Rare And Exotic Gemstones In The World

Sphalerite rare and exotic gemstoneRare and exotic gemstones are some of the must beautiful and exciting gemstones available. The enigma with rare stones is that most of the time rarity does not equal high value. Unlike traditional gemstones like Diamonds and Sapphires where rarity definatly increases the price. Rare and exotic gemstone do not have the same demand and so the prices are kept very reasonable. On Gem Rock Auctions there are rare stones for less than $100.

Lets take a look at some of these rare and exotic gemstones. We have also included the holistic and metaphysical properties of each stone.


AmblygoniteAmblygonite has to be one of the hardest mineral to say. It is often confused with Feldspar because of the very similar properties. Unfortunately there is a very limited supply of clean faceted gemstone which are prone to breaking if worn in Jewelry. This is one gemstone to defiantly keep in a display case.

Holistic Properties

Amblygonite is said to be a comforting and relaxing stone. It discharges past upset, which makes the emotional body stable and enhances clearness of the mind.It is a carrier of insight into duality and assisting us to solve any issues we might encounter.

It is also a useful gemstone for gently discharging disturbing hooks from the solar plexus.

In terms of healing Amblygonite sets off the electrical systems of the entire body and can be a tie over to the thymus to defend against computer discharges, especially for those who are susceptible.

  • Astrological representation: Taurus

  • Chakras: All

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Apatite Cats Eye

Apatite cats eye rare gemstoneApatite is one of only a hand full of gemstone that can exhibit the ‘cats eye’ effect. The technical term for this is ‘Chatoyancy’. This effect is mainly seen in Chrysoberyl with the famed cats eye Alexandrite being one of the most expensive gemstone in the world. Apatite can exhibit this effect when the tiny fibres inside the stone cause the light to reflect as a cats eye. This is one of the most beautiful cats eye gemstones anyone can own.

Holistic Properties

Apatite Cat’s Eye provides effective energy and considered as great stone to use in combination with other stones. It supports and assists to reach out your desired result. It is mostly used to equalize all the bodies and eliminate blockages from your chakras. It is a prevailing tool for discharging food-based beliefs, nutritional issues, and weight problems by nurturing the physical body, rebalancing metabolism, fighting starvation and rearranging the body into a proper function.

It also opens the throat chakra, which allows communication and helps public speaking. Lastly, it is a heart and effective healer.

  • Astrological Representation: Gemini, Ophiuchus

  • Chakras: Throat, Thymus

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AxiniteAxinite is a brownish colored gemstone that has two very special properties calledpyroelectric and piezoelectric. That means that this crystal can actually produce electricity when exposed to a change in temperature (pyroelectric) or a mechanical force (piezoelectric )

Holistic Properties

Axinite helps in facilitating individuals to changes their lives successfully. It centralizes with some required thoughts, which are required to be replaced. It also motivates us with everything we carry out and supports us to the Earth.

  1. Astrological Representation: None

  2. Chakras: None

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BrazilianiteAs the name suggests this beautiful green to yellow mineral comes from Brazil. It was first discovered in 1944 when it was mistaken for Chrysoberyl. It wasn’t until advance testing techniques matured enough to correct identify it as a new mineral.

Holistic Properties

Brazilianite is a magnificent stone for cleaning and reaching the same process again. It facilitates us to perceive what’s really keeping on so we can appreciate ourselves completely and we can let go of the things that are not necessary. It also assists some individuals to dispel obstacles within our force system, managing through our paths, escalating our power, as it runs liberally again.

  1. Astrological Representation: Capricorn, Ophiuchus

  2. Chakras: Solar Plexus


BytowniteBytownite gemstones are not actually a well-known gemstone due to its composition and occurrence. They are extremely hard to find. It became one of the rarest stones that belongs to the plagioclase feldspars family. Its hardness ranges from 5.5-6.0 that’s why except from being rare gemstones, it is also considered reasonably fragile.

Holistic Properties

  • Astrological Representation: Capricorn

  • Chakras: Manipura, Third Chakra


Cassiterite is a tin oxide gemstone that is found in layer deposits, granitic stones, pegmatite, regions of metamorphism and the transformed area of ore minerals. It is also originated in placer deposits where it is most commonly gathered and given the term “stream tin”. It is the most widely mined ore of tin. It is also the standard ore of tin.

