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Shipping, payments and insurance details.

Maharashtra, India
The buyer is responsible for all custom duties/charges/import taxes in the buyer's country if applicable. The weight of the diamond/gemstone can be +/- 2% due to difference in weighing scales. There can also be a difference color and clarity sometimes due to different viewing angles, lights and other factors. We accept payment through PayPal Only. Please pay invoice the same day after the close of auction. Shipping discounts do not apply for gems purchased for less than 4$ in No reserve autions. You can expect to receive your order within 45 business days for International buyers after the package is shipped. We use India Speed Post/Registered Post for all shipments. Shipping Charge: US$ 8 per item for the first 3 items and rest all other items under the same invoice are free shipping but this is valid only if you pay for your invoice on the same day you won. Shipping time: 15-40 Working Days DUE TO COVID THERE WONT BE ANY TRACKED SERVICE FOR SOMETIME.AND THE DELIVERY ALSO MIGHT TAKE A BIT LONGER THAN USUAL, HENCE PLEASE BE PATIENT.
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Standard Shipping - Untracked $5.00 / 30 days $5.00 / 30 days
Standard Shipping - Untracked is discounted to $15.00 on orders with 3 or more items
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