September Birthstone: History, Meanings & Uses

September Birthstone - SapphireAs hot summer days wane to crisp mornings and Autumn leaves blanket the streets, a glistening azure jewel marks the transition of seasons. September plants the seeds of Autumnal Equinox, bearing new beginnings, restoration, and focus. And what better gem to symbolize this transitional phase than the September birthstone, the sapphire?

Sapphires are one of the most beloved jewels that exist. For centuries, their signature cornflower blue hue graced the halls of royal courts and noble families. Understandable, considering sapphires symbolize wisdom, good faith, and power.

Matching the blue ocean depths, public adoration for this phenomenal treasure is well-deserved. Let’s dive deeper into the meaning, history, and symbolism of the September birthstone.

What Is The September Birthstone?

Did you know that sapphires are one of the four precious gemstones? That’s right: they’re a jewel in a prestigious class alongside diamonds, rubies , and emeralds.

These precious blue gems have been around for centuries. Sapphire is the official September birthstone recognized by all birthstone calendars.

Why is sapphire September’s birthstone? To answer that question, we need to explore sapphire meaning and symbolism.

See, the term “Sapphire” comes from the Latin term, “Septum,” which translates to the number seven. You might wonder why the ninth month in the Gregorian Calendar is named after the number seven, and there’s a good explanation.

Up until the adoption of the Julian Calendar in 45 BC , people clocked their days, according to the Roman Calendar. This primitive system miscalculated the true length of a solar year and only had 10 months. According to this timeline, September marked the seventh month of the year.

It wasn’t until 703 BC that King Numa Pmpilius inducted the first two months into the calendar, pushing September to the ninth month.

Being that the Latin word for nine is “Novem,” you can imagine the restructural efforts required to completely rename the original ten months for accuracy.

september birthstone sapphire

September Birthstone Origins and Meaning

The September birthstone meaning comes from the union of two origins: Latin and Greek. The Latin word, “saphirus,” and Greek term, “Sapheiros,” are similar in that they both represent the color blue.

Being that sapphire’s most famous color is blue, it makes sense that its namesake also represents its color. However, sapphires come in an assortment of colors. In fact, you can find a sapphire in every color of the rainbow with one exclusion: red. 

That’s because a red sapphire is actually a ruby!

Following the thread of history back to ancient times, we see the prominence of sapphires through every generation and civilization — from biblical times to the present day.

One of the most famous sapphires in the world falls in recent history when Prince Charles gifted his beautiful bride with a striking sapphire ring. Princess Diana won the hearts of the world.

Following her tragic death, her beloved sapphire jewel served as the intersection between the past and present when Prince William gifted the sacred heirloom to his bride-to-be, Duchess Kate Middleton.

So, Where Do Sapphires Come From?

There are four locations responsible for sourcing the global supply of sapphires:

  • Australia: The largest sapphire mines are in New South Wales and Queensland

  • Sri Lanka: A location coined the “jewel box of the Indian Ocean” is sure to provide a stunning array of vivid gems, including blue and white sapphires

  • Myanmar: The Mogok region supplies the most richly saturated form of sapphire called “Burmese Sapphires,” along with their sister jewel, the ruby, and other striking gems including peridot and jade.

  • Kashmir: Thanks to an 1881 Himalayan landslide, deposits of sapphires sprouted through the southern region of Kashmir. However, production slowed and now the only Kashmirpurple sapphire

We’ve covered sapphire origins, history, and meaning, but what do these precious jewels symbolize?

September Birthstone Sapphire History Meaning and Symbolism

September Birthstone Symbolism Throughout History

In antiquity, sapphires represented good-natured virtues desired in a mate, including honesty, purity, and loyalty. That’s why sapphires make beautiful engagement or anniversary gifts. Warriors held such strong belief in this gem’s properties that they’d give them to their wives before embarking to battle, in hopes that the charm would inspire faithfulness.

A popular nickname for sapphire is “the celestial stone.” Any guesses as to why? In ancient Persia, people viewed sapphires as a connection to divinity and heaven. In Roman and Greek mythology, it was the sapphire that painted its blue-dipped brush strokes across the sky.

The prevalence of sapphires in religion was so prominent that the Ten Commandments were carved into the Tablets of Stone. What was the stone made of? Sapphires, of course!

Sapphire Birthstone Zodiac Signs

The September birthstone graces two zodiac signs:

  • Virgos with birthdays between Sept 1-22

  • Libras with birthdays between Sept 22-30

September birthdays receive special protection from sapphire, which bestows its wearer with joy, comfort, and positive thoughts. As mentioned, sapphires serve as a conduit to higher consciousness and celestial connection.

One of the best ways to enjoy these benefits and add a touch of blue elegance to your life is to wear sapphire jewelry!

A Sapphire For September Birthdays

Sapphires are indisputably one of the world’s most beloved gemstones. From the regal finger of Napoléon’s wife, Joséphine, to the present day Duchess of Cambridge, sapphires have long held a prolific space among royalty.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a princess or member of the royal family to snag your own sparkling blue gem. Sapphires are widely available and make for beautiful, personalized birthday gifts!

september birthstone ring

Do you have a September loved-one you’d love to surprise with a thoughtful gift? Why not choose a sapphire ring, necklace pendant, or pair of sapphire earrings?

Want to personalize your gift even further? Choose a September sapphire in your loved-ones favorite color!

Sapphires are treasured for their vivid, mesmerizing blue shade. What better way to celebrate someone special than to match the depth of your love with an enchanting sapphire jewel?


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