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Afghanistan has been blessed as a large gem reserve country and the history of emerald mining and trade for over 7,000 years. The emerald from Afghanistan is a very beautiful emerald. Found in historical collections around the world, including the British Crown Jewel, the Royal Crown Jewels in Russia, and the Taj Mahal of India. The Panjshir Valley, located in northern Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, is an area full of over 300 mining hidden emerald treasures known as the Panjshir Emerald. This gem has a unique turquoise color that makes them One of the most outstanding treasures of the country Razaie grew up in Australia, and Razaie's father has been a miner and has run the jewelery business in Central Asia and European countries since the early 1960s. His father's knowledge will connect him and his homeland with a distinctive style. Razaie is the co-founder of Inter Trading Centre CO., LTD an emerald mining and exporting company of Panjshir while mining in Afghanistan. The business is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. And processing center Gem cutting is located in Sriracha District. Chonburi Province There, rough emerald stones will be cut into Beautiful gem Since launching in 2019, Inter Trading Centre CO., LTD has become one of The supplier of the Panjshir emerald is legally mined and maintains sustainable development. However, Inter Trading Centre CO., LTD. It has transported more than 17,000 carats of raw materials. Currently, the world's top emerald mining countries are Zambia, Zimbabwe and Colombia, which occupy the largest area of ​​mining - producing a lot of products around the world. Countries buy and sell jewels worth around $ 2 billion per year. On the other hand, Afghanistan sells about $ 300 million worth of Panjshir Emerald a year. "Most are illegal trades," Razaie adds, both sellers and miners tend to be paid less than the value of jewels. "In Afghanistan has a lot of lack of education and there are many people in the gem industry that are not professionally licensed and bring out gems illegally. The "Razaie said In the Panjshir valley, the emerald mining is owned and operated by an elder community. "This has been around for many generations," Razaie said. But digging is often associated with explosives and is not only dangerous, the process also causes stones and gems to crack, "Razaie adds. In 2020, Razaie launched his second business in Thailand under the name Arsira Gems & Jewellery in order to fully increase the value of gemstones by using gems to make to a beautiful jewelry, combined with real diamonds and real gold. Due to the illegal jewelry trade in Afghanistan To legalize by Inter Trading Centre CO., LTD. "We want to put Panjshir emeralds on the world map," Razaie said. "There is no reason why Afghanistan cannot be the first country to have the best emerald mines in the world. "
Bangkok, Thailand
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