Scorpio Birthstone Guide: Lucky Crystals & Their Meanings

scorpio birthstonesIf you’re a Scorpio, born from October 23 to November 21, you have plenty of monthly birthstones and lucky zodiac gemstones as complex as your personality. 

Both astrology and gemstones go back thousands of years. Humans have looked down at the Earth’s crystals and up at the stars to seek inspiration or answers for centuries. 

Despite Scorpio’s signature dark humor and biting sarcasm, they are often seeking philosophical answers to life’s biggest questions. A Scorpio needs depth and true connection, both of which can be aided by the right healing crystals. 

Today, we’ll go over the traditional monthly Scorpio birthstones (October and November), some beneficial zodiac stones, and how each of these gems can benefit Scorpios. 

Before we get into the gems, let’s establish some background information on Scorpios. What is Scorpio known for? 

scorpio birthstones

What Does Being A Scorpio Mean?

If you were born from October 23 to November 21, you’re one of the magnetic yet mysterious signs of the zodiac: Scorpio. 

Some of the positive traits associated with Scorpios include being intuitive, passionate, and self-assured. Scorpios aren’t afraid to find out hidden truths, no matter how dark they are — in fact, they often actively seek dark secrets out. 

But for all their emotional awareness, some of the negative traits associated with Scorpios are being closed-off, obsessive, and resentful. Like the Scorpio symbol, the scorpion, this sign knows how to strike where it hurts; it may be strategic or it may be out of spite. 

Despite Scorpio’s sometimes fiery nature, they’re actually a water sign, making them sensitive, loyal, and great at reading people. Reading a Scorpio, though? Now that can be virtually impossible. You may feel the urge to spill all your secrets to a Scorpio, but don’t expect to get any of theirs until you’ve completely earned their trust. 

jasper gemstone scorpio birthstone necklace

Scorpios are also one of the fixed signs, meaning they’re born in the middle of a season — in this case, autumn. (If you’re curious, the other fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius). 

Fixed signs are defined by being dependable, resolute, and stubborn. They’re not big fans of change, but they’re great at stabilizing more unpredictable or impulsive signs.

The sign’s planetary ruler in traditional interpretations is Mars, the planet of action, passion, and drive. However, modern interpretations (with our knowledge of more planets in the Solar System than ancients knew) have assigned Pluto as Scorpio’s ruler. Pluto governs transformation, new beginnings, and sometimes, obsession. 

Both planets’ characteristics combined are similar to the 8th house (which Scorpio rules), the house of sensuality, transformation, and hidden answers. 

With that foundation down, let’s get into our first list of Scorpio stones and crystals: the traditional October and November birthstones. 

tourmaline gemstone scorpio birthstone ring

Monthly Birthstones for Scorpio

Traditions relating to 12 birthstones for the 12 months of the year have roots in Biblical texts, though the modern tradition started around the 1500s. The modern list of monthly birthstones, however, was established in 1912, standardized by the National Association of Jewelers. It was then modified in 1952 by the Jewelry Industry Council of America.

Since Scorpio birthdays fall under two months, there are two sets of monthly birthstones that can apply to the sign. Below, we’ll go over the October birthstones and November birthstones, highlighting how they can benefit Scorpios. 

First, what are the two birthstones for Scorpios born in October? That would be opal and tourmaline. Let’s begin with opal. 

crystal opal gemstone scorpio birthstone

October: Opal

The top October birthstone that has historically honored the month is the enigmatic opal. Opal was not assigned to October in the 1912 standardized list, as the jewelers only focused on transparent gems. Still, many October-born birthstone lovers choose opals — some even believe wearing it if you were not born in October is unlucky. 

Opal is unique from other gems in many ways: it’s not a mineral but a mineraloid, it has its own grading criteria, and it has dozens of varieties. But most notably, “precious opals” can display a unique iridescent-like effect called play-of-color. Besides the many types of opals, there are also dozens of patterns an opal’s play-of-color can display. 

Spiritually, opals symbolize desire, hope, and truth. In the past, some folks believed wrapping an opal in a bay leaf and carrying it with you could make you invisible — something more private (or mischievous) Scorpios would love. 

Despite the folklore about invisibility, opals nowadays are all about light. These stones are perfect for balancing overwhelming or extreme emotions of Scorpio. Black opals in particular not only reflect the Scorpio power color but also reflect the sign’s mystery and intrigue. 

If you’re an Australian Scorpio, opal also honors your heritage as the country’s national gemstone! 

pink tourmaline gemstone scorpio birthstone

October: Tourmaline

The second Scorpio birthstone for those born in October is tourmaline. Tourmaline was added as an alternative birthstone for October in 1912, and pink tourmaline was designated for October in 1952. 

Like opal, tourmaline is incredibly varied; in fact, tourmaline is known for having one of the broadest color ranges of any gemstone family. Ancient legends tell of tourmaline forming by traveling along a rainbow and collecting all its colors. 

For sensitive Scorpios, tourmaline can be a protective talisman to shield you from negative energies, both external and internal — after all, negative thought patterns can be pervasive, and Scorpios can use some light after exploring darkness so much. 

Many tourmaline stones (particularly black tourmaline) are even magnetic, matching the magnetic allure of a Scorpio personality. 

Next, we’re onto the November Scorpio birthstones: topaz or citrine. 

golden topaz gemstone scorpio birthstone

November: Topaz

Topaz has maintained its place as a November birthstone both historically and into modern times. The famed stone comes in multiple colors, including the popular diamond alternative white topaz.

