A-Z Of Crystal Healing Properties


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-Strength, courage, love, healing, protection, self-acceptance, stability, concentration, safety & security, Love , Abundance , Wealth , Good luck ,Longevity , Acceptance , Balance , Harmony , Generosity ,Appreciation of nature.

*Blue Lace Agate- Peace, self-expression, communication, reduces anger, infection, inflammation & repression, Hope , Unity , Cleansing , Harmony , Protection , Optimism , Positive thinking , Joy ,Truth , Purification , Promptness , Calming , Appreciation for nature , Smooth energy flow

*Dendritic Agate- Plentitude, abundance, fullness, plant magic, growth, stability, Earth connection

*Pink Agate- Love, self-love, parent/child bonding.

*Moss Agate- Stability, beauty, agriculture, plant magic, wealth, abundance, intuition, optimism, personal growth


Luck, love


Purifying, soothing, relieves anxiety and fear, dispels negativity, universal love.

Amber- luck, healing, strength, lifeforce energy, beauty, love, grounding, counteracts suicidal thoughts, self-expression, creativity, joy


Romantic love , Purification , Cleansing , Healing , Energy , Joy , Enhances patience , Draws negative energy from the body , Balance , Strength , Spontaneity , Wisdom , Promotes good luck and success


Healing, psychism, peace, love, protection, happiness, breaks bad habits, spirituality, meditation, pleasant dreams


Combines the properties of Citrine and Amethyst, astral travel, meditation, divination, healing, unites masculine and feminine energies, creativity, well-being


Peace, brother/sisterhood, angel/spiritu guide contact, healing, purifying, truth, mathematic understanding, compassion


Cleansing , Meditation ,Serenity , Peace , Prophecy , Inspiration , Tranquility , Inner power strength , Soothing , Calming , Safe travel on water


Grounding, attunes to the Earth Goddess,stress, centering, stabilizing, Earth connection, acceptance, peace, Truth , Emotional stability , Mental stability , Understanding , Perception


Mental powers, eyesight, luck, money, prosperity, stress relief, garden/plant magic, understanding, creativity, compassion & empathy, Imagination , Independence , Prosperity , Calmness , Career success , Balance , Heals circulation , Heals congestion

*Green Aventurine- comfort, healing, harmonizing, opens heart chakra, dissolves negative emotions


Psychism,dreams,divination, intuitive development, spiritual enlightment, stimulates Third Eye Chakra, raises consciousness, meditation aid, stimulates memory, removes worry, grief and sadness

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Psychism, energy, clairvoyant psychic reading, healing, love, stress relief, purity, scrying, calms the mind, anxiety relief, removes distractions

*Golden Beryl- used during ritual magick, used for scrying and magickal workings, promotes independence and intuition, the ability to succeed and opens reality.

*Pink Beryl (Morganite)- attracts love and maintains it, encouranges loving thoughts and actions, helps one to enjoy life cleanses and activates heart chakra calms stress.


Healing, halt bleeding, strength, courage, wealth, purification, insomnia, detoxifying, prosperity, stimulates dreaming, avoids dangerous situations, eases chaos


Creativity , Originality

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A powerful spiritual stone

*Black Calcite- helps in keeping records

*Blue Calcite- ideal relaxation,

*Clear Calcite- a respected cure all

*Gold Calcite- ideal for meditation,

*Green Calcite- n heals negative thoughts

*Orange Calcite-energy booster

*Pink Calcite (Mango Calcite)-angelic response

*Red Calcite- energy upliift

*Yellow Calcite- Ideal for meditation and expanding the mind


Emotional warmth , Sociability , Creativity , Individuality ,Memory , Appreciation of nature ,Harmony , Courage , Happiness , Self-esteem , Rebirth , Reincarnation , Past life recall


- ideal for artists


-ideal for calming

*Dendritic Chalcedony-ideal for clear though n female reproduction

*Pink Chalcedony-ideal kindness

*Blue Chalcedony-ideal for creativity

*Red Chalcedony- ideal positive thought


The stone dispelling negativity


* See Seraphinite


Tranquility, peace, harmony, draws off negative energy, meditation, communication, relationship strength, stabilizes emotions and energies, realigns all Chakras, intuition, psychic healing, self-awareness


Part of the diving, meditation, creativity, stress relief, business and personal relationship fidelity, universal energy, calming, forgiveness, peace, removes anger, detoxifies, Spiritual protection , Communication , Eloquence , Balance , Stability , Adaptability, hope.


