Leo Birthstone Guide: Lucky Gems and Their Meanings

leo birthstonesTraditionally, onyx takes the title of Leo’s zodiac stone, but what color is Leo’s birthstone? That depends! 

That’s right — those born under the Leo sign have more than one gemstone that can help their vibrant personalities shine even brighter. The one that corresponds to you depends on which month you were born or what benefits you’re looking for.

Anxious to learn which ones apply to you? You, typical Leo, you

Consider your curiosity satisfied! In this guide, we uncover the history, meanings, and different types of traditional Leo Birthstones and beneficial Leo zodiac stones that help these natural-born leaders roar.

leo birthstones

The History and Meaning of Leo Signs

You fall under the Leo sign in astrology if you were born between July 23 and August 22. Leo derives from the Greek word leōn (Λέων), meaning ‘lion’ — corresponding to the constellation resembling its namesake.

You can find the constellation of Leo in the northern sky between Cancer and Virgo. It’s relatively easy to spot because the "pointer stars" of the Big Dipper point directly to Leo.

According to Greek mythology, Leo is the Nemean Lion with a hide that iron, bronze, and stone couldn’t puncture. It was a fearless, man-eating beast known for terrorizing citizens. 

One of Hercules' 12 labors, which he performed as punishment for his crimes of madness, was to slay Leo. After attempting to kill it with arrows, Hercules wrestled the lion, ultimately strangling it to death. He then placed the lion in the heavens as one of his conquests — hence, the constellation of Leo.

On a less violent side, ancient Egyptians were said to worship the Leo constellation because it accompanied flooding that helped bring abundant crops. Lions in Egypt symbolized regality and power.  

Leo Personality

Fast-forward to 2022 (which is a good year for Leos, by the way), and Leos are known as passionate, creative energies with a ferocious edge. Unfortunately, they tend to get a bad rep for being a bit self-absorbed, over the top, and as stubborn as a prideful lion. 

But that’s only half-true. 

Leos are ruled by the most dazzling celestial body governing all life and vitality: the sun. 

Since the sun never goes in retrograde, Leos are often admired for their stability, loyalty, and consistency — all of which also tie to Leo being a fixed sign, born in the middle of a season. Their oozing self-confidence is paralleled by an equally big heart, making them dedicated, generous friends and lovers.

Like lions, these individuals are born leaders that fearlessly pursue their desires — unafraid to walk alone should they have to. When they’ve achieved their goals, they’re happy to kick back and take it easy; that is, until they get hungry for something new. 

Their strength, confidence, and competitiveness can sometimes blur into arrogance and stubbornness, but deep down — the Leo soul embodies warmth and passion.

leo birthstones obsidian lion carving

What are the 3 types of Leos?

There are 3 types of Leos separated by “decans.” Decans are ten-day periods of the year that divide your Zodiac sign, defining each individual with much more precision. 

The 3 distinct types of Leos are:

1. The Leo-Leo (born July 23 to August 1) — This is your quintessential Leo. They are prideful, outspoken extroverts on an eternal mission to be better than they were yesterday.

Famous examples: Jennifer Lopez (July 24) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (July 30)

2. The Social Butterflies (born August 2 to 12) — Never shying away from the limelight, these Leos are dreamers with a knack for optimism and capturing the hearts of those around them.

Famous examples: Tony Bennet (August 3) and Viola Davis (August 11)

3. The Dare Devils (born August 13 to 22) — Patience is so not a virtue for these Leos. These individuals loathe monotony and aren’t afraid to make hasty decisions to pursue their dreams.

Famous examples: Robert Deniro (August 17) and Kristin Wiig (August 22)

As far as compatibility…

What is Leo’s soulmate?

Leos’ zodiac soulmates are likely to be Aries, Gemini, or Libra. 

As a fellow fire sign, Aries can keep up with Leo trailblazing right alongside them. Since Aries doesn’t care for the spotlight, they won’t detract from what attention-loving Leo needs. 

Geminis, on the other hand, are incredibly adaptable air signs. Their go-with-the-flow personalities are likely to follow Leo’s lead and mirror their energy. When Gemini gets bored, Leo keeps things exciting for everyone.

Like Gemini, Libra is an air sign that thrives on giving and pleasing its partner. They go the extra mile to make their spicy Leos happy and satisfied, making this a steamy match made in heaven.

What are Leo’s lucky numbers and colors?

  • What is Leo’s lucky number? In numerology, Leo fares best with 1, 4, and 9. Consider these your lucky days! 

  • What is Leo’s spirit color? Orange, gold, and red are Leo’s luckiest color palettes.

  • What color should Leo avoid? Pastel shades like pink, blue, and beige tend to bring up negative traits in Leo's personality. 

Going back to gemstones, how many birthstones does a Leo have? You might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few! 

peridot gemstone leo birthstone

Monthly Birthstones for Leo

It’s not unusual for some months to correspond to more than one gem. Such is the case with lucky Leos. 

The birthstone gems that correspond to Leo’s months are:

ruby gemstone leo birthstone

July: Ruby

One of the most coveted precious gemstones in the world is also a Leo birthstone: the ruby! In fact, rubies occurring in their finest color, a deeply saturated purplish-red known as “pigeon's blood,” characterize the particular rubies for those born in July. 

Formed deep within Earth’s crust, rubies are born from chromium-rich corundum together with the absence of silica and iron. A geological miracle, as the presence of silica and iron, is often inevitable inside Earth’s crust.

