blue stone. 

How can you tell the two apart? Easy – lapis lazuli is typically a lighter shade of blue with flecks of pyrite. Meanwhile, sodalites are usually a dark royal blue with calcite inclusions. Moreover, sodalites are far more budget-friendly than lapis lazuli while still capturing that same breathtaking beauty.

What other unique specifications does sodalite have?

sodalite gemstone fluorescent crystal raw

Sodalite Specifications and Characteristics

Sodalite stones are made up of chloric sodium aluminum sulfate. As sodium is the sixth most abundant element on Earth, it’s no surprise that sodalites are just as easy to source. 

In terms of mineral hardness, sodalite ranks 5.5-6 on the Mohs scale – just below quartz and right above apatite. What does this mean? Sodalites are durable but should still be handled with care to avoid chipping or breakage.

What other sodalite properties can we find?

  • Color: Light to dark blue, white, yellow, green, red, pinkish-violet, colorless

  • Crystal structure: Cubic

  • Luster: Vitreous, greasy

  • Transparency: Transparent (when colorless) to opaque

  • Refractive index: 1.483-1.487

  • Specific gravity: 2.14-2.40

  • Cleavage: Poor

Let’s now turn to the metaphysical and explore sodalite spiritual meanings.

sodalite gemstone bowl carving

Sodalite Stone Meaning

The word sodalite originates from the Greek words soda, or “salt,” and lithos, or “stone.” 

However, sodalite is often nicknamed the Thinker’s Stone as a symbol of rationality and objectivity. If you value logic, sodalite may be the gem for you!

Sodalite stones don’t just represent an analytical mindset – they stand for truth and intuition. If you seek honesty and inner wisdom, you may find all of that and more in sodalite.

As symbols of power and courage, sodalites make the perfect guardian stones for those who dare to live boldly. In a similar vein, sodalites signify creativity and can draw out your inner muse. It’s no wonder why sodalite shares the nickname the Poet’s Stone.

Feeling lost in your career and life goals? Sodalite stone meanings represent direction and growth. Try placing sodalite in the northern area of your home to invite guidance into your life.

So, how do you use sodalite for healing?

sodalite healing stones

Sodalite Healing Properties & Uses

As a powerful healing stone, sodalite has unique physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

In terms of physical healing, sodalite stone benefits include:

  • Easing digestion

  • Combatting fevers

  • Treating throat and vocal cord damage – try wearing a sodalite necklace or earrings close to your neck.

  • Lowering blood pressure – consider wearing a sodalite pendant over your chest.

When it comes to your emotional wellbeing, sodalite stones can soothe you from panic attacks. Carrying sodalite around in your pocket may do wonders for your psyche. Sodalite can even strengthen your self-esteem and give you the shot of confidence you need before a big meeting or promotion.

Finally, sodalites channel spiritual healing energy. Have you ever heard of the chakras? As sacred energy centers in your body, chakras govern your overall well-being. 

What chakra is sodalite for? Sodalites can open the throat and third eye chakras, which power your creativity and intuition.

But where does sodalite come from and what makes it such a potent healing stone? 

sodalite gemstone carving of owl

Sodalite History

People worldwide have treasured sodalite stones for many millennia. Even as early as 2600 B.C., the ancient city of Caral near Peru bartered goods with sodalite.

Thousands of years later in 1811, European explorers discovered sodalite during their travels in Greenland. Upon further examination, they found chunks of the royal blue mineral in a large alkalic igneous rock called the Ilimaussaq complex. A relic from the Mesoproterozoic Era, the Ilimaussaq complex contains a wide range of unusual minerals. 

During that same era, Glasgow chemist Thomas Thomson officially named sodalite for its sodium-rich content. 

Toward the end of the century in 1891, British royals discovered sodalite during their tour of Canada. After that, sodalites became popular for their ornamental qualities that we know and love today. In fact, Canadians now refer to sodalite as the “Princess Blue” stone.

Aside from Canada, where is sodalite found?

sodalite gemstone rough specimen

Sodalite Stone Origins and Sources

Like many minerals, sodalite stones form deep within the Earth’s crust inside volcanic rock. Sodalites can form in pegmatites and alkaline igneous rocks as well. Interestingly, sodalites are usually found in massive amounts.

Sodalites are incredibly abundant and come from all over the world. Many of the world’s gem-quality sodalite mines reside in Canada. 

Bancroft, in particular, produces giant blue sodalites with dazzling red streaks. Remember the British royal tour of Canada in 1891? Canadian sodalite stones have been in demand ever since!

Down south in the U.S., many sodalite deposits exist in Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Hampshire, and South Dakota. 

Meanwhile, the southwest African country of Namibia supplies bright blue sodalites that are incredibly translucent, if not transparent. If you’re on the lookout for a crystal clear jewel, Namibian sodalites may be for you!

Other countries that produce sodalites include:

  • Afghanistan

  • Bolivia

  • Brazil

  • Greenland

  • Guinea

  • India

  • Myanmar (formerly Burma)

  • Norway

  • Russia

  • Scotland

blue and orange sodalite gemstone cabochon

Sodalite Gemstone Properties and Buying Tips

Before you rush off to shop for sodalite jewelry, key these gemstone grading factors in mind.

