Red Gemstones: List of 20 Red Gems

list of red gemstonesAre you looking for a colored gemstone that matches your fiery personality? You’re in luck! In this guide, we’ll cover all red gemstones names and pictures, along with their spiritual meanings and healing properties.

First off, what should we know about the red gemstones?

Red stones symbolize energy, warmth, and passion. In energy work, red healing crystals correspond to the sacral chakra and root chakra. These stones inherently possess strengthening and rejuvenating properties, and bring their wearer motivation and vitality.

The red gemstones we’ll cover are:

  • Garnet

  • Ruby

  • Carnelian

  • Rhodonite

  • Sunstone

  • Agate

  • Red Jasper

  • Fire Opal

  • Cinnabar

  • Rubellite Tourmaline

  • Red Coral

  • Andesine

  • Eudialyte

  • Crocoite

  • Tantalite

  • Red Beryl

  • Red Zircon

  • Red Spinel

  • Red Topaz

  • Red Diamond

Ready to plunge into our blazing red stones and crystals? Let’s jump in!

red spessartite garnet gemstone


Red garnets are the most widely known variety of the garnet mineral family. The red varieties of garnet include pomegranate-hued pyrope, burgundy almandine, and purplish-red rhodolite. Beyond red hues, garnets also come in orange, green, blue, and more!

While garnets are composed of silicate, iron’s presence during formation usually causes red shades. In fact, most garnet gemstones vary in chemical composition and crystal shape! On the Mohs mineral hardness scale, garnet ranks high at a durable 7.5 to 8.

Garnet’s name comes from the Latin term for “seed,” granatum, after the stone’s pomegranate color. Similar in color to red wine, old nobles believed red garnets could prevent poisoning, so they added the stone to their wine for protection. 

Garnet is the January birthstone, the zodiac stone for Aquarius, and a lucky star stone for Capricorn and Scorpio. Garnets symbolize femininity, commitment, and friendship. Crystal healers use garnet to purify negative energies, boost blood circulation, and improve relationships.

Up next: what gemstone is blood red?

red ruby gemstone


Ruby is a transparent pink to blood-red form of corundum, named after the Latin word for “red.” Chromium is the cause of ruby’s red color and red fluorescence.

Ruby is one of the four precious gemstones, joining diamond, emerald, and sapphire. Along with sapphire, ruby ranks at 9 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, only below diamond. 

Historically, rubies adorned weapons and supposedly held prophecies. Ruby gemstones symbolize prestige, protection, and fortune. In terms of healing, rubies are said to restore youthfulness, dispel anxiety, and increase energy. 

If you have a July birthday, ruby is your traditional birthstone! Ruby is also the zodiac stone for summer signs Cancer and Leo. Some famous rubies include the Liberty Bell Ruby, the largest mined ruby in the world, and the DeLong Star Ruby, a huge Burmese ruby infamously stolen (and later recovered) in the 1960s.

red carnelian gemstone cabochons


If you love red-orange crystals, you’ll love carnelian! Nicknamed the “Sunset Stone,” carnelian is a gorgeous and affordable chalcedony stone in yellow, red-orange, and brownish-red colors. On the Mohs scale, this gem ranks at a solid 7.

Historically, carnelian gemstones hold significance in numerous religions and myths. Carnelian is the most significant gemstone in Islam, reportedly worn in a signet ring by the prophet Muhammad himself. Carnelian has many functions in crystal healing, such as inducing sleep; regulating blood flow, and imparting confidence for creative endeavors.

Anyone born under the Virgo constellation? Carnelian is your zodiac stone! Along with the traditional ruby, carnelian is a modern birthstone for July. Fittingly, carnelian represents summer warmth, inspiration, and creativity. 

red rhodonite gemstone


Rhodonite is a rosy-red manganese silica gemstone with black to dark brown veining. Named after the Greek rhodos for “rose,” rhodonite is one of the only color-banded pink-red gemstones. This gem has a 5.5-6.5 Mohs ranking and displays pleochroism and chatoyancy at times.

No country values rhodonite more than Russia, the stone’s first source. Russians used to give rhodonite carvings as diplomatic gifts, a practice that first introduced the world to the gem. Shortly after, the stone’s use as a protective talisman spread worldwide.

Rhodonite is a zodiac stone for Taurus and Cancer, two signs that value loyalty in love, which rhodonite symbolizes! For healing, rhodonite can improve memory, resolve emotional wounds, and enhance mindfulness exercises.

red sunstone gemstone


Sunstone is a reddish-orange feldspar mineral with a glittering surface. Aventurescence is a key sunstone property (giving the effect of metallic glitter) caused by inclusions of hematite, goethite, or pyrite. Copper inclusions create the gem’s sun-like hues.