Abundance, persuasuveness, assertiveness, power, communication


Psychism, communication, knowledge, creativity, energy, cleaser, regenerator, grounding, joy, happiness, heals depression, aura protector, cleanses Chakras, wealth, removes gloom, grief and sorrow, enjoyment, well-being, wisdom, spirituality


Wisdom, healing,


Copper provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and aligns the subtle bodies. It has been used successfully to amplify and to transmit thought. It is said to be a “bestower” of “good”, bringing benefit to the user. It is also reported to being “luck” to persons, especially in the recovery of property.


- psychism, power, guided intent, healing, cleansing, purification, enhancement of other crystals, change, new starts

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- spirituality, intellect, higher consciousness, expanding the mind, deep change, helps the dying move on, clarifies the aura


- a form of Selenite which helps to dissolve negativity, promote self-confidence and self-love, strength and encourangement


- spirituality, strength, courage, love, purity, Harmony,Prosperity

* Yellow Diamond: Makes us more considerate and thoughtful.

* Blue Diamond: Strengthens willpower and inspires us to take better care of our health.

* Pink Diamond: Used for creative expression.

* Black Diamond: Gives us courage to look within without illusion.

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Love , Romance , Joy , Cleansing , Intuition , Clairvoyance , Faith , Serenity , Intelligence , Clear vision , Truth , Memory & Communication , Physical & Emotional healing

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Mental strength, meditation, organization, emotional stability, phychic intuition and enhancement, overcomes chaos and stress, spirituality, balance

*Clear Fluorite-stimulates Crown Chakra, energizes aura harmonizes intellect with spirit. Clears vision relieves anxiety.

*Green Fluorite- grounds excese energy, dispells emotional trauma, absorbs negative energies, mental cleanser

*Purple Fluorite- Third Eye stimulator, promotes communication, spirituality, meditation and great for bone health

*Yellow Fluorite- enhances creativity, stability, cooperation and physical endurance


- knowledge, practicality, helps to channel information involving herbalism and holistic remedies, past life revisitation, overcoming being a victim, strength so say “no” self-worth, trust, growth of the soul, addiction

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- harmony, grounding, stability, balance, aids in holistic healing, expands and opens the mind and removes self-limitations


- protection, strength, regernation, passion, balances sex drive, enhances romance and love, strengthens survival instinct, removes depression and hoplessness

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- grounding,divination, healing, insomnia, depression, anxiety, stability, mood swings, self-esteem, legal situations, will-power, removes self-limitations, compulsions and addiction recovery


- energizes, promtes creativity, clarity, stimulates psychic abilities and intuition, spiritual enhancer, past life revisitation, telepathy


- calming, insomnia, past lives, spiritual awareness, patience, eliminates anger and rage, sleep, meditation, knowledge

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- higher self, releases feelings of imprisonment, danger, negative thought patterns, depression, promotes creativity, stimulates assertiveness


Power , Inner strength , Leadership , Self-confidence

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- wisdom, love, healing, vitality, good luck, friendship

*Blue/Blue-Green Jade- peace, reflection, serenity, patience, progress, removes overwhelmness

*Brown Jade- Grounding, earth connection, comfort, reliability, adjustment

*Lavender Jade - Alleviates emotional hurt and trauma, inner peace, restraint, subtelty, clear boundaries

*Orange jade - energy, stimulating, joy, connection

*Red Jade- passion, stimulating, love, releasing anger, tension and steam in a constructive way

*White Jade- directs energy in positive ways, filters distractions, aids in decision making

*Yellow Jade- energetic, stimulating, mellow at the same time, joy, happiness, removes toxins


- calling rain, healing, beauty, nurturing

*Blue Jasper- Spiritual connection, Throat Chakra stimulation, promotes astras travel

*Brown Jasper - connected to the Earth and encouranges ecological awareness, stability, balance, astral travel, stabilizing, improves night vision, removes toxins

*Green Jasper- heals obsessive disorders, treats skin issues and redices toxitity

*Red Jasper- grounding and stimulating energy, provides insight into difficult situations, helps with worrying and when placed under pillow promotes dreal reacall. This stone cleanses and stimulates the auraa and detoxifies the liver.

*Yellow Jasper - protection during astral travel and meditation. Heals the liver and kidneys and detoxifies the body after stress and illness. Also known to east physical pain.

*Picture Jasper-Mother Earth communication, helps with past issues, resolves feelings of guilt, hatred and love. Promotes peace and harmony and alleviates fear.

