Jasper Gemstones

types of jasper

Types Of Jasper

There are literally thousands of different types of jasper in the world barbecue it is such a unique and versatile gemstone. They can have all of the colors of rainbow in an almost infinite combination of patterns. Jaspers are wonders of the world and we are sure you could find the perfect one for you.

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African Jasper

Jasper Gemstones

African Jasper is a form of jasper found in Africa and is often tinted to reach out its extensive color. It actually enhances its purpose as a Jasper stone substitute its own matrix. Throughout history, the African Jasper has been prominent as the “Supreme Nurturer”. This stone has been utilized and sacred by individuals all over the world.

Most individuals believe that this stone has exquisite and healing powers, which cure the body and soul. Chronological records imply that this stone has been a sign of assisting most human beings. Native Americans believed that Jasper could defend them in astral journey and also could release the gateways of the sacred realms.

Biggs Jasper

Jasper Gemstones

This exceptional Biggs Jasper is usually paired with Bronzite and Pearl Beads. In fact, the mine for the Biggs Jaspers is gradually rare as well as, expensive. This stone has striking touches of lavender and rose in the “sky”. In fact, this is a jewelry that focuses on inclusive responsiveness, naturalness and it is believed to assist the achievement of business aspects.

Brazilian Jasper

Jasper Gemstones

Brazilian Jasper is considered as one of the most therapeutic stones of nature, which cures the heart, body, and soul. It imbibes audacity and soaks up all the pessimistic energy around the user. It is also indispensable in balancing the “yin and yang” energies, which improves the environment.

It is also useful infighting pollution in mental, physical, and spiritual pollution. If you are a dreamer who does not identify how to convert his dreams into certainty, then Jasper can show you the manner. This curative stone conveys reliability, strength of mind, and insight to the user, which helps the user in achieving projects.

Carrasite Jasper

Carrasite Jasper is originated from the Anglo-French term “Jaspre”, which means “stippled stone”. It is usually formed from volcanic ash flows that have been attached with silica. Also, flow patterns of the unique material are often simple to see.

Most of these jaspers are usually contain what seem to be the small images of sand hill, plains, mountains, and even the sky. Since the innovative materials were probably cross bedded sediments, they often enclose with the structure they usually imitated.

Imperial Jasper

Jasper Gemstones

Imperial jasper is described by its elastic shades of shade and fine white exterior. Several pieces of Jasper become visible to be “brushed” through the use of a paintbrush. It is usually mined in Mexico.

Jasper Beads

Jasper Gemstones

Jasper Beads comes in various colors. All colors of Jasper will assist to stabilize the vibrations of the body. Jasper is believed to slow some changes within the person, but it is such a “best” stone that everyone should always have it on hand.

In fact, it also provides the individual to support someone to speak out and have personal self-determination. It also shields the individuals from fears during night. It is also believed to balance the energy around the body.

Bumblebee Jasper

Jasper Gemstones

Jasper Bumblebee is also known as the “best nurturer”. It upholds and supports during times of tension, and brings harmony and completeness. It provides security and absorbs unhelpful energy. It also balances yin and yang as well as, clears electromagnetic and ecological pollution, such as radiation.

Also, it encourages sincerity with one’s self. In fact, it provides courage to strongly deal with problems. It also promotes organizational capabilities. Also, it increases the individual’s thoughts and converts ideas into action. It strongly supports during lengthened illness and re-energizes the body.

Rough Jasper

Jasper Gemstones

Rough Jasper is a tough protection stone, which is known to shelter some individuals against danger of the night. It is also a lucky stone for everyone. It is also one of the oldest well-known stones. In fact, it is cited in the Bible many times.

In addition to, it also considered a secured stone. It is a concrete gemstone, which is a great protection for all those things that are not best for you and it relieves emotional tensions, making it a magnificent stone to have in your home.

Kambaba Jasper

Jasper Gemstones

Kambaba is a type of jasper, which is a dark-grey to green sedimentary mineral that is usually found in Madagascar and South Africa. It consists of fossilized algae and often compromise with round patterns. It is also known as “Crocodile Jasper”. It is also considered as one of the most intensely grounding stones.

It also owns some remarkable quality of directing individual’s personal energies downward, and providing them with Earth energies. It pulls anyone inward to the center of the soul where there is optimism without all the uncertainty of everyday survival. Such method may be useful after some demanding sessions of spiritual effort

Mookaite Jasper

Jasper Gemstones

Mookaite Jasper is sedimentary jasper originated in Australia, which typically contains fossils of prehistoric. It is also the combination of light yellow and red jasper. In fact, it motivates the need for new experiences and assists to maintain a balance between external activities as well as, internal response to these.