Sunstone represents the balancing masculine energy opposite moonstone’s feminine energy. The stone also symbolizes warmth, abundance, and direction. Fittingly, Nordic Viking sailors used sunstone’s polarizing properties (along with iolite) to navigate the sea on cloudy days.

In ancient times, sunstone gemstones connected to sun gods, like the Egyptian god Ra and the Greek Titan god Helios. Sunstone is a secondary birthstone for July and August, as well as a zodiac stone for Libra. Crystal healers often utilize sunstone’s properties for encouraging self-reliance, healing physical wounds, and removing toxic forces in your life.

red fire agate gemstone


Agate is a translucent chalcedony mineral with several visually distinct varieties, though most buyers know banded agates the best. One red agate variety is Mexico’s fire agate, a reddish-brown stone with flashes of iridescence. Another red agate variant is sardonyx, a hybrid of agate and onyx, with a brownish-red base and stripes of white and orange shades.

Greek philosopher Theophrastus coined the name agate, after the Achates River in Italy where people often found agate stones. Agate represents balance, strength, and intellect. 

September birthdays have agate as their mystical birthstone, while Gemini astrological signs are graced with an agate zodiac stone. One can use agate healing crystals to enhance concentration, reduce irritability, and obtain clearer perspectives on the root cause of issues.

red picture jasper tumbled stones

Red Jasper

While “agate” refers to translucent chalcedony minerals, jasper encompasses opaque chalcedony stones. Jasper stones display saturated colors and mesmerizing patterns, particularly red jasper varieties, including: 

  • Blood Jasper: Reddish-black base with white veining

  • Bloodstone: Traditionally dark forest-green jasper with red hematite spots

  • Mookaite Jasper: Australian variety sometimes in deep blood-red with swirls of cream, tan, and mauve.

  • Poppy Jasper: Variety of brecciated jasper with a pattern of circular red and yellow shapes resembling poppies intermixed with splotches of yellow, white, black, and/or brown.

  • Sonora Sunset Jasper: Hybrid stone composed of red cuprite and turquoise-colored chrysocolla with distinct, separated color sections. (Not all geologists and gemologists agree this variety is technically jasper.)

Red jasper symbolizes protection, potential, and often courage. In Viking folklore, the warrior Siegfried, known as “dragonslayer,” had a jasper-embedded sword hilt. Native Americans call red jasper “the blood of Mother Earth.”

Red jasper serves as a March birthstone and as a star stone for the zodiac sign Aries. Crystal healers use this gem to balance the sacral chakra and stimulate creativity or innovation.

red mexican fire opal gemstone

Fire Opal

Fire opal is a Mexican opal variety with a vibrant reddish-orange body tone and iridescent flashes in orange, yellow, and/or blue. Fire opals are unique from other opals because they’re transparent to translucent and form deep within ancient volcanoes.

Some fire opals can be precious (exhibiting play-of-color) and some, particularly Ethiopian fire opals, exhibit neon greens and violets in different viewing directions. This dual-colored effect has led to fire opals symbolizing a joyous unification of opposites. 

Healing properties of fire opal gemstones include dispelling painful memories, stimulating reproductive organs, and promoting positive relationships. This gem is a Gemini zodiac stone, as well as a ~spicy~ alternative to the traditional opal October birthstone

red rubellite tourmaline gemstone

Rubellite Tourmaline

Rubellite is a vibrant deep red, purplish-pink, or pink-red tourmaline variety named after the Latin rubellus, for “red.” The gemstone can be transparent to opaque and pleochroic, shifting colors from colorless to medium or pale pink. Traces of manganese in the crystal are behind rubellite’s coloring.

If you’re a Libra born in October, rubellite tourmaline is your zodiac stone and monthly birthstone! Like Libra, rubellite symbolizes harmony, love, and passion. Crystal healers often use rubellite for embracing compassion, reawakening sensuality, and promoting courageous self-confidence.

Rubellite gemstones were notoriously mistaken for ruby throughout history, even by nobility. In the late 1700s, Swedish King Gustavus III gave an impressive crystal pendant to Russian ruler Catherine the Great and called the gem “Caesar’s Ruby.” It wasn’t until 1926 that the gem would be revealed as rubellite by Professor Alexander Fersman. 

red cinnabar gemstone


Cinnabar is one of the lesser-known dark red crystals and is composed of mercury sulphide. The mineral is currently the only known mercury ore, and some say the gemstone is therefore toxic. Other experts claim natural cinnabar is non-toxic.

Cinnabar’s name probably comes from the ancient Persian šangarf, meaning “dragon’s blood,” for the stone’s vermilion hue. Cavemen ground cinnabar into pigment for painting caves in the Stone Age. The stone was difficult to process in ancient times, leading Chinese alchemists to associate cinnabar with immortality.