*Brecciated Jasper - excellent aid in keeping feet grounded and emotional stability, draws out excess energy from the head and promotes mental clarity


-Actually fossilized wood that has the appearance of wood. Draws out negative energy, guards against violence and spiritual journey, those who are attracted to this stone are said to be “old souls” spiritual enlightment, stabilizes finances and protects business.

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- tranquil, protective, self-expression, freedom of feelings, recovering memories, introspection, clears emotional debris, mood lifting abilities and activates the Heart Chakra


- attunement and meditation, amplifies energies, stimulates psychic abilities, grounding, emotional stability, aligns the Chakras, this stone does not hold negativity so it doesn’t need cleansing. It promotes self-expression and communication

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- highly mystical and protective, raises consciousness, forms a barrier to negative energy, promotes intellect and knowledge, basnishes fears, faith and self-trust. It calms an overactive mind and promotes peace


- spiritual psychism, healing, possesses serenity, brings deep peace, harmonizes the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels, eases depression and anxiety, promotes qualities of honesty, compassion and uprightness to the personality,. Inner truth , Inner power , Love , Purification , Intuition , Positive magic , Self-confidence , Manifestation , Friendship


- A very spiritual stone that promotes tranquility, enduced deep meditation, facilitates angelic and spirit guide contacts, dissolves self-sabotaging behavior, alleviates gilt and removes fear.


- Clears pollution and absorbs negativity from computers and other electronics, reduces stress, depression, obsessive thoughts, releases addictions and compulsive actions. Stimulates intellect and helps concentration.

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- powerful positive-negative polarity that can be used as magnetic therapy. It attracts and repels. energizes and sedates. It aligns the chakras and aids in telepathy and meditation


Calming , Loyalty , Leadership, Protection , Wisdom , Comfort , Balance , Peace , Self-understanding , Positive transformation , Healing, , magical energy, success, amplifies both positive and negative energies and should be handled with care in it’s rough form. It is a protective stone and absorbs negativity, promotes spiritual guidance and enhances psychic powers.


- a rare stone from outer space, enhances other crystals and aligns one with their higher self, meditation, spiritual guidance and is a wonderful grounding stone


- love, sleep, psychism, divination, peace, female power, PMS, male aggression, wishful thinking, soothes emotions, calms hyperactive children, balances male/female energies, helps the irrational become rational, enhances psychic powers and intuition

*Rainbow Moonstone



- blends well with quartz and is a rather new stone which is still being explores, it can be used for scrying and opens the Third Eye

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Purification , Transformation ,Fulfillment , Metamorphoses , Manifestation , Practicality , Grounding, Psychic ability

- this stone is formed when lava from a volcano cools quickly and has no time to crystallize. It has great power for banishing negativity, protection, soul healing, blocks geopathic stress. Obsidian can be overwhelmning to some people is large pieces and is suggested in smaller form for a beginner such as an Apache Tear or a Blue Aqua tumbled Obsidian

*Black Obsidian- a powerful and creative stone that helps one manifest intent during spells, heightns intuition, prmotes soul growth and works well with clear quartz

*Blue Obsidian- aids astral travel, divination, enhances telepathy, communication and healing. Great for those with mental or mood disorders.

*Blue-Green/Aqua Obsidian- opens throat and heart chakras, helps one in speaking truth, understanding and healing the mind, body and soul. Also a calming stone

*Green Obsidian- opens, purifies, protects, heals…make sure when using obsidian that you have REAL obsidian and not manmade glass


- protection, defense magic, habit breaking, stress, future thought, personal strength, guidance, holds memories, alleviates grief, sorrow, depression and general sadness.


Love , Loyalty , Peace , Consciousness , Faithfulness, astral projection, psychism, magical power raising, beauty, enhances cosmic consciousness, spontaneity, art interest, love, passion, passion,

* Opal is an emotional stone and reflects the mood of the wearer. It intensifies emotions and releases inhibitions. Encourages both freedom and independence. Opal enhances cosmic consciousness and induces psychic and mystical visions. It stimulates originality and creativity. Helps to release anger and claim self-worth, aiding in accessing and expressing one’s true self. Opal strengthens memory.



Purity , Honesty , Innocence , Integrity , Concentration , Focus , Meditation , Tranquility , Wisdom


Cleansing, freshening, invigorating, removes toxins from the body, restores emotional balance, enables us to let go of the past- keeps away evil spirits, releases negative patterns, alleviates jealousy, resentment, spite assists in growth, motivation and change and can improve a difficult relationship


A stone of unconditional love, heals time, aids in meditation, calming, soothing, connects one with angels or spirit guides, enhances spiritual growthk harmony with nature, letting go of stagnant energy, removes nightmares, fears phobias and beneficial for hyper children


This stone has the ability to transform and restruct energies. It removes life disturbances, emotional negativity, repels nagativity when placed in your environment, helps one to deal with authority and promotes confidence, self-esteem and optimism.

