Cancer Birthstone Guide: Lucky Crystals & Their Meanings

cancer birthstonesWere you born under the Cancer zodiac sign? If so, you have plenty of monthly birthstones and lucky gemstones that will nurture your sensitivity and provide the stability you need to thrive. 

Both astrology and gemstones go back thousands of years. Humans have looked down at the Earth’s crystals and up at the stars to seek inspiration or answers for centuries. 

Cancer signs tend to be spiritual and sensitive, which can be a blessing and a curse. Luckily, there are plenty of birthstones and healing crystals that can help. 

So, what stone should a Cancer wear? We’ll be answering that today as we go over the monthly Cancer birthstones along with some lucky Cancer crystals and the benefits of each. 

cancer birthstones

What Does Being A Cancer Mean?

Born between June 21 and July 22, Cancers are known for various traits, along with their ruling planetary body and elemental status.

Some positive traits associated with Cancers include being loyal, nurturing, and in-tune with others emotionally. On the other hand, some of the negative traits that can come up for Cancers include being moody and oscillating between being isolated and needy. 

Cancers are often considered the matriarch or mother of the zodiac. This is reflected in the house they rule: the 4th house of family, home, and childhood. This sign is known for being a homebody, and they like it that way. 

They’re also ruled by the moon, the planet of emotions, subconscious desires, and instincts. Having the moon as a ruler reflects both the comfort that Cancers value and the ebbs and flows of emotions the sign often struggles with. 

Being a water sign means Cancers are inherently intuitive, sensitive, and sentimental. Cancers feel everything strongly and more deeply than most signs. Plus, water signs are generally the most spiritual and creative of the zodiac. 

Speaking of spirituality, it’s time to go over the monthly birthstones of those born during Cancer season and how these gems can benefit your soul. 

ruby gemstone cancer birthstone

Monthly Birthstones for Cancer

Traditions relating to 12 birthstones for the 12 months of the year have roots in Biblical texts, though the modern tradition started around the 1500s. The modern list of monthly birthstones, however, was established in 1912, standardized by the National Association of Jewelers. It was then modified in 1952 by the Jewelry Industry Council of America. 

So, what are the birthstones for Cancer?

Since Cancer birthdays fall in June and July, we’ll be looking at both June birthstones and July birthstones. We’ll also touch on each birthstone’s benefits for Cancer signs. 

pearl gemstone cancer birthstone

June: Pearl

The first Cancer birthstone for June is pearl, a unique gem in many ways. Besides not being minerals (like most gems), pearls are also organic gemstones, meaning they’re formed by living organisms instead of through geological processes. 

Pearls are inarguably timeless and elegant, but they’re also quite spiritual. Ancient Vedic legends claim pearls formed from the water when lightning fertilized them. Western astrologists consider pearl a Venus stone, but Vedic astrologists consider it a stone of the moon, Cancer’s ruling planet. 

Symbolically, pearls represent wisdom, strength, and protection. As a Cancer birthstone, pearls help the sign feel safe, content, and healthy. 

After all, what better stone for a water sign to wear in some Cancer birthstone jewelry than one that’s literally formed underwater? Plus, crustaceans like crabs and mollusks like the ones that create pearls make up the shellfish group. (Not so much spiritual, just a neat parallel!)

alexandrite gemstone cancer birthstone

June: Alexandrite

Alexandrite is a much more recent discovery and addition to June birthstones, only discovered in 1831. The stone is a chrysoberyl variety known for its extreme rarity and dramatic color-change from emerald-green in daylight or fluorescent light to ruby-red in incandescent light.

This gem was added as a June birthstone by the Jewelry Industry Council of America in 1952 when they updated the 1912 birthstone list with some new additions. 

Spiritually, alexandrite symbolizes good luck, love, and adaptability. Historical authors claimed the stone was prophetic, tying to the apparent psychic abilities of water signs like Cancer. 

Modern crystal healers recommend alexandrite for keeping emotions balanced, which is important to a Cancer’s wellbeing. Plus, the stone can help Cancers come out of their shell by infusing some spontaneity into their life. 

moonstone gemstone cancer birthstone

June: Moonstone

The last June birthstone for Cancer is moonstone. Moonstone is a feldspar variety most known in bluish-white, but it can also be various other shades like peach, green, and even the Cancer power color of silvery gray. 

While pearls have their signature pearlescent luster, moonstones have a similar trademark effect: adularescence. This means they seem to glow from inside, similar to moonlight on water. 

Unsurprisingly, moonstone is the planetary star stone for the moon. Some legends even say that moonstone formed from moonbeams. For any Cancers that suffer from mood swings or intense emotions, moonstone is a soothing companion that helps you channel your emotions into creative pursuits instead of being overcome by them. 

Now, what are the July Cancer birthstones? 

ruby gemstone cancer birthstone

July: Ruby

In both historical and modern birthstone lists, ruby is the top July birthstone. Nicknamed the “king of precious gems,” ruby is a corundum variety known for its range of red shades. The other shades of corundum can be seen in sapphire, another precious gem. 

Unlike many Cancer birthstones, ruby isn’t tied to the moon. In most astrological interpretations, ruby is a sun stone. That means it brings strengths to the table that Cancers may not seek out on their own but still benefit from. 

