South Sea GOLD Pearl Studs 14K Yellow Gold

Dimensions (mm)
12.200 x 12.200 x 12.200mm
Weight (cts)
No Treatment
Matched Pair

What's in your treasure chest?!

Solid, Pure GOLD. Everything about this pair of South Sea Pearl Studs is screaming GOLD!

The pearls are a perfectly matched pair 12mm rounds, 14.6cts. including the closure, set in 14K yellow gold. The closure is extra large, 6.8mm, rimmed butterfly to accommodate the size of the pearl & prevent drooping. They're all wrapped up in a nice velvet box to keep them looking great every time you adorn yourself with them.

Mother Nature produces some of the most fantastic natural treasures and it takes years to grow a single pearl. Not all pearls are keepers. Only Pinctada maxima oysters give us Gold Pearls!

"Golden South Sea pearls are among the largest, most valuable pearls produced today. They are grown in the gold-lip variety of the Pinctada maxima, South Sea pearl oyster. Their warm, golden tones are completely natural, and no treatments are needed to enjoy the beauty of these luxurious gems."

I stand by my product & will accept returns, but due to health concerns I highly suggest you make sure you want to keep them before making your purchase. Intercontinental shipping is always free.

How to care for your prized possession:

Gently wipe pearls with a soft cloth to remove sweat, perfume, excess oils or dirt before putting them away.

Pearls should be stored away from other objects or jewelry that may scratch their surfaces. Wrap the pearls in linen, soft cloth, or place in a soft pouch.

Do NOT store pearls in an airtight package such as a plastic bag: remember, pearls need moisture. If the environment is too dry, the pearls may crack. If placing the pearls in a safety deposit box or in a hot environment, leave a damp cloth nearby, and try to get them out of there as quickly as you can.

Keep pearls away from chlorine bleach, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, ammonia, hairspray, perfume, and cosmetics, as these substances will damage the pearl surface.

Make sure to put pearls on after finished spraying perfume or hairspray and putting on makeup. Be very careful with chemical substances as they will eat holes in the pearl nacre.

Remove pearls before exercising to keep them away from perspiration.

Do not submerge your pearls in water - no showers, no dishes, no swimming. The chlorine in the water will eat away at the epoxy securing the pearls to their mountings, and soaking the silk your pearls are strung on causes it to stretch out and break early.

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B.S. Geological Science Faceting Teacher at San Diego Gem & Mineral 20+ years. Silversmith
Ramona, United States of America
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