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Quartz is one of the most powerful and popular healers around. It is unique in its crystalline form and absorbs, releases and regulates energy. Quartz can enhance the properties of other stones as well as enhance psychic abilities, dissolved bad karma, filters distractions and is great to use furing meditation

*Blue Quartz- assists in reaching out to others and reduces fear, it calms the mind, aids in understanding your spirituality. it also helps to improve immune system health

*Golden Quartz- Facilitates spiritual comminication over a long distance including between worlds and empowers all types of health

*Green Quartz- opens and stabilizes the heart chakra and transmits negative energy, inspires creativity and balances emotions

*Harlequin Quartz- Balances moonds and emotions, great for those with bipolar, harmonizing, aids in self-expression, bridge between spiritual and mundane worlds, and is a wonderful healing stone. It helps one to recover from illness.

*Lithium Quartz-removes depression, anger and guilt, reaches into past lives to dissolve roots of emotional disease, cleanses the chakras and puritfies

*Rainbow Quartz- found within many quartz crystals it stimulates awareness of universal love, draws off negativity and promotes healing

*Tangerine Quartz- Heals trauma and shock, heals soul, past life healing, removes guilt, harmonizes Chakras promotes positive outlook on life

*Tibetan Quartz- meditation, spiritual healing, general use in spiritual workings such as during spells or psychic work, grounds and centers energy, purifies

*Aqua Aura Quartz- this is an artificially created stone that has an intense energy which makes you feel free from limitations, cleanses and calms the soul and aura, releases negative energy, helps one to fulfill their highest potential, promotes self-expression and is used as a peace stone during meditation

*Phantom Quartz- A Phantom Quarts is where you see a “ghost” quarts within the piece. it is shaped the same and almost looks like one quartz inside another. These are somewhat rare to find but beautiful. it’s properties are stiumlating, healing, meditation, past life recovering, enhances psychic abilities

*Rose Quartz- the stone of unconditional love, friendship, peace, romance, sexuality, peace, inner healing, trauma and crisis healing, placed by the bed promotes a loving relationship with your partner, draws love toward you, promotes receptivity to beauty, a fine healer, releases emotions and opens the heart.

*Rutiilated Quartz- heightens properties of other crystals, cleanses the aura, aids in astral travel and meditation, helps to let go of past, helpful for counselors and therapists as well as life coaches and parents as it filters negative energy from the client or loved one. It reaches the root of problems so that it can heal them.

*Smoky Quartz- the most efficient grounding and centering stone, great in meditation use, removes sadness and depression, pomotes a sense of well-being, removes stress, negative energy and suicidal tendencies, It promotes sexual energy and improves passion, promotes concentration

*Snow Quartz-supports learning, lets go of overwhelming feelings, can take the place of clear quartz

*Tourmalated Quartz- brings together the properties of Quartz and Tourmaline. Grounding, brings together opposites, helps heal and integrate shadow self and remove self-destruction tendencies

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Healing , Comfort , Harmony ,Friendship , Kindness , Tolerance , Compassion ,Self-love, expands consciousness, promotes a positive attitude, attracts a soul mate, heals sexual abuse, helps heal the heart after a break up or heartache, encourages emotional release, truth, removes fear and paranoia and enhances creativity.


Calmness , Self-confidence ,Refinement , Gratefulness , Elegance , Delicacy , Courtesy , Tact , Alternatives ,Inner path


High energy, life enhancement, positive attitude, love, balance, motivation, setting of realistic goals, wealth and prosperity, positive dreams, dispells arguments and controversy, calms hyperactivity yet promotes sexuality. Improves concentration and heightens awareness

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SALT - Himalayan SALT

- purification, grounding, protection, healing, keeps out negative energy when used during ritual, represents the element of earth


Creative expression , Intuition , Meditation , Luck , Wisdom , Optimism ,Friendliness , Generosity , Love , Loyalty ,Independence , Centring , Balance , Self-appreciation , Spiritual development , Intellect , Study , Knowledge, Memory.


