Gig Economy - Start A New Online Business Selling Stones and Jewelry

Want To Start A New Online Business Time To Join The Gig EconomyAre you thinking of starting an online business but are unsure where to start? You’re not alone. The internet is vast and opportunities abound, but how will you access them? Truth is, it’s never been easier to work online, and we have an exciting opportunity to share with you about starting a new online business in the gig economy.

Selling what you ask? Gemstones, of course! Rubies, sapphires, diamonds, oh my! The possibilities are endless and high-quality gemstones are a lucrative industry.

Does the world of gemstones and crystals excite you? Does the prospect of selecting beautiful jewels and selling them allure you as much as the gemstones themselves? Then we want to help you build an online business selling gemstones.


Keep reading to learn how to enter the exciting gemstone trade, build an online business in the gig economy, and make money while working from home.

Start Selling Gemstones Online

Why start a new online business? The answer is simple:

Last year, 1.78 billion people made purchases online! Bottom line: the projection of online buying is only rising, so it’s time to get your slice of the pie.

Ready to start selling gemstones and crystals online? Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose from a wide selection of thousands of gemstones
  2. Pay wholesale prices and buy in bulk to get items at the lowest cost
  3. Create social media profiles on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook (these will be your online sales funnels)
  4. Receive guaranteed quality control because all of our gemstone sellers are vetted through our strict Verified Sellers Program
  5. Start listing, promoting, and selling gemstones on your social profiles
  6. Ship items to your customers
  7. Watch your new online business grow!
It’s as simple as that! Let’s break down the process of building your new online business. First step? Get social media savvy — after all, that’s where people shop now!

Gig Idea 1 - Holistic Crystals

The metaphysical space is blowing up with new crystal brands popping up every day. Create a brand around the holistic aspects crystals and gems and capitalize on the live shopping experiences offered by Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.
Browse for trays of minerals and specimens like these:

And create a board like these guys on social media:

During the live people simply quote the item number they are interested in and purchase.
If you want to learn more about the holistic meanings of crystals be sure to read our holistic meanings blog.

Gig Idea 2 - Jewelry

Jewelry with natural, rough and raw gemstones is becoming very popular. We have a large range of copper electroformed Jewelry that is very reasonably priced, especially when sold as a parcel lot.

These rings can be sold individually on Etsy, Ebay or your own website.

Gig Idea 3 - Make Your Own Jewelry

Are you good with your hands?  Making Jewelry could be your thing! 
Not all Jewelry has to be the fine polished type you see in stores. What about wire wrapping or bead making?

This style of Jewelry making takes moderately priced gemstones like Aventurine, Carnelian and Jasper and turn them into wearable Jewelry. 

Gig Idea 4 - Take Rough Gemstones And Make Them Sparkle  

This gig is great for anyone who has a passion for Lapidary. There are so many different things you do including:
  • Faceting rough gemstones into polished stones
  • Cutting Cabochons out of rough Opal, Jasper and Quartz
  • Carving and polishing rough pieces
We have some great articles on how to carve opal, how to facet gemstones and how to cut Cabochons.

Social Commerce: A Lucrative Online Gig

Why is social commerce important? To answer that, we should address exactly what social commerce is.

Social commerce is a method of online shopping where consumers buy products linked to your social media platforms. The goal is to create 100% shoppable posts that drive leads to your website and product line.

When Instagram first integrated shoppable posts in 2019, consumers no longer had to follow the link in a company’s bio to get the goods, they could buy them straight from a post.

Social selling is an easy and accessible way to bolster your products to the masses. That’s why we want to offer you the option to do this with gemstones!

The concept is simple, and the potential is huge.

In addition to buying gemstones at wholesale, you have the option to “Make An Offer” on items to get the lowest price possible. With this tactic, you’ll be able to buy in bulk and have a broader range of products to promote on social media.

Why is this method more favorable than, say, Dropshipping? Glad you asked!

Forget Chinese Sites Like Alibaba And AliExpress

There’s no denying that dropshipping has serious flaws. As a business model, there is little quality control and hands-on interaction with your products.

Even worse? The quality of imported goods from China are substandard, and that’s putting it lightly. In the long run, the business model simply isn’t sustainable.

Sure, you can promote your products on Pinterest and make sales, but will you get repeat customers? Your business can only grow so much from bad stock. If you have no hands on your inventory and shipping processes, how can you guarantee that your customers are 100% happy with your business?

In all honesty, you can’t. Many people claim dropshipping is dead — and for good reason. Let’s evaluate.

Dropshipping Is A Mess

In the last 4-5 years, dropshipping has exploded as an online business model. Many people have had success, but 90 percent of dropshipping businesses fail. Why?

Without quality control and high-quality products, how can you actually build a reputable business? And that’s not all. There’s a gap between the customer and the brand, and credibility falls into that gap never to be seen again.

Dropshipping is a mess because:

  • There is zero quality control. In the online retail industry, quality is everything. If you can’t ensure with the utmost certainty that your products are well-made, reputable, and durable, why would a one-off sale convert into a long term customer?
  • Long shipping times. In e-commerce, customers can get anything they want from Amazon within a few days. How can you compete with that when your products are dispatching from warehouses in China? Most people aren’t going to patiently wait 20-30 days for a product; they’ll simply buy from the store that delivers it quicker.
  • Poor customer service. Even if you have good customer service, the coordination between your overseas suppliers will create wide time margins between your response time to customer inquiries. If you can’t get them an answer straight away because you’re reliant on a reply from your overseas supplier, they’re going to cancel their order or ask for a refund.
Is there a better way? You bet there is!

Work With Gem Rock Auctions

Why work with us? Unlike dropshipping and foreign suppliers, we deliver high-quality gemstones every time thanks to our buyer-assurance initiatives.

Every seller we work with is vetted and Verified after a meticulous screening process. If a seller doesn’t uphold our strict criteria, we don’t work with them. This process ensures that every item we sell is 100% real and high-quality.

Our Gemstone Sheriff program ensures that our buyers (that’s you) have access to a Gemologist assessment to ensure the gems accurately match the product description and images.

And finally, our auction network has sold over 1 MILLION items. As a family-owned business, we’ve transformed the jewelry and gemstone buying experience, and we’re not slowing down. Now, we want YOU to join the family as one of our exclusive sellers.

Ready to start selling online? Then it’s time to line your digital shelves with striking jewels from Gem Rock Auctions.

Get started today!


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