Most people are more familiar with blue topaz, but that variety is actually considered a December birthstone. Warm-hued varieties like imperial topaz or yellow topaz are more traditionally associated with November, matching the season. Imperial topaz is also a traditional 23rd wedding anniversary gem. 

In ancient times, this November Scorpio birthstone was believed to encourage composure, calm tempers, and even connect you to the spirit realm.

Today, the crystal is often used by crystal healers to attract wealth and prosperity. A topaz stone for Scorpio brings harmony to this sign’s intense emotions and helps smooth sharp edges when diplomacy is needed. 

November babies can choose between two Scorpio birthstones: topaz or citrine. 

citrine gemstone scorpio birthstone

November: Citrine

Citrine is another one of the gems added to the standardized birthstone lists in 1952, along with alexandrite for June, pink tourmaline for October (like we mentioned before), and zircon for December. The gem is a yellow to orange variety of quartz. Natural, gem-quality citrine stones are pretty rare, so many on the market are actually heat-treated amethyst

Think a sunny yellow gem doesn’t match the stormy Scorpio personality? Think again. 

Besides bringing some light and happiness when a Scorpio may need it most, citrine also helps this independent sign follow their ambition and manifest the success they desire. Any Scorpio that has lost their sense of determination can find it again with citrine.

Moving on from traditional birthstones, let's get into some other lucky Scorpio stones!

red coral gemstone scorpio birthstone earrings

Zodiac Stones for Scorpio

Unlike monthly birthstones, zodiac stones aren’t necessarily set-in-stone. Different astrologers — and even different astrological traditions — may disagree on the best crystals for a Scorpio. 

You may prefer choosing a gemstone by color according to the best color for your sign. So, what is Scorpio’s power color? That would be black, the color of intrigue, sophistication, and power. 

Which stone is for Scorpio? We have a few recommendations outlined below. 

coral gemstone scorpio birthstone


Besides matching Scorpio’s aquatic roots, coral is beneficial to the sign in another astrological sense. In Navaratna jewelry, a cultural style with nine gems representing different celestial bodies, red coral is called Moonga and represents Mars, the traditional Scorpio ruler. 

Like opal, coral isn’t a mineral. Rather, it’s an organic gemstone (like pearl or amber) made of the exoskeletons of coral polyps, a marine animal. There are tons of coral varieties, but only a few are used as gemstones — namely, red coral (a.k.a. precious coral). 

We know Scorpios love some dark history, and one coral myth provides just that. According to an ancient Greek legend, coral formed when blood from the decapitated head of Medusa dyed seaweeds red. Gnarly stuff, but fascinating nonetheless.

Ayurvedic astrologers recommend wearing coral Scorpio stone jewelry in the form of a pinky ring for maximum benefits. 

red jasper gemstone scorpio birthstone


Continuing down the Ayurvedic astrology route, we come to mystical birthstones, a tradition dating back thousands of years based on the old Tibetan calendar. According to mystical birthstone lists, jasper is beneficial for those born in October. 

Jasper is a group of chalcedony stones that are opaque and color-banded or patterned. This sub-category is arguably more diverse than the entire chalcedony family, with options ranging in color, appearance, and meanings. 

Red jasper is a great Scorpio stone color, representing courage, passion, and action. This jasper variety is also said to grant greater confidence and concentration to Scorpios. 

black melanite garnet gemstone scorpio birthstone

Melanite Garnet

While garnets are traditionally associated with Capricorn and Aquarius signs, melanite is a variety perfectly suited to Scorpios. Melanite is a lesser-known black andradite garnet variety also called “titanian andradite.” 

As a Scorpio birthstone, melanite is said to provide strength and resilience, along with attracting well-earned recognition for your hard work. 

On an emotional level, melanite can help Scorpios manage their propensity for jealousy, purportedly helping you release negativity that keeps personal relationships from thriving. As a heart chakra stone, melanite can help you be less closed-off to the intimacy you crave (but wouldn’t admit that you do).

shungite gemstone scorpio birthstone


The next Scorpio birthstone in our list is shungite, another mineraloid like coral and opal. Shungite is a black to silver carbon-rich stone revered by both crystal healers and scientists alike. Unlike most healing stones, shungite has scientific evidence to back its healing properties — like antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Beyond displaying the Scorpio power color, this black gemstone helps balance Scorpio’s often extreme emotional reactions. (No shade, we’re sure it’s sometimes warranted). As a Saturn star stone, shungite reflects Scorpio’s values of integrity and ambition backed by hard work. 

malachite gemstone scorpio birthstone


The last Scorpio birthstone on our list is a picturesque wonder: malachite. Malachite is a vibrant green stone with multiple shades of green creating swirling or banded patterns.  

Metaphysically, Malachite reflects the characteristics of Scorpio’s modern ruler, Pluto, in symbolizing resurrection and new beginnings. The “Stone of Transformation” is also beneficial for enabling ambitious Scorpios to achieve their goals by purportedly providing strong, consistent energy and focus. 

scorpio birthstones guide

Embrace Your Intensity with Scorpio Birthstones!

We may never unravel the mysteries of Scorpio, but that’s exactly how Scorpios like it. Still, Scorpios need nurturing and balance just like anyone else, and Scorpio birthstones can provide just that if you embrace them. 

To quote fellow Scorpio Lorde, “Don’t be afraid. Be the kind of person your mother warned you about.” 

Find Scorpio birthstones and more from our hundreds of gemstones available!

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