It imparts an unfathomable calm while encouraging flexibility. In Australia, Mookaite was considered to be a curative stone that bestows power. It is said to protect the wearer from complicated situations and to attach us to our beloved ones, especially for those who have passed away.

Noreena Jasper

Jasper Gemstones

Noreena Jasper originates along the Pilbara district of Western Australia, not totally from the iron ore mining city of Newman. This stone tends to split into bony pieces, which enclose with the most amazing “geometric”, theoretical designs. Until the rock is engraved, you do not even realize what you will be discovered.

Also, it came from the same physical formation as Munjina Stone. They both transpire in the Jeerinah structure, which is a significant part of the Fortescue Group in the Hamersley during the BasinAge. In fact, it is a silicified pelite (mudstone)that is usually mined in Australia.

Ocean Jasper

Jasper Gemstones

Ocean jasper is“orbicular” jasper that mostly found in Madagascar. It is also a rhyolite and considered an inimitable among jaspers for being transparent instead of not clear. It is a quite recent discovery as well as, popular among other exclusive jaspers. Ocean Jasper is considered as a defending stone.

In addition to, the circular or the oval patterns (eyes) give fortification from the “evil eye.” Also, Ocean Jasper is also a comforting stone and conveys peace of mind. It is also a stone of happiness and recreation, which is great for facilitating support at your home or workplace.

Owyhee Jasper

Jasper Gemstones

Owyhee Jasper is originated from the border of Oregon and Idaho. It comes in several colors. In fact, it is sedimentary jasper or a petrified mud with interesting features, as well.

It is a semi-valuable stone in a mud-covered red-brown, green, and yellow color. It is an excellent stone for financial success. It is good for those individuals, who desire to reproduce money quickly.

It is also valuable for those individuals, who want to excel in horse racing, speculation, and many more. It is also useful for those patients who suffering from extended and inexplicable diseases. Jasper gemstone also defends the user from insect bites, dying and accidental injuries. Also, it enhances the intellectual aspect of the wearer and it is particularly inevitable for those people who desire to remain attentive all the time.

Picture Jasper

Jasper Gemstones

Picture Jasper is a variety of Brown Jasper. It is grounding and harmonizing gemstone with a tough connection to the earth. It is said to encourage feelings of dependability towards the planet, heartening a need to care for and keep it.

Also, it is a gemstone that usually consists of a combination of petrified mud in pockets of earliest volcanic rock in such a way that it produces a “picture”, which is referred as picture jasper. They are usually originated from Northwest, USA.

Zebra Jasper Stone

Jasper Gemstones

Zebra Jasper stones are said to encourage sympathy and concern. It is also a balancing stone that conveys the emotion, which prevail the best outcome. It also gives conviction, happiness, and confidence. It is also believed to motivate extensive and loyal relationships as well as, promotes stamina, increases physical power, and is thought to bring into line the spine.

It is also a form of jasper with gloomy and light stripes, like a zebra. It is also a remarkable stone that is believed to encourage and strengthen you to conquer laziness and change your ideas into action. Zebra Jasper is also believed to provide you the valour to get grips with your problems, and to offer you the willpower to perceive projects through to achievement.

Brecciated Jasper

Brecciated Jasper is form of Jasper, which the multi-colored layers are enclosed together with a grey substance. It is a form of Jasper that consists of Haematite. Haematite is a grounding stone, which makes this stone an excellent gemstone for assisting you to make your feet on the ground and for endorsing feelings of stillness and wholeness, as well.

Also, it has a stirring, revitalize energy that is said to support mental simplicity and profound happiness. It is also believed to take up off-putting energy, which allows you to expand a positive outlook on your life. In addition, Brecciated Jasper is said to be beneficial for those who observe animal Reiki healing.

Jasper Cameo

These jaspers have been engraved into cameos. The stone is sometimes colored in order to go well with the bas relief sculpting. In fact, one of the English companies known as Wedgwood produced Jasper Cameos, which became prominent during the 19th century.

Dendritic Jasper

Occasionally, jaspers that contain “dendrites” have tiny, black feathery patterns that are actually in fossils form from ancient sea creatures. Their existence extensively increases the worth of each Jasper piece.