Strength, stability, protection against theft and crime, garden magic, marriage and relationship stability


Selenite has a very fine vibration and brings clarity of mind, helps with spirit guide contact, peace, meditation, telepathy, prophetic dreams, EXTREMELY powerful, protective, especially when placed throughout the house, wards negativity, prevents evil and negative energies from entering the body and mind, helps with past life memories, clears confusion, judgement, insight and stabilizes emotions, depression and mood disorders. Promotes peaceful sleep when placed by the bed

*Green Selenite- helps one to work toward their highest good, self-confidence and well being, overcomes aging effects.

*Blue Selenite- opens Third Eye, aids in meditation, intellect and helps to reveal the core of a problem

*Orange-Brown Selenite- helps with Earth band nature connectionn and healing


- meditation, enhances Third Eye, spirit guide and angelic connection, intuition, psychic powers, cleansing, love, protection, peace, fulfillment


- aids in meditation and spiritual exploration, cleanses and clears chakras, stimulating yet promotes peace and calm, opens new pathways in life, control, emotional imbalances, cleansing and detoxifying and is said to ensure longevity


A highly spiritual stone that heightens vibration, intuition and telepathy. It brings about psychic vision, prophetic dreams and re-awakens metaphysical abilities. It helps with spirit guide comminucation and is highly protective


Tranquility, charm, kindness, promotes favorable outcomes, gentle, removes anger and rage, promotes peace and happiness, releases stress and chaos, helps those who have had difficult childhoods, heals inner child, emotional stability, strengthens psychic abilities, spirit guide comminucation, leadership, protection


Meditation, healing, calming, truth, standing up for your beliefs, removes electromagnetic pollution, removes negativity, encourages rationality, removes confusion, anxiety and old thought patterns.


Helps to rejuvinate and encouragement though difficult situations, cleanses all of the Chakras and promotes acceptance, peace and forgiveness


Knows as the “Fairy Cross” this stone was believed to be formed from tears of fairies that were shed after hearing of the death of Christ. It promotes good luck, protection, strength, intuition, wisdon, and spirit guide/angel communication


Spirituality, healing, psychism, intuition, love, wisdom, awareness, truth, spirituality, past life memories, relieves tension and pain, eliminates hostility, anger and rage as well as depression, anxiety and encourages support during difficult situations


Freedom , Originality , Sensuality , Romance , Sexuality , Independence , Luck, healing , persuasion, solar energy, male/female balance, depression, joy, nurturing, good fortune and luck, helps one to cut negative ties, reverses feelings of failure and increases self-worth, removes negative emotions when placed on the Solar Plexus chakra


The perfect stone for those wanting to release old patterns. A natural phenomenon, the Super seven contains ALL the seven chakra crystals!!

Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Goethite, Clear Quartz, Lepidocrocite, Rutile and Smoky quartz.

The Super Seven never needs cleansing. Use on all chakras. promote telekinetic pursuits, telepathy, clairaudience, clairvoyance, awareness-channeling, universal creativity, to further healing and well-ness on all levels, and for earth healing.


With its wonderful nurturing energy it can be used to fill the empty void. Great for those who feel unloved. Use to purify your space/ environment. Wonderful for fertility and balancing sexual energies. Relationships.

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- a powerful stone for life force, problem solving and healing. It also helps with regeneration, remove resistance, promotes sexual expression, passion, positivity and love


- courage, protection, energy, divination, grounding and centering, helps to recognize the needs of yourself as well as others, helps one to control power, protects against evil, removes negative energies, balances yin/yang, aids in night vision and night power, promotes self-worth and creativity

*Blue Tiger’s Eye- calming, releases stress, aids in anxiety, bad tempers and phobias, cools overactive sex drives and dissolves sexual frustrations

*Gold Tiger’s Eye- attention to deail, warning against negativity, action, companionship

*Red Tiger’s Eye- protection, stimulating, energizing, motivation, speeds up sex dive and slow metabolism


- protection, wealth, healing, stimulates, recharges, soothes and heals too, joy, abundance, removes all negativity, spiritual development, knowledge


Flexibility , Happiness , Objectivity , Compassion , Serenity , Balance , Positive transformation , Healing ,trength , Tolerance , Understanding


- spirtuality, calming, protection, luck, Purification , Serenity , Wisdom , Balance , Strength , Friendship , Love , Positive thinking ,Sensitivity

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- balances emotions, spirituality, third eye enhancement, scrying, calm, stress relief, rebirthing, energy blocks, negative energy removal, inner peace


awakening, revelation, innovation Helps one cope with the changes in life.


Self-control , Self-esteem , Healing , Harmony , Dream recall , Relaxation.

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