Beyond immortality, cinnabar symbolizes abundance, manifestation, and success. The stone’s healing properties can attract prosperity, aid in acceptance, and align the chakras. Cinnabar ties to the fiery zodiac sign Leo.

red coral specimen

Red Coral (Precious Coral)

Red coral, or precious coral, is a vivid pink to red organic gemstone formed underwater when animals called coral polyps secrete their exoskeletons. Precious coral’s red color comes from the combination of carotenoids and proteins. Interestingly, some miners find coral fossils atop mountains in Indonesia!

Before William Herschel proved coral was a creature (not a plant) in the 1900s, people called coral “garden of the sea.” Red coral gemstones also go by Moonga or Praval. Hindi and ayurvedic medicine use red coral to make Praval Pishti, a calcium-rich supplement for treating a cold or cough.

Ayurvedic astrologists assign red coral to the zodiac sign Aries, and other astrologers connect red coral to Mars, the planet of personal drive and desire. Unsurprisingly, coral symbolizes leadership, action, and ambition. In terms of healing, red coral can increase motivation, promote blood circulation, and enhance creative thinking.

red andesine feldspar gemstone


Red andesine is a rare-red, honey-red, or flesh-red feldspar variety named after the Andes Mountains. Most andesine isn’t gem-quality, but rare fine red andesine gemstones are comparable to Alexandrite. Some andesine is color-changing, showing vivid hues of green and red in either direction, though all andesine stones show faint labradorescence (iridescent color flashes.)

Andesine symbolizes imagination, self-awareness, and change. While the stone isn’t an official zodiac stone, its transition-focused properties connect to the mutable signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

Nicknamed the “Stone of Magic,” ancient peoples used andesine amulets for strengthening their intellect and physique, along with granting them the endurance to overcome obstacles. Today, andesine crystals reportedly make transitions easier, resolve relationship troubles, and balance the heart chakra. 

red eudialyte gemstone cabochon


Eudialyte is a fairly rare cyclosilicate mineral found in reddish-orange, brownish-red, and magenta colors. No one knew about eudialyte until the stone’s discovery in Greenland in 1819. Most eudialyte comes from Russia now, where the gems have carmine hues locally nicknamed “Dragon’s Blood.”

The name eudialyte comes from the Greek phrase eu dialytos, translating to “readily decomposable” because the stone quickly dissolves in acids. Eudialyte doesn’t have a crystal habit, so eudialyte gemstones are rare but have a popular market for collectors.

Some call eudialyte the “stone of the heartland,” as the gem represents enduring and unconditional love. Healing uses for eudialyte include balancing emotions, increasing confidence, and strengthening bones.

red crocoite gemstone crystal


Red crocoite is a cherry red to red-orange lead chromate mineral with the same chemical composition as the artificial paint pigment chrome yellow. At a 2.5 to 3 Mohs ranking, you can scratch crocoite with a knife or copper penny, making it unsuitable for jewelry. As of 2000, crocoite is the official state mineral of Tasmania.

Crocoite’s name reflects its vivid red-orange coloring, derived from the Greek krokos, meaning “saffron.” Crocoite gems have a yellow-orange streak and also come in orange or yellow hues, though red crocoite is more abundant. Geologists call the stone “red lead ore.” 

Crocoite crystals represent intuition, sensuality, and reinvigoration. You can use crocoite to increase energy, balance the immune system, and stay present. As a zodiac stone, crocoite honors the sign Aries.

red tantalite gemstone


Iron-rich tantalite is a dark reddish-brown tantalum mineral with a brownish-red or black streak. High amounts of iron and manganese are usually present in tantalite stones. This stone shares a similar composition to tapiolite and columbite, sometimes merging with the latter to create coltan. Tantalite stones are only cut as cabochons and sometimes display strong brown and red-brown pleochroism.

The gem is named after the Greek mythological character Tantalus, a wealthy and cruel king who mingled with the gods. Zeus famously punished Tantalus for trying to serve his own son as dinner to the gods, cursing Tantalus to stand in water under a fruit tree, and to remain eternally thirsty and hungry. (The myth also led to the word tantalize!)

Despite its melancholic etymology, tantalite gemstones symbolize glowing happiness and alignment with nature. Tantalite healing benefits include preventing burnout, easing discomfort, and shielding negativity.

red beryl gemstone

Red Beryl

Red beryl is a beryl variety in shades from raspberry to deep rose, all of which are caused by manganese. These stones also go by Bixbite after Maynard Bixby, the man who discovered them in Utah, USA. In fact, red beryl gemstones currently only come from US deposits, mostly in Utah and New Mexico.

