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Shipping, payments and insurance details.

Maharashtra, India
The buyer is responsible for all custom duties/charges/import taxes in the buyer's country if applicable. The weight of the diamond/gemstone can be +/- 2% due to difference in weighing scales. There can also be a difference color and clarity sometimes due to different viewing angles, lights and other factors. We accept payment through PayPal Only. Please pay invoice within 3 days after the close of auction. Shipping discounts do not apply for gems purchased for less than 4$ in No reserve autions. You can expect to receive your order within 45 business days for International buyers after the package is shipped. We use India Speed Post/Registered Post for all shipments. Shipping Charge: US$ 8 (UnTracked Shipping) for the first item and US$ 4 each for every additional item under the same invoice. Shipping time: 15-40 Working Days DUE TO COVID THERE WONT BE ANY TRACKED SERVICE FOR SOMETIME.AND THE DELIVERY ALSO MIGHT TAKE A BIT LONGER THAN USUAL, HENCE PLEASE BE PATIENT. Please leave us a message saying "Refund Excess shipping" after finishing the payment and i will refund you back the money as per as our shipping policy.
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Standard Shipping - Untracked $5.00 / 7 days $5.00 / 30 days
Standard Shipping - Untracked is discounted to $15.00 on orders with 3 or more items
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