Taurus Birthstone Guide: Lucky Crystals & Their Meanings

taurus birthstonesIf you were born under Taurus, you have plenty of traditional birthstones and lucky gemstones that can assist with your many goals. 

Both astrology and gemstones go back thousands of years. Humans have looked down at the Earth’s crystals and up at the stars to seek inspiration or answers for centuries. 

In this guide, we’ll fill you in on the traditional monthly birthstones of Taurus, plus some lucky Taurus gemstones that can help you find success, stability, and serenity. 

Before we dive into the stones, let’s lay the groundwork of what being a Taurus is all about. 

131.65 Cts Awesome Hand Carved Burmese Jade Taurus, Type A Jade

What Does Being A Taurus Mean?

Being born from April 20 to May 20 means you have a Taurus sun sign. 

Some positive traits associated with Taurus personalities include being hardworking, down-to-earth, and diligent. However, some common negative traits of a Taurus include being stubborn, resistant to change, and possessive. 

The stubbornness is reflected in the symbol of Taurus, the hard-headed bull. It’s also reflected in Taurus being a fixed sign. Fixed signs fall in the middle of a season — in this case, spring — and that makes them reliable but often stuck in their ways. 

The planet that rules Taurus in both traditional and modern interpretations is Venus. Venus rules love, beauty, and luxury. That means Taurus signs value their material items and love being surrounded by what ignites their senses —  soothing scents, beautiful surroundings, and delicious food. 

Financial stability is often important to Taurus, a common trait for earth signs. The earth sign side of Taurus is also emulated in the sign’s patience, devotion to getting the job done, and pragmatic perspective. 

Taurus is also ruled by the 2nd house, the house of money, resources, and self-worth. From what we’ve discussed so far, that seems par-for-the-course. 

With the foundations of the Taurus personality established, it’s time to get into the traditional monthly birthstones of those born during Taurus season. 

padparadscha sapphire gemstone pisces birthstone ring

Monthly Birthstones for Taurus

Traditions relating to 12 birthstones for the 12 months of the year have roots in Biblical texts, though the modern tradition started around the 1500s. The modern list of monthly birthstones, however, was established in 1912, standardized by the National Association of Jewelers. It was then modified in 1952 by the Jewelry Industry Council of America. 

If you’ve heard of traditional birthstones, you may wonder: is Taurus birthstone diamond or emerald? It depends on which month of Taurus season your birthday falls under. But diamond and emerald aren’t the only April birthstones or May birthstones to choose from. 

Below, we’ll go over each of the traditional monthly birthstones for those with Taurus birthdays. 

First, what are Taurus’ April birthstones? 

diamond gemstone taurus birthstone

April: Diamond

The first birthstone for Taurus folks born in April is diamond. Diamonds are legendary precious gemstones known for being the hardest mineral on Earth and traditionally symbolizing everlasting love as the centerstone of most engagement rings.  

As a Taurus birthstone, diamond connects to the sign’s ruling planet of Venus. In Vedic astrology, diamond represents Venus, purportedly infusing your life with prosperity and love. Additionally, diamonds symbolize endurance, courage, and harmony — three traits any Taurus values. 

purple sapphire gemstone taurus birthstone

April: Sapphire

Wait, isn’t sapphire a September birthstone? In modern lists, yes. But for centuries, sapphire was actually an April birthstone, according to ancient Roman, Arabic, Hebrew, and Slavic calendars. Sapphires symbolize wisdom, strength, and kindness. 

In Vedic astrology, blue sapphires correspond to the planet Saturn. While Saturn isn’t a Taurus ruling planet, it does govern ideals shared by Taurus — ideals like responsibility, self-discipline, and structure. 

Sapphires don’t have to be blue, though. There are all kinds of sapphire colors, even green sapphires to match the Taurus power color. 

That said, if you love the idea of a colorless April birthstone but don’t have the budget for a diamond, you can always opt for a white sapphire

clear quartz gemstone taurus birthstone

April: Clear Quartz

Like white sapphire, clear quartz is also a diamond look-alike for April. Some gemologists recommend white topaz as another similar option, but we’ll focus on clear quartz.

Clear quartz is an abundant silica gemstone that can be transparent to translucent, sometimes with a soft, milky appearance. As a healing stone, clear quartz is known as the “Master Healer,” purportedly treating any and every malady — be it emotional, physical, or spiritual. 

Taureans may not be known as super metaphysical folks, but getting in touch with your spiritual side can help you understand yourself better. After all, Taurus is said to be a “soul searcher” who loves any kind of ritual, especially any focused on self-improvement. 

Now, what are the Taurus May birthstones? 

emerald gemstone taurus birthstone

May: Emerald

In both historical and modern birthstone lists, emerald is the top May birthstone. This gemstone is a green variety of beryl and the second precious gemstone in Taurus’ birthstones (after April’s diamond). No other sign can say they have two of the four precious gemstones as their traditional birthstones!

