The April Birthstone: A Complete Guide + 4 Alternative Stones

April Birthstone - Diamonds Are Forever

If you’re born in April then you are lucky enough to have one of the most popular monthly birthstones associated with your birthday. After all, diamond is the April birthstone, and it is one of the most revered birthstones of all. Not only is the April birthstone one of the more valuable monthly birthstones; according to the MOHS hardness scale, it’s also the hardest gemstone. In fact, it’s so hard that it can only be cut with another diamond.

So, whether you’re born in April, or you are looking to buy diamonds for someone who is, you’ve come to the right place to find out more about the April birthstone - let’s get into it.

The History of the April Birthstone

Over the last century, the April birthstone (diamonds) have transformed from a pretty accent stone to the star of the show. But the history of this stone stretches back to ancient times. Miners first collected them along the streams and riverbeds of India, and they were adorned by the wealthy and royalty from as far back as 400-300 BC. Over time though, merchants brought diamonds into the mainstream by trading them at festivals and markets.

a traditional april birthstoneStill, they remained an exclusive and unattainable ornament to high-society and didn’t become a household commodity until the mid 20th century.

Diamonds may have been a lavish accessory during antiquity, but their popularity dimmed (along with every joyous commodity) in the Middle Ages a.k.a. the Dark Ages. They remained dormant for around two hundred years. This isn’t to suggest that they fell from society entirely, but they certainly weren’t in the spotlight.

In fact, colorful jewels like rubies and sapphires received more notoriety. Still, there was something special about diamonds and the De Beers marketing campaign showed the world just how special they are when they decided that “a diamond is forever.” We know they are popular. We know everyone loves diamonds for engagement rings. But what else do they offer?

April Birthstone Meaning and Symbolism

April birthstones are commonly associated with strength, love, protection and prosperity, making them a great gift for loved ones. Below, we go into the April birthstone meanings and symbolism in more detail. 


April birthstones are a symbol of strength, clarity, and vigor. That’s because they are the hardest gemstone and element in nature. They are made of pure carbon, and the layers within the lattice structure make it extremely hard. Contrasting, this durability is the birthstone’s symbol of purity, faith, and everlasting love.


It’s the interplay of gentleness supported by eternal strength that makes diamonds the perfect symbol of marriage. And that’s not all, as the April birthstone, diamonds have powerful healing properties that promote happiness, longevity, and protection.


In poetic folklore, the April birthstone represents a protective amulet against evil, sickness, death, and the plague.  


Diamonds aren’t only forever, they are the “stone of immortality,” and thought to amplify financial fortune and prosperity. It’s the toughness of these stones that makes them suitable for April birthstone jewelry. You can’t wear every gemstone every day, but you can certainly wear a diamond every day because they are so durable.

Cleaning and Caring for your April Birthstone

The best way to clean your April birthstone is to use a mild detergent, soft brush, warm water and lint-free cloths. 

Apply detergent, softly brush your birthstone and then rinse it under warm water. After you’re done, make sure you dry it with a soft towel. Don’t leave it out to air dry, as this will create spots, similar to water spots that you find on glass. 

We also recommend that you take your diamonds to a jeweler every few months, as they will be able to ensure that your April Birthstone is in great condition. 

The Best April Birthstone Gifts

We all know someone with an April birthday, and diamonds make a thoughtful birthstone gift! Let’s not forget that diamonds aren’t exclusive to women. In fact, they are suitable for anyone who treasures their symbolism and brilliance. When you give someone an April birthstone, you’re gifting them something completely personalized. Here are some options for April birthstone jewelry:

  • A three-stone diamond necklace pendant (representing a couple and child, or three close friends)

  • Diamond earrings in your loved one’s favorite color

  • A tennis bracelet embellished with April birthstone diamonds

If you thought diamonds were singular or one-note, now you can see that the April birthstone offers limitless variety! If you want to gift diamond jewelry to someone special, be sure to take notes: ask them their favorite color or browse Pinterest for inspiration. And don’t forget to shop our collection of loose diamonds for sale!

Ready to show an April birthday how much you care? Shower them with the eternal love that shines from the heart of a beautiful diamond birthstone.

4 Alternative April Birthstones

As promised, we’re going to discuss 4 alternative April Birthstones as well. Yes, diamonds are the traditional April birthstone. Though, different cultures have associated other birthstones with the month of April. They are as follows:

  • Sapphire

  • Opal

  • White Topaz

  • Quartz

Below, we will go through the properties of each of these alternative stones, some of which were used as April birthstones long before diamonds. 


Ancient Romans, Italians, Russians, Hebrews and even Arabic cultures considered Sapphire to be the April Birthstone. Sapphire is thought to bring inner peace and relieves mental tension for those who wear it. Additionally, it helps with depression and promotes self-expression.

sapphire gem an alternative april birthstoneOpal

Tibetans were known to refer to Opals as the April birthstone, as were the Ancient Greeks. Back then, Opals were believed to give the power of foresight to those who bear it. Today though, Opals are thought to absorb and amplify the thoughts, feelings, and characteristics of those who bear them, and to help bring them to the surface.​

opal gem an alternative april birthstoneWhite Topaz

A plethora of jewelry companies promote White Topaz as an alternative April birthstone. It is believed that those who possess White Topaz will be more conscious of their own thoughts and actions. White Topaz is also thought to release stagnant energy, helping the wearer move forward with their life.

white topaz an alternative april birthstoneQuartz

In Britain, Quartz is often referred to as the birthstone for April. The stone is thought to be a stone for clarity, and often the source of inspiration and creativity. Quartz stones can also help with improving your concentration and retaining knowledge.

quartz an alternative april birthstoneConclusion

That brings our April birthstone article to an end! If you’re looking to learn more about the traditional April birthstone, then you can read our full guide on diamonds here. If you’re looking to buy diamonds or an April birthstone either for yourself or someone you love, then feel free to follow one of the links below.

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