In the beryl family, red beryl is the rarest variety, making the stone highly valued at up to $10,000 per carat! The US state of New Hampshire honors beryl as the official state mineral, and the gem traditionally commemorates the 38th wedding anniversary.

Beryl serves as an alternate birthstone for November and a zodiac stone for Scorpio. Red beryl represents fidelity, harmonious relationships, and perseverance. These red healing crystals can foster empathy, balance the heart chakra, and promote creativity. 

Beryl holds significance in Judaism and Christianity. The Bible describes it as one of the Hoshen stones that decorated the High Priest’s Breastplate and as one of the 12 foundation stones in the book of Revelation.

red zircon gemstone

Red Zircon

Red zircon is a transparent yellow-red to reddish-brown zircon variety. Historically, red zircon went by jacinth or hyacinth, though these terms fell out of use. Along with blue and green, red is one of the most valuable zircon colors.

Zircon likely comes from the Arabic zarkun, meaning “bright or dark red.” Hyacinth, however, has a richer backstory. In Greek mythology, Hyacinthus was a beautiful mortal whom Apollo, god of music and light, mentored. Apollo taught him discus, but the discus struck and killed Hyacinthus, leading Apollo to use Hyacinthus’ blood to create the flower hyacinth. From this myth, red zircons symbolize rebirth.

Red zircon is a gemstone of Venus, the planet of love and beauty, and can be used as a zodiac stone for the Venus-ruled signs Libra and Taurus. The stone wards off evil, heals spinal issues, and clarifies one’s purpose in life.

red spinel gemstone

Red Spinel

Red spinel is an isometric oxide mineral comprising iron, zinc, and magnesium, along with traces of other elements. Spinel is allochromatic (colored by impurities) and red coloring occurs when chromium or iron replaces aluminum during the stone’s formation.

People mistook red spinel for ruby until French mineralogist Jean-Baptiste L. Romé de l'Isle identified spinel as a distinct mineral in 1783. One famous misidentification is “The Black Prince’s Ruby” adorning the Imperial State Crown of the United Kingdom. Dating back to 1367, this 170-ct cabochon got its nickname from its first owner, Edward of Woodstock, who people called the “Black Prince.”

Spiritually, red spinel symbolizes hope, rejuvenation, and longevity, often called the “Stone of Immortality.” You can use red zircon to increase brain power, improve your self-soothing, and reduce nerve inflammation. The gem is a birthstone for August and a zodiac stone for Leo signs.

red whisky topaz gemstone

Red Topaz

Red topaz is a form of topaz with deep burgundy tones. Red is one of the rarest natural topaz colors, along with pink and golden-orange. Highly valued Imperial Topaz stones from Brazil sometimes exhibit pinkish-red hues. 

Topaz’s name is most likely derived from either the Sanskrit word tapas, for “fire,” or the ancient isle “Topazinos” in the Red Sea. Biblically, topaz is one of the “Stones of Fire,” and the gem is featured on the High Priest’s Breastplate as well as the 12 foundation stones of New Jerusalem.

The topaz meaning has varied throughout history. Ancient Egyptians called it the “gem of the sun;” ancient Greeks used topaz for stealth and stamina; and Romans believed the stone improved eyesight. Today, topaz symbolizes long-lasting love and friendship.

As a healing crystal, red topaz can provide protection from harm, balance the solar plexus chakra, and uncover hidden talents. The gem is a zodiac stone for Leo and Aries, as well as a November birthstone.

Last but not least, what is the most valuable red gemstone?

red diamond gemstone

Red Diamond

Of all red gemstones for sale, red diamonds are the most valuable, commanding auction prices upwards of $1 million. Among diamond colors, red is the rarest and most expensive in the world, with only a few dozen naturally red diamonds currently discovered. 

Diamond gemstones are purely made of carbon, and most colors happen from impurities. Red diamonds, however, are pure carbon too, only appearing red from a slight difference in the atomic structure that bends the light so we see red. 

Red diamonds symbolize power, passion, and commitment, particularly commitment despite changes in circumstance. These stones are known for attracting love to the wearer and creating a sturdy foundation for building an enduring relationship.

While diamond is the traditional April birthstone, red diamonds are an alternative to garnet for January birthdays. Currently, the largest red diamond is the Moussaieff Diamond, a 5.11-ct. Brazilian specimen with a trillion cut discovered in the 1990s.

Every (Gemstone) Red-Letter!

When Jasmine sang “every moment, red letter” in Aladdin, we’re pretty sure she saw one of these shining, shimmering, splendid red gemstones. Every crystal above offers new and exciting properties, taking you “wonder by wonder” through a radiant world of rose, burgundy, and every shade in between!

Do you have a favorite? Explore our collection of red gemstones and bring out your inner fire! 

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