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Gemstone lapidary tools direct from importers and gemstone wholesalers Many gemstone cutters and polishes need dremil drills to do delicate work Commercial gemstone cutters use large massive saws to trim and work the rough material But at home you need to buy gemstones cut and slabbed and ready to shape and polish Most cutters have good polishing wheels but it’s the detail work that makes these gemstones artistic and worth more Like carving on slab is note as difficult as one may think if you have the right equipment. You can use diamond tip drill to carve out shape you require than use rubber tipped wheels impregnated with diamonds in fine grit to polish the undulating surface Sanding can also be done with sandpaper wheels. These are good for dry work a s they can make good polish but do not let the stone get to hot But you need really good vacuum system a s dust can be seriously bad for your lungs and health So use plenty water if your air system is not efficient and make sure you wear mask if rubbing or polishing gemstones even if you have good water flow To see better you should always use magnifying glass to check you work and best to dry the stone and look under 10 time magnifying glass to see if you have any scratches left.If you see scratches you should go back and repolish on same grit a s finer grit will not remove these scratches

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