Rubies represent strength, passion, and self-assurance. Cancer folks can often be so focused on helping others, they lose their sense of confidence and personal power. Wearing a ruby Cancer birthstone ring can help you remember to not settle for less than you deserve. 

Additionally, rubies are great for sparking passion and harmony in relationships, and nothing keeps Cancers grounded like a strong partnership. 

onyx gemstone cancer birthstone

July: Onyx

The second July birthstone and last monthly Cancer birthstone on our list is onyx. Onyx is a chalcedony variety that usually displays color-banding, like agate but with parallel bands rather than curved ones. 

Most people hear “onyx” and think of solid-colored black onyx, but these are actually super rare in nature — the majority available have been treated. Most natural onyx gems have a black base with white on top, often called “Arabic onyx.” However, you can find onyx stones in vibrant colors such as blue, purple, and yellow, to name a few. 

While some cultural interpretations of onyx are negative, many are positive. Feng Shui practitioners use onyx for protection and resilience. Ancient Indians considered onyx stones symbols of strong, harmonious romantic relationships. Besides protection and romance, Cancers can also use onyx to strengthen their willpower and discover their truest self. 

That covers the monthly birthstones. Beyond these, which gemstone is lucky for Cancer? We have a few picks to go over next!

crystal opal gemstone cancer birthstone earrings

Zodiac Stones for Cancer

Unlike monthly birthstones, zodiac stones aren’t necessarily set-in-stone or standardized in any way. Different astrologers — and even different astrological traditions — may consider various different gems lucky or beneficial to a particular zodiac sign. 

Below, we’ll go over some of our top crystals for Cancer. Just remember, you may feel attracted to a gemstone that’s not on this list — in that case, always trust your intuition!

That said, what crystals are good for Cancers? 

crystal opal gemstone cancer birthstone


Like the pearl June birthstone, opal isn’t a mineral but a mineraloid. It also possesses opalescence, a property similar to pearlescence or adularescence that plays into the iridescent play-of-color in precious opals. 

Although opal is an October birthstone and Venus stone, it is a water stone — both for its water content and metaphysical side. Spiritually, opal has properties related to rebirth, insight, and balance. As a Cancer birthstone, opals help this water sign embrace their intuitive nature, undying hope, and creativity. 

labradorite gemstone cancer birthstone


Continuing with Cancer stones and crystals that shine uniquely, we have labradorite. Labradorite is a feldspar variety known for its labradorescence, a type of adularescence describing an iridescent schiller. Besides being feldspar varieties and sharing a form of adularescence, labradorite connects to moonstone in one of its varieties being (misleadingly) named “rainbow moonstone.” 

As a healing stone, labradorite is nicknamed the “Stone of Magic,” said to boost intuition and spiritual awareness. The crystal symbolizes transformation, perseverance, and truth. Cancers can benefit from labradorite’s purported ability to increase your self-confidence and dispel self-doubt that can hold you back from putting yourself out there. 

selenite gemstone cancer birthstone


Besides moonstone, selenite is a definitive gemstone symbolic of the moon. Selenite is a gypsum variety usually found colorless, white, or gray. Its name derives from the moon goddess, Selene and this Cancer birthstone color symbolizes reflection, ascension, and clarity. 

Cancers feel the full spectrum of emotions more intensely than any other sign, which can be overwhelming enough for them to retreat or bury emotions rather than processing them. Selenite helps by bringing mental clarity and inner peace, along with encouraging you to explore your psyche to understand yourself and your emotions better. 

spodumene gemstone cancer birthstone


Spodumene is a gemstone that's better known for its rare varieties: pink to purple kunzite and green hiddenite. But colorless to yellow spodumene, sometimes called triphane, is a lucky stone for Cancer. 

This Cancer birthstone symbolizes unity, renewal, and love. White spodumene in particular evoke the soft rays and regenerative powers associated with the moon. Similarly, gray spodumene (the Cancer power color) reflects the lunar ideals of feminine power, self-reflection, and spiritual growth. 

emerald gemstone cancer birthstone


You may know emerald as the traditional May birthstone, so is emerald really a Cancer birthstone? Yep, even though May is just outside of Cancer season. 

Emerald is a beryl variety and one of the four precious gemstones, joining the July birthstone ruby. The legendary green gemstone is perfect for stabilizing volatile emotions, evoking the harmony and balance of nature. Nicknamed the “Stone of Intuition,” an emerald stone for Cancer is an empowering token that represents the loyalty in love that Cancers value. 

Remember how birthstones have Biblical roots? One of the Biblical gemstone lists that inspired birthstones is the twelve foundation stones. Emerald was the fourth stone listed, corresponding to Cancer’s place as the fourth zodiac sign. The Greek goddess of the moon and the hunt, Artemis, corresponds to Cancer and is also represented by emeralds. 

selenite gemstone cancer birthstone pendants

Nurture Your Soul with Cancer Birthstones!

Anyone with a Cancer partner or best friend knows that they have a flow of empathy and loyalty that seems to never run dry. But Cancers need to take care of themselves first to be the generous, strong partners they aspire to be — and that’s where Cancer birthstones can help. 

To quote fellow Cancer sign Meryl Streep, "The great gift of humans is that we have the power of empathy."

Find Cancer birthstones and more from our hundreds of gemstones available!

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