Beyond displaying the Taurus power color of green, emeralds benefit Taureans in various ways. Wearing an emerald Taurus birthstone ring is said to connect you to Venus, bring you inner peace, and encourage eloquence. 

If you’re a Taurus that loves all things luxurious, you’ll love that emeralds were reportedly a favorite gem of Cleopatra. Talk about dressing like royalty!

crazy lace agate gemstone taurus birthstone

May: Agate

The second birthstone for May, taken from historical lists, is agate. Some modern lists also include agate’s fellow chalcedony variety, chrysoprase, as an alternative May birthstone.

Agate is a type of chalcedony (microcrystalline quartz), though it actually refers to many chalcedony stones — pretty much any translucent, color-banded or patterned chalcedony is referred to as “agate.” Therefore, there are dozens of agate varieties to choose from. 

For Taurus, agate provides relaxation and tranquility after a long day of hard work. Taurus folks are known for working hard and playing hard, so having a soothing, grounding stone can bring this sign some well-needed R&R at the end of the day. 

You can even see the Taurus birthstone and flower (the poppy) in poppy agate!

That covers the monthly birthstones. But which stones are lucky for Taurus?

black opal gemstone taurus birthstone ring

Zodiac Stones for Taurus

Unlike monthly birthstones, zodiac stones aren’t necessarily set-in-stone. Different astrologers — and even different astrological traditions — may consider various different gems lucky or beneficial to a particular zodiac sign. 

Below, we’ll go over some of our picks for lucky Taurus stones and crystals. But remember, if you’re a Taurus and feel inclined toward a gemstone not on this list, follow your intuition! 

amber gemstone taurus birthstone


Amber is unique from most stones in this guide — and most gemstones overall — in that it’s not a mineral but an organic gemstone formed from ancient tree resin. The resin often contains inclusions of preserved insects, plants, and pollen, many of which are thousands of years old. 

Though it’s not usually a green gemstone, amber still brings out the earth sign in Taurus. This stone is popular for connecting you with nature and lowering stress.   

white opal gemstone taurus birthstone


Along with diamond and sapphire, opal is one of the main planetary star stones for Venus. Like amber, opal isn’t a mineral, though it’s not organic. Rather, opal is a mineraloid (a mineral-like material) composed of water and silica. 

Though traditionally an October birthstone, opal is also a lucky Taurus stone. It’s said to help you maintain good health, along with promoting self-confidence. Opals also represent loyalty, something all Taurus signs take seriously. 

jade gemstone taurus birthstone


Joining many Venus stones in this guide is jade, the “Stone of Heaven” and “Stone of the Heart.” Like amber and opal, jade isn’t a mineral, but a rock. Plus, jade can actually be one of two stones: jadeite or nephrite

Spiritually, jade symbolizes virtue, rebirth, and prosperity. Its incredible durability also reflects its purported ability to bring you strength and resilience when worn in Taurus birthstone jewelry. Additionally, jade is said to calm and clear the mind. 

sardonyx gemstone taurus birthstone


Sardonyx is a variant of agate, one of the May birthstones we talked about earlier. The stone differs from most agate stones in having straight, parallel color-banding resulting from its composition: alternating layers of the chalcedony stones sard and onyx

Though the exact color combination varies, sardonyx gems are usually reddish-brown with possible white, orange, red, and black banding. It may look similar to carnelian, which is often confused with sardonyx

This Taurus gemstone symbolizes happiness, warmth, and bravery. It’s said to provide stability and healthy communication in relationships, two fundamental parts of any partnership for a Taurus. 

Like many stones in these lists, sardonyx also has ties to Venus. In ancient Rome, women wore sardonyx jewelry carved with depictions of the goddess of love herself with the goal of attracting a good partner. Today, sardonyx is a great birthstone for Taurus women and men alike. 

malachite gemstone taurus birthstone


The last stone on our list is another one in the favorite hue of Taurus: the green gemstone malachite. Malachite is an alluring gemstone that has mesmerizing swirling patterns in different shades of green. 

Besides adorning the halls of royalty, like the Malachite Room of the Winter Palace in Russia, malachite has a history in representing wisdom or knowledge. In 2300 BC, author Ptahhotep stated: “Knowledge has no limits, and none has yet achieved perfection in it. Good speech is more hidden than malachite.”

Many Taurus folks value knowledge and wisdom, though the search for it can sometimes lead to perfectionism. Malachite helps by facilitating self-acceptance and encouraging the hard-headed bull to try taking risks. 

 taurus birthstone carving

Find Stability & Success with Taurus Birthstones!

The dedication, loyalty, and work ethic behind Taurus make them an invaluable member of any team or partnership. But if you’re a Taurus, it’s important to take a step back and take care of yourself, too. Taurus birthstones and lucky crystals may just be the perfect way to do that. 

To quote fellow Taurus Audrey Hepburn, “Pick the day. Enjoy it to the hilt. The day as it comes. People as they come."

Find Taurus birthstones and more from our hundreds of gemstones available!

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