Drusy Jasper

Drusy jasper is a piece of jasper that consists of a drusy, or a small cave with tiny crystals, which, adds into its entire beauty and cost.

Spider Web Jasper

Spiderweb Jasper illustrates a set of jasper that, due to its heaviness, or, cracked, and then over time, the crack occupied in with more jasper. This produces attractive lines and pattern, which add its value.

Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers - A New Theory

Author Marco Campos Venuti has just written a new book titled Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers - a New theory. The Author is a PhD volcanologist and author of the Gemmologica Italiana.

The book is written with passion and is so informative about Jaspers and Agate that you will want to read and know more about these magnificent gemstones.

Genesis and Classification of Agates and Jaspers  -a New theory

Below is just summary of the information contained in this book.

The formation of various kinds of silica like Agates, Jaspers and Chalcedonies has been concluded that they originated from the influences of the weather, the dry, hot or the wet and the dry seasons, and sometimes meteoric impact into the earth and the environment.

What are Jaspers?

Jasper gemstones

It is known that Jasper belongs to the family of quartz which contains silica and has an opaque look. Jewellers and people who do lapidary work know that Jaspers do polish very well, however it can sometimes show some inclusions because it is porous.

Ocean Jaspers are the most common and are found deep in the seafloor which have been formed by sedimentation. In this category of Ocean jasper, Flint is very common which consists of nodules which comes about when combined with silicic fluid formed around the nucleus circling agglomeration, With sedimentary elements and the pressing of deposits that continuously turns into layers like banded patterns.

Abyssal Jasper [Categorised as ocean jasper]

The colors are formed due to the presence of oxygen in the sediment, if there is a lot of presence of oxygen, the small of iron is oxidised giving the jasper its yellow or red ocher color. If there is not a lot of oxygen, then the jasper color becomes green or black.

The banded iron formation – also in the category of the Ocean jasper which when formed with large deposits of hematite which alternates with layers of magnetite. The huge concentration of acid in the seawater is known to reflect the silica and the iron content.

For so many millions of years, iron that laid on the seafloor were known to be oxygen that was oxidised, which resulted in the Banded iron formation. Tiger’s eye is also from jasper formation.

agate gemstones

Volcanic Jaspers are volcanic rocks that are silicified known as Rhyolites. The chemistry of rocks can be altered by the thermal waters often associated with the flow of silica. Rhyolites were formed due to rock erupting containing more than 70% Silica with varying structures.

Strati form Jaspers

Most interesting is that Strati form of rich brown or ochre culminating from the oxidation of the iron is formed, jaspers have a pattern of dune-like layers or lines and are often called ’picture stones ‘or landscape stones.

Massive blocky Jaspers came about due to the change of the rhyolitic tuffs and formed next to the volcanic deposits and are thick. These kind of massive blocky jaspers are quite angular shaped and shows some fractures through which it drains the oxidizing process that carry elements of chromophore. Some of the qualities of massive blocky jaspers are : it shows colors of purple, red, and yellow, high content of opalite, irregular Sharpe mostly angular, showing some fractures. They can also be nodular and sometimes can show dendrites into three dimensions.

Rhyolitic Jaspers – were formed from the lava flows, altering its Rhyolitic state. When lava erupts it cools very fast and it vitrifies, and can transform into a black glass disallowing it to crystallize.

Some features of this Rhyolitic Jasper are: Because they are solid they can only be broken manually, they cannot be classified as nodular.

Jaspers pseudomorphic on fossils. Pseudomorphosis occur when fossils are silicified similar to petrified forest. Fossilisation is a very long process starting from shells, corals, sponges, dinosaur skeletons, algaes,etc.

Chemical Jaspers – were found in nodules or cavities that has no precursors, fossils or volcanic rock, formed by silica colloide and by the intermingling stages of precipitation forming of opal .

Orbed Jaspers – formation are so rare that they are high sought after by collectors and people involved in lapidaries because they are formed like circles and overlaps the main central part of the stone. These Jaspers are so compacted that they are referred to as porcelain and make for a perfect brilliant polish. Shapes can be in the form of geodes, sometimes can be found inside thunder eggs, have a veiny look.

Brecciated Jaspers. Very popular form of Jaspers. They are crafted into inlays into jewellery boxes or inlaid into furniture. These kind of Jaspers have fractures and found in nodules which are quite large. It is a very hard rock and it is impossible to break.

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