Befitting Leo's resilience, rubies are extremely strong gems. Registering at 9 on the Mohs mineral hardness scale, they are only slightly softer than diamonds

Rubies are also the traditional gift for lovers celebrating their 14th and 40th wedding anniversaries

peridot gemstone leo birthstone

August: Peridot

Unlike rich green gems, such as jade or emerald, peridot occurs in a yellowish-green hue reminiscent of spring grass. It’s also one of the only gemstones born of molten rock from the Earth’s upper mantle (as opposed to its inner crust). 

Peridot (or chrysolite) originates from the Egyptian phrase, “gem of the sun.” A popular stone for good fortune, it does more for Leos than merely inspire a little luck. 

This gem is often referred to as the “study stone.” It’s known to inspire great focus in goal-oriented Leos. The gem also helps minimize these feisty individuals’ not-so-favorable traits. 

color changing spinel gemstone leo birthstone

August: Spinel

Spinels render a stunning color portfolio, but August is all about red spinels. Rather than a single mineral, this gem in “ruby’s clothing” is actually a cluster of minerals composed of gahnite, hercynite, picotite, galaxite, gahnospinel, ceylonite, and pleonaste. 

Originating in magnesium-rich dolomite marbles, spinel’s distinct colors result from iron, zinc, magnesium, and trace elements (like aluminum) present during formation. When chromium replaces aluminum, ruby-red spinels are born. 

Throughout history, spinels have long been mistaken for rubies by emperors and monarchs. Many famous “rubies” have even turned out to be red spinels. 

Although they’ve been around since ancient times, this Leo birthstone has only recently been recognized as an August gemstone — perfect for the contemporary Leo. 

sardonyx gemstone leo birthstone

August: Sardonyx

Sardonyx is a typically reddish-brown chalcedony (often considered an agate variant) with layered bands of contrasting onyx and sard. Hence, the mineral’s moniker! 

This eclectic stone occurs when silica seeps into the gas cavities of lava rocks. As the silica travels through different temperatures, it picks up other minerals forming sardonyx’s beautiful banding. 

This O.G. August gemstone carries a history dating back thousands of years. Ancient societies and civilizations are thought to have used sardonyx as a protective talisman, a healing stone with holistic benefits, and a jewelry stone. It was even a favorite among British monarchs. 

Like other August birthstones, sardonyx symbolizes strength and protection. It inspires empathy in Leos, fostering better communication and collaboration.  

black onyx gemstone leo birthstone necklace

Zodiac Stones for Leo

While birthstones correspond to your birth month, zodiac stones are specific to your astrological sign. Unlike birthstones, however, no official authority approves these stones. Instead, a majority of astrologers, as well as astrological traditions, are responsible for giving these gems their classification. 

Leo’s zodiac stones are:

black onyx gemstone leo birthstone

Black Onyx

Although onyx occurs in a range of colors, it’s most known for its shadowy, dark black occurrence featuring distinct, contrasting bands. Its bold, unmistakable appearance parallels the boldness and intensity of those born under Leo — making onyx an apt zodiac stone for the passionate fire sign.

Belonging to the microcrystalline quartz family, the mineral typically forms when too much calcite finds its way into water or lava. As the liquid emerges, dripping into rock cavities and veins, the minerals precipitate, building a crust that cools and becomes onyx. 

Like several Leo birthstones, onyx boasts a rich history full of magic, royalty, and lore. Its appeal is woven into ancient civilizations throughout history — Roman, Greek, and Egyptian, to name a few. Onyx even appears in the Bible at various points.

Today, the shadowy gem is considered one of the most powerful protection stones. For Leos, however, its powers are amplified. The stone protects Leos from negativity and helps with tough decision-making — something that impulsive Leos may struggle with.

tigers eye gemstone leo birthstone

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is an amber-brown gem beautifully banded with grayish-white stripes. 

The rock forms when silica replaces crocidolite (blue asbestos) fibers in chalcedony. As the presence of iron increases, the stone becomes golden-brown, forming tiger’s eye. 

This gorgeous gem has been around for centuries. Ancient Roman soldiers carried tiger’s eye for protection. Ancient Egyptians believed it was a talisman of their sun god, Ra. Tiger’s eye is also significant and sacred in Chinese culture. 

When fiery Leo comes roaring out, the tiger's eye keeps you in perspective. It combines earth and sun energies to balance and help Leos better utilize their strong will. We like to say that when you gaze into a tiger’s eye stone, your inner tiger stares right back. In this case, you’re locking eyes with your inner lion. 

Ready to shop for some Leo birthstone jewelry? We’ve got you covered.

peridot and pearl gemstone leo birthstone pendant

Unleash Your Inner Lion with Leo Birthstones!

Famous emperor Napoleon I summed up Leos’ ferocious spirits best when he said, “Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools.”

There’s much to be admired about dream-chasing Leos. These wild-child personalities exhibit a bright light with no signs of dimming. Their high degrees of confidence are paralleled by equally high degrees of loyalty, love, courage, and tenacity. 

The right Leo birthstone will mellow your intensity, humble you, and calm the hungry beast inside when you need it most. Besides, who wouldn’t want to rock a Leo birthstone ring as they raise their fist in the air fighting for what they believe? 

Shop Leo birthstones and more from our collection of hundreds of gemstones!

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