Holistic Properties

  • Astrological Representation: Sagittarius

  • Chakras: Solar Plexus


Chrysoberyl is a mineral that is well know for one of it’s varieties called Alexandrite. Alexandrite is the color change version of Chrysoberyl that changes from traffic light red to traffic light green. Chrysoberyl itself is a yellow to colorless mineral that can be sued in Jewelry.

Holistic Properties

Chrysoberylenhances the healing capabilities of other gemstones, and treats issues of the kidney, liver, and pancreas. It helps you to stabilize your emotions, and makes you sense with easiness within yourself as well as with others. It also improves your problem solving capacities by giving more profound perceptions of the details involved. Also, it gives assistance from feminine embarrassment and intestinal problems.

  • Astrological Representation: Leo

  • Chakras: Solar Plexus

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clinohumiteClinohumite is a rare silicate. These crystals consist of a high quality colour for faceting. Recently, these stones were in a vivid colour and exceptional gem clarity. Most of these crystals were cut into stones and set a fresh standard for such species as a cut stone. This scrupulous stone is an eye-catching one that has an orange color that rivals Spessartite Garnet. This material is really difficult to find nowadays since the best stones are gone.

Holistic Properties

  • Astrological Representation: None

  • Chakras: Navel and Solar Plexus Chakras

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EnstatiteEnstatite is considered as a pyroxene silicate stone, which is completed from solid solution established in igneous, meteorites, and metamorphic rocks. Enstatite is one of the most valuable stone found. The emerald green diversity of Enstatite is referred as Chrome while the green colour of it is generated by the traces of bronzite as well as chromium. Today, this gemstone is also used as a jewel variety for all time.

Holistic Properties

  • Astrological Representation: None

  • Chakras: Root Chakra

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Hiddenite is well-known as it encourages growth. It is said to be a gemstone. In addition to, it also supports new phase, which focusing on the present, renouncing injustices of the history or concerns for the future.

Also, Hiddenites stimulates and draw outs the true love in the earth as well as, spiritual love. In fact, it gives out a persistent loving energy, and is a great gift to your partner, especially if love has totally gone. It also provides us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the surroundings. When the heart chakra is not on balance, you may sense either controlled in your relationship.

You may even find yourself having improperly tough emotional responses for everyday living. Additionally, it is a high-vibration gemstone that provides peace within the individual. With such stone we restore our health and become improved, connecting our heart with the Divine.

  • Astrological Representation: Scorpio

  • Chakras: Heart Chakra

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Idocrase is also refers as a “Vesuvianite”, which brings us nearer into the high-realms and gives a sense of higher self. It assists that perceiving all things on this earth have no specific matter. It discharges the feelings of captivity and self-control, dissolves irritation and cures panic and negativity, as well. It also facilitates to generate a sense of inner refuge, opens the intellectual aspect. In fact, Vesuvianite eliminates sadness and eliminates unconstructive thoughts so that the mind can work more clearly. It also makes the tooth enamel stronger and absorbs nutrients from food.

  • Astrological Representation: Capricorn, Scorpio

  • Chakras: Heart and Brow

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This stone assists individual to understand the importance of our life by cutting through fantasy and idea of this world. Magically, this gemstone can be used to split obstacles and let you free from repression. If you sense that you’re stuck in a furrow, this gemstone can assist you to identify where the problem lies and how to renovate your life into a new one.

Through reflection, it facilitates you to provide you an extensive understanding of such situation that is disturbing you and this can tolerate you to perceive solutions that were concealed from view. Kornerupine often seems to disclose messages and responds through visions and impulsive flashes of motivation so keep a cautious note for your dreams after working with such stone.

  • Astrological Representation: None

  • Chakras: Heart

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Lepidolite brings calm, conviction, and acceptance, as well. It is exceptionally useful in eliminating despair as well as, anxiety. It is used to stop infatuated thoughts, and relieves hopelessness as well as, conquers insomnia. It is also helpful in releasing anyone from obsessions and criticism of all kinds, such as anorexia. In order to identify disease, you can use it around your body.

