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Bangkok, Thailand
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Natural Spectra Gems PTY LTD [NSG] a has been operating from Australia, Pakistan and Thailand for the last 11 years, wholesaling semi precious and precious gemstones both in cut/polished as well as rough/specimen, exclusively sourced from around the world and especially from Pakistan, Tajikstan, Afghanistan and Kashmir to which, as you would be aware, access is somewhat limited. Because of my ties to these important mining and market environs, the stones I source are of "high to finest" quality at very attractive prices. Please return the item if for some reasons you do not like the item. After one week we will not accept the return. Please follow our new arrivals on http://naturalspectragems.tumblr.com/ https://www.facebook.com/nsgems https://plus.google.com/NaturalSpectraGems
Bangkok, Thailand
Note to Buyers From New Zealand and Australia; Registered post takes up to 6 weeks advising FedEx instead. Please check your address, if it's in remote area please choose Express shipping of $55 instead of $35 FedEx as FedEx never deliver to remote areas in $35 cost. We do not Post to PO BOX. Note: Please confirm from your nearest Fedex Office to check if your address is in Remote Area or not. If you are in remote area please choose the express shipping of $55 as that's how much they charge to send to remote area. For FedEx it's Standard $35 for 1 item and combined, Same rule applies to Fedex for the $35. UK Buyers please opt for Fedex as DHL to UK comes with issues of returning back to shipper without even informing the receiver (buyer). For any reason you want to return item, please do so within 14 days of receiving the item.
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Express Shipping $55.00 / :dagen dagen $55.00 / :dagen dagen
Express Shipping wordt verdisconteerd naar :prijs op bestellingen met :aantal of meer items
Registered Shipping $10.00 / :dagen dagen $10.00 / :dagen dagen
Registered Shipping wordt verdisconteerd naar :prijs op bestellingen met :aantal of meer items
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