Color: Blue sodalite stones are most popular, but other colors do exist! For example, hackmanites are sulfur-rich sodalites with a rare quality called tenebrescence – they change colors in the sun! Hackmanites from Canada and Greenland are pink and turn white in the sun. Meanwhile, hackmanites from Afghanistan and Myanmar are white but flash violet-pink under sunlight.

Cut: Sodalites are commonly fashioned into:

  • Carvings

  • Decorative objects

  • Spheres

  • Cabochon jewelry (to minimize chipping or breakage)

Clarity: Most sodalite stones contain internal particles called inclusions, which are typically white. Completely transparent sodalites are rare and thus, will be pricier.

Treatment: While most sodalites are natural, some undergo irradiation to restore their faded colors. White sodalites can be dyed a rich blue. Synthetic sodalites do exist, but they’re not very popular since real sodalites are easy to source. Instead, sodalites are sometimes used as cost-friendly substitutes for other blue gems like lapis lazuli.

Now that you have these key factors in mind, what kind of sodalite jewelry should you look for?

sodalite gemstone bracelet - sodalite jewelry

Sodalite Jewelry

Your best bet is to stick with earrings, necklaces, and pendants when it comes to sodalite jewelry. That way, you’ll minimize the chances of scratching your sodalite stones. You may want to avoid sodalite bracelets, anklets, and rings – all of which can become easily damaged.

If you prefer beads and cabochon necklaces to traditional jewelry, you’ll find plenty of stylish options out there! Sodalite beads, in particular, make excellent meditative aids.

Sodalites pair exquisitely with other gemstones as well. For example, serene blue sodalite beautifully complements the bewitching gray moonstone. If blue is your favorite color, milky blue lace agate makes a striking contrast against dark blue sodalite. 

You can even switch up the color palette and pair your sodalite jewelry with fiery orange carnelian or sunstone. The combinations are endless!

You may be wondering, “Where can I buy sodalite?” Unlike other jewels, sodalite is not commonly sold in shopping malls or traditional jewelry stores. Gem cutters often fashion sodalites into cabochons, which are difficult to standardize for commercial jewelry.

Instead, you’ll have better luck sourcing high-quality sodalite jewelry through reputable online gem sellers. If you prefer to do your shopping in person, you can find sodalite at craft and lapidary stores and shows.

Once you’ve picked out your jewelry, how do you care for sodalite?

deep blue sodalite gemstone cabochons pair

Sodalite Care and Maintenance

Although breathtaking, sodalite stones require a little extra care to keep them in flawless condition. With a softer exterior that can be easily scratched, sodalite gems must be gently handled.

For example, be sure to remove any jewelry before you exercise, play sports, or engage in any rigorous household activity. Similarly, take care not to overexpose your jewelry to heat or sunlight, as these can cause sodalite’s brilliant colors to fade. Wrap sodalite in a soft cloth before storing it in a fabric-lined box or container away from other gemstones and jewelry. 

As we mentioned earlier in our guide, sodalite stone necklaces, earrings, and pendants are less likely to chip or fracture. If you’re a big fan of rings, consider using protective jewelry settings for your sodalite gems. 

Can you wash sodalite? Absolutely! Just keep the following do’s and don’ts in mind when cleaning your jewelry to make sure they stay sparkling.


  • Gently scrub any dirt and grime on your gems with mild, scent-free soap and a soft brush.

  • Rinse your sodalite in warm water.

  • Carefully pat dry with a soft microfiber towel.

  • Clean your jewelry only as needed, or once a month.


  • Use bleach, sulphuric acid, ultrasonic cleaners, any other harsh chemicals and products.

  • Boil or steam your gems.

As we conclude, what is the industry standard for sodalite stone prices?

Loose sodalite stones

Sodalite Prices and Value

How much is sodalite worth? While its beauty is priceless, a sodalite gemstone can cost as little as $1 per carat! After all, sodalites are known for being incredibly abundant and affordable.

Of course, not all sodalites will fall into the same price points. The cost of a sodalite gem will depend on a couple of factors that we’ve already discussed earlier: color and clarity.

When it comes to color, deep blue sodalite stones with an even saturation are the most valuable. Likewise, transparent sodalites with no visible inclusions are more expensive.

Gemstone size plays a key role in pricing as well. The larger and heavier sodalite is, the higher its price will be. Sodalite gems the size of a bowling ball can cost $400! 

Another important factor to consider is what kind of sodalite you are shopping for. For example, sodalite sculptures are typically more expensive than sodalite jewelry. Thinking of buying sodalite carvings? Keep in mind that the larger and more detailed a carving is, the pricier it will be.

At the end of the day, sodalite is much more budget-friendly than other gems like emeralds or even lapis lazuli. If you’re in the market for a splendid jewel that won’t drain your wallet, sodalite is a perfect choice!

Add Some Sodalite Into Your Life!

And that’s a wrap on sodalite! As you can see, this rich blue jewel has amazingly diverse varieties, properties, and uses. Whether you’re looking for some gorgeous earrings or a powerful healing crystal, sodalite can be your go-to gem!

For thousands of years, people from all walks of life have cherished sodalites for their tranquil beauty and symbolism. Carry sodalite with you wherever you go, and you’re sure to feel much more empowered. At the very least, you’ll find yourself utterly enchanted by this delicate blue gemstone!

Looking to buy sodalite? Shop for sodalite stones from Gem Rock Auctions today!

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