In fact, it strengthens your immune system, reorganizes DNA, and improves the production of unenthusiastic ions. It cures allergies, tiredness, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s disease. Lastly, it can detoxify your skin as well as, connective tissue. It is an exceptional stone for menopause, particularly elixir.

  • Astrological Representation: Capricorn

  • Chakras: Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye/Brow Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

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Montebrasite is a stone that connects you totally to “All That Is”. If you’re planning to write a complete list of your desires, put Montebrasite on your list and leave them both together where both the moon and sun will glow on them. This crystal will assist you observe how to achieve those desires. In fact, it helps you to come round with a big smile on your face every morning.

Also, a faceted Montebrasite stone will work for you. This precious stone works to eliminate fears and angst, as well. It also shows some ways on how you can be in such situation without any panic. It also believes a crystal for honesty. You are optimizing to speak out the truth or to remain quiet rather than telling a lie or a half-truth.

  • Astrological Representation: Cancer

  • Chakra: Crown

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Nuummite’s Schiller is simply remarkable. Its different bandings produced by crystallization generates a visual golden-brown effect. This effect is referred as “iridescence” and actually comes out on refined surfaces, which creates an effect similar with flames in a fire. The base colour of Nuummite is charcoal gray to black, and its sparkling colours include yellow, orange, red, violet, blue, silver, and green.

Holistic Properties

Physically, it is a prevailing stone, which brings power and it is mostly used in meditation. Also, it is also considered as an excellent grounding and a protective stone. It is helpful, especially when manifesting the maximum vibrations available. It can also be used to enhance psychic abilities and perception, as well. Along with this, it helps the individual to become one through the use of various essential forces from the Earth. Its protective qualities make it an exceptional protector against various forms of negativity.

  • Astrological Representation: None

  • Chakras: All

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Phenakite is fairly an unusual beryllium stone and its essence as a silicate material, which consists of trigonal gem symmetry. It occurs not often, and when it does, it has a flat rhombohedric structure and tabular form.

Holistic Properties

It is also originated from different areas of the world, which inclined to comprise with different and unique energy vibrations. In fact, it enables deep reflection, encourages awareness and conveys, as well. Apart from its distinctive features, it also cleanses and activates the spirit and the chakras as well as, the composition of the body and its pathways. It also increases perception, serenity, tolerance, sympathy, and love that will guide you to become a rapid individual growth.

  • Astrological Representation: None

  • Chakra: Crown Chakra


Pyroxmangite is a natural stone. Its colour can be red-brown; dark-brown; rose pink to purple pink. This gemstone has a resistance of 5.5-6 based on the Moh’s scale. It is also considered an exceptionally unusual faceted stone, which makes it usual collector’s gemstone.

  • Astrological Representation: None

  • Chakra: None


This stone gives out power and controls emotions. It also deals with the mental action of the person, especially when the emotions involved are not good. It increases the perception of the individuals and makes them to understand the distinction between the truth as well as, the thoughts. It also instructs the brain to focus with your goals.

Also, it also facilitates for the growth of your psychic capabilities. Moreover, it is also supportive in giving energy to your body right after several physical activities. This stone provides power and handle emotions. Abstract ideas can be conveyed into realism through the use of this stone. In fact, full-size life changes and transformation become easier through the use of this stone.

  • Astrological Representation: Gemini

  • Chakra: Root

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Tiffany Bertrandite

This stone has an excellent healing features including relieving you to discharge energy obstacles from the meridians as well as, within the chakras. By discharging these blockages, it is identified to generate helpful changes in your sex life, and is said to improve your sexual experiences. It is also a useful stone when you’re experiencing total life changes of any type. It is also known to assist and carry a tough level of perseverance and emotional strength. It assists you to release the old in order to allow in the new aspect of your life. If you are engage in the business, this gemstone may assist you to work out what way to take in. It is also known to assist you to clear the mess both within your business as well as, your environment.

  • Astrological Representation: Aquarius

  • Chakra: Heart

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There are so many more rare and exotic gemstones that should be explored by anyone interested in these gems. Below is a list of some of the other rare gemstone you will find on Gem Rock Auctions.

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The list will hopefully include Grandidierite soon, rare n exotic it shows up like few can. Got 1 recently here n they're hard to find